Long term bets explained - long term bets strategy, tips, odds & chances of winning

Long term bets explained - long term bets strategy, tips, odds & chances of winning

Long-term betting - winning sports betting with a strategy

When it comes to the most popular types of bets , long-term bets are not at the forefront. The bookmakers only achieve around one percent of their sales with this variant. With the British bookmakers and in the UK itself, the values ​​are tarred a little higher, but even there the ante-post bets only play a subordinate role.

For sports tippers it is therefore worthwhile to look carefully behind each type of long-term bet and to explore the possibilities extensively. With a little specialist knowledge and sufficient information, long-term bets can be used for good profits. Especially in the less popular sports, surprisingly good odds are often offered. These possibilities turn out to be an investment with very high returns. For this purpose, the stake is linked to the bet in the longer term and thus to a betting provider at the same time. In the optimal case, the bettor can book a nice profit on his betting account.

Achieving such goals, however, requires a lot of money and perseverance in advance.

Long term bets ... please wait!

First of all, it is important to find out which type of bet you particularly like. Tipper, those who primarily want to create thrills and excitement with hobby sports bets, are not necessarily suitable as long-term bettors. The name says it all, this is a long-term and not a short-term matter.

With long-term bets it can happen that it takes months or even years to determine whether the bet has won or not. This requires a lot of knowledge and it takes a lot of patience for the time afterwards. The selection of long-term bets is quite large, as these are offered for almost all sports. For every championship or tournament that can be held, sports bettors can give their tip on the overall winner. But that's not all.

Long-term bets can often also be placed on placements. For example, tips can be given as to which team or which player will reach the final or secure a place on the podium. The time spans to be bridged until the long-term bet is evaluated are divided into three categories. There are short long-term bets, for example, for a tennis tournament with a duration of one week. A Champions League bet can have an average duration of nine to ten months. Particularly long bets are, for example, on the winner of the 2016 European Football Championship. If the bet is placed in 2014, it will take a full two years to be evaluated.

There are no limits to the imagination of betting providers or the bettors themselves. The largest range of long-term bets is in the area of football bets . Bets on the upcoming world champion are particularly popular. In addition, the bookmakers also offer a large selection of long-term bets for tennis or motorsport.

Advantages and disadvantages of long-term bets

In order to be successful with a long-term bet, you need appropriate specialist knowledge. Therefore, it is important to only bet on sports that you are really familiar with. In addition, sports bettors should be aware that long-term bets offer various advantages as well as some disadvantages. The following points should be considered in the correct long-term betting strategy.

Often underestimated profit potential

To some people, long-term bets don't seem very attractive at first glance. But if you take a closer look, you can clearly see advantages that the sports bettor can use for itself. With the necessary patience, there is a very good opportunity for anyone interested in winning an attractive bet.

Long term bets are neglected by some bookmakers

In the sports betting business, long-term bets often lead a shadowy existence. Due to the rather low sales, these are not necessarily given priority by the sports betting providers. It also follows that updating the odds is not one of the most important activities in a bookmaker's day-to-day business. With the right long term betting strategy, players can take advantage of this point.

Good betting odds and worthwhile outsider tips

Events typed a year or more in advance are also a real challenge for betting providers. For sports betting providers, calculating odds over such long periods of time can prove to be quite tricky. That is why long-term bets often result in profitable betting odds, with which a substantial profit can then be achieved. Especially professional sports bettors who have the right nose for an outsider tip can benefit from this possibility.

Long term bets are suitable for all sports bettors

An enormous amount of background knowledge is definitely an advantage when it comes to long-term bets. In any case, gut feeling is not enough as a long-term betting strategy. This type of bet is also an interesting thing for newbies. Similar to single bets, the principle of a long-term bet is very simple and immediately understandable for everyone. There are no complicated systems involved and the only thing that is really needed is patience.

Unexpected events cancel each other out

It is in the nature of things that every favorite on the track scores points or every series comes to an end. Because of such facts, there is a possibility that no matter how safe the winning tips are, they can go wrong. However, if you look at this over the entire season, this will even out. If it is not a long-lasting and unpredictable slump, it will hardly affect the results of the long-term tips. The best example are clear favorites like Bayern Munich. Seen over the course of a season, they will always play a game in a draw or lose once. There may even be a period of weakness. Over the entire season, however, there is a good chance that the title will go to Munich again. This means that long-term bets can be planned much more easily and are not as dependent on external influences as a single bet.

Opportunities to secure long-term bets

The final outcome of the bet is influenced by many factors. However, if the tendency develops prematurely that the betting experience does not lead to a positive conclusion, there are usually still various ways to limit a possible loss of bets. The time factor is of little importance in this case, because long-term bets do not require short-term reactions such as live bets . With the latter, the response time is often only a few minutes.

Of course, with every long-term bet, all those aspects must be considered which require special considerations for each individual tip.

Long periods of time require patience

In a long-term bet, the time factor is omnipresent. On the one hand, it gives the sports weather breathing space to compensate for negative events and on the other hand, patience must not be lost under any circumstances. If there is a hectic pace, this only seldom leads to the desired success with long-term bets. It is important to decide calmly and objectively which bet is placed and when.

Pay attention to long-term money management

Every bettor should be aware that after making the long-term bet he will be bound by it. The capital employed is therefore tied up for a relatively long period of time. By blocking the stake over a longer period of time, it is essential to calculate the capital to be used beforehand ( money management ).

High stakes for absolute top favorites

The odds for favorites are very limited in long-term bets. In order to achieve a corresponding profit, therefore, very high stakes are often required. This requires a corresponding capital that is not required for other areas.

Exploit the full range

In order to successfully place a long-term bet, one should approach the matter smartly. Precise information about the competition and the participating teams are of particular importance. The more background knowledge and expertise there is in ongoing processes and developments, the more conclusions can be drawn from it. Ultimately, this also represents an immense relief for the weather. However, it is not yet done with such knowledge. A certain instinct for each tip is also part of long-term bets.

To do this, it is important to take advantage of the full range of possibilities.

Check the betting offer carefully

First of all, it is important to look around which bookmaker has which bets in their program. This also includes the possibility of betting on the podium instead of a win in outsider bets.

If the possibilities to play a tip are known, a comparison of the betting odds is the next step to higher profit - if the tip pays off.

In the case of long-term bets, the right time to place the bet is particularly important. The majority of online bookmakers offer particularly attractive odds shortly before the first game of a competition. Before submitting a tip, it is worth taking a closer look at the previous test and preparation games of the favored team. If you wait too long and place your bet while the competition is running, you have a secure feeling but also low odds.

Securing long-term bets with strategy

In order to counteract impending losses, keep your eyes open for long-term bets as to how the tips can be secured under certain circumstances. The so-called arbitrage bet offers a chance for this .

Arbitrage bets arise from the fact that the same long-term bets are offered by different providers at different odds. From this, a strategy has developed in the world of sports betting, which ostensibly leads to risk-free tips. However, there is a "catch" to the whole thing. The time factor usually plays a fundamental role. If the odds of the long-term bet are adjusted very quickly by the bookmakers, they can nullify the calculated value of an arbitrage bet.

In summary, the time factor is not necessarily the decisive factor in a long-term betting strategy. The fluctuations in the betting odds are much slower here, which results in some lucrative opportunities for the sports bettor. With this type of bet, however, there are also several possible results in total, which in the long term increase the risk a little.

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