Live eSports betting tactics: how to bet on Dota 2 and CS: GO by strategy

Live eSports betting tactics: how to bet on Dota 2 and CS: GO by strategy
Esports is the last chance to beat the bookmakers. Until the offices have figured out all the nuances, here you can go in the black.

Tens of millions of dollars are raffled off at esports tournaments. Bookmaker players are just beginning to understand esports betting. In this article, we will look at betting strategies for the two most popular games: Dota 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

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What is esports

Esports is a solo or team video game competition. In Russia, esports is officially recognized as a sport.

What is an esports betting strategy

The esports betting strategy is the rules and principles used by players to bet on esports.

Dota 2 Betting

In 2019, the ninth Dota 2 World Championship was held. The prize fund of the tournament was $ 34.3 million. The International 9 was won by OG for $ 15.6 million.

You can place bets on e-sports at most legal bookmakers in Russia.

Basic Dota 2 terms

The pick is the pick of the heroes before the game.

Counter pick is the choice of a hero who has an advantage over one or more of the opponent's characters.

Ban is a ban on choosing a hero in the game.

Ward and Sentry Ward are items that provide vision and reveal invisibility.

The throne is the main building of every team.

Ransom is a feature that instantly respawns a character.

The value is the sum of the team's gold and the value of all of its items.

Features of Dota 2 rules

  • Team captains ban and pick five heroes before the start of the game.
  • The game is played in the "5 by 5" mode.
  • The selected hero is not changed and cannot be taken by other players.
  • The team consists of two support heroes and three core heroes.
  • The killed character does not respawn immediately. The higher the level, the longer the respawn time.
  • The player can be redeemed after death. The ransom can be used once every eight minutes.
  • To win, you need to destroy the enemy's throne.
  • Before destroying the throne, you need to break all the towers on one of the lines and two towers near the throne.

The strategy of playing an outsider in live

Bet on an outsider in live according to the criteria:

  • Both teams have already chosen all the heroes.
  • The outsider has made one or more counter picks.
  • The favorite could not take the heroes familiar to him.
  • The outsider has placed more wards.
  • The odds for an outsider to win are over 2.50.

For example, in the Virtus.Pro - Evil Geniuses match, the odds for the first to win is 3.40. You bet 1000 rubles on Virtus.Pro. If the first team wins, the payout will be 3400 rubles: 1000 x 3.40.

Losing favorite betting strategy

Bet on the losing favorite if:

  • The favorite picked three or more heroes, with whom he won at least 50% of the games.
  • More than 25 minutes have passed since the start of the game.
  • The outsider wins in value by no more than 10,000 gold.
  • The odds per favorite are over 2.00.

Let's imagine that in the match Team Liquid - OG bookmakers gave odds of 1.60 on OG. The first team won the fight 5v5 and has a gold lead. You bet 1000 rubles on OG with the odds of 2.10. In case of victory of the second team, the payment will be 2100 rubles: 1000 x 2.10.

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Betting

In 2019, we held two main CS: GO tournaments: StarLadder Berlin Major and IEM Katowice Major. The prize fund of each was $ 1 million. Both tournaments were won by the Astralis team and received a total of $ 1 million.

Features of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive rules

  • The match consists of three cards. To win, you need to win two.
  • The map lasts 30 rounds.
  • The team consists of five people.
  • Opponents change sides after 15 rounds.
  • The team wins if they win 16 rounds.
  • The round is won if: they killed all the enemies or the terrorists detonated the bomb, or the special forces defused the bomb.
  • The match is played with six additional rounds with a score of 15:15: three for each side. If there is a tie, six more rounds are played and so on until a winner is identified.

Strategy for betting the middle on total rounds in live

Corridor is a strategy of two bets on one market, in which at least one bet will enter.

The width of the corridor is the range of values ​​that, when hit, will enter both selections.

Bet on the total of rounds less than 26.5, taking into account the following criteria:

  • In past matches, both teams have spent less than 27 rounds on at least one of the maps.
  • The odds for each team to win does not exceed 2.80.

For example, you bet on the total of rounds under 26.5 for 1.90 before the start of the map. One of the teams took the lead 5: 0. Bet on total rounds over 23.5 for 2.10. If teams play between 23 and 26 rounds, both selections will be played. In other cases, one of two bets will pass.

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Outsider betting strategy in live

Bet on the victory of the outsider on the second map if:

  • The favorite won the first map.
  • The odds for an outsider to win are over 2.50.
  • The outsider has won more than 50% of the games on this map in the last 6 months.

Let's imagine that in the AVANGAR - Fnatic match the bookmakers gave the odds of 1.50 on AVANGAR. The favorite won the first map. You bet 2,000 rubles on Fnatic on the second map with the odds of 2.70. In case of victory of the second team, the payment will be 5400 rubles: 2000 x 2.70.

The strategy of betting on a losing favorite in live

Bet on the losing favorite according to the criteria:

  • The favorite has lost the first map.
  • The odds for the favorite to win are over 2.00.
  • The outsider won the first round on the second map.

For example, in the Natus Vincere - ViCi Gaming match, the Natus Vincere odds were 1.40. The outsider won on the first map. You bet 1000 rubles on Natus Vincere in a match with odds of 2.05. If the first team wins, you will receive 2050 rubles: 1000 x 2.05.

Consider the discipline rules before betting on esports. Play only with legal e-sports bookmakers. Using the “Championship” strategies, you can increase your chances of making a profit.

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