Live betting strategy - which live betting strategy is the best, chances & tips

Live betting strategy - which live betting strategy is the best, chances & tips

Live betting is extremely popular for a number of reasons. As with sports betting as a whole, it is not just about the fun of betting. Of course, the sports bet is only perfect when there is a profit in the end.  There are several sports betting strategies . Each player may like a different one, depending on the individual style they have in their online bets, but they all have one thing in common: In the end, a win is much more likely than would be the case without any strategy. There are also suitable strategies for live betting that can be used. On the whole, they hardly differ from the strategies that are possible in the run-up to a game, for example in normal football bets.

Doubling the stakes in live betting as a strategy

One strategy that can basically be implemented unchanged is to double the stakes. This so-called loss progression, also known as the  Martingale strategy called, is ideally suited to turn the stakes in outsider tips into a profit in the long run. For this you need bets with a minimum odds of 2.00. Otherwise this strategy cannot work. The strategy as such is also very easy to implement as a live betting strategy. You give tips during a game that have at least odds of 2.00, and if you lose, you double your stake the next time. This continues until you have won a bet. Then you start your deployment strategy all over again, starting with the basic deployment. At some point, even the unlucky person will one day correctly predict a bet. If the odds are at least 2.00 and the stakes have been strictly doubled from bet to bet, then you can record a profit at the end,

Problems with the live betting strategy based on doubling the stake

In theory, the strategy can therefore be used. In practice, there are a few problems to consider here. About the usual problems with this strategy for sports betting In addition to this, which arise, for example, from the fact that the strategy was originally a tactic for purely random gambling and the likelihood that an outsider's tip is correspondingly lower, there are other problems that cannot be easily solved by waiting longer can solve on the profit. This strategy as is based on a fixed sequence of bets. If you submit a sports bet and use this strategy, you should already know the results of the previous bet. If you use the doubling as a live betting strategy, the bets are sometimes offered in parallel and mixed up. Because the betting offer of the bookmakersalso depends on the course of the game. This is especially true of the quotas, of course. Clear text: Anyone who gives an outsider tip on the outcome of the game within a live bet is paralyzed when using the strategy, for further tips before the end of the game. It is therefore important to pay attention to short-term tips. Questions like “Which team will score the first goal?” Can be answered quickly. But here, too, you should be aware that a 0-0 result would also be an option here, which would also result in endless waiting.

Who takes these problems into account and ready for necessity is also once seen a whole game that can with the doubling as live betting strategy, if need be through various live bets of time, work and create secure profits. The same applies to the profit progression , which is a kind of reverse loss progression. However, due to their generally poorer suitability, I will not go into detail here again. As a live betting strategy, doubling on loss is, in my opinion, the strategy that is easier for everyone to implement.

Typing strategically - live betting strategy

Somewhat more risky, as it does not mathematically lead to a profit at some point, but still quite successful, is a strategic approach when typing within live bets. Betting on a game in progress instead of a live bet Simply cleverly setting a strategy in the sense of a deployment strategy brings far fewer problems, but often results in measurable success. So everything depends on the timing of a tip. Shortly before the end of the first half, for example, it is clear in many football bets that no goal should be scored before the half-time break unless something really surprising occurs. Often both teams wall up enormously in the last minutes of the first half and hardly attack anymore. Every football fan will share this observation. If you bet in the 39th minute that no more goals will be scored in half-time 1, you cannot be 100 percent sure of your cause, but you can be very sure. At this time, very high odds are sometimes given for live bets, which ask this question. Observations show that just then if a team is already leading with one goal (1-0), i.e. it has been proven that there are definitely goals in the game, the odds are often the best. This tactic works best when the favorite is in the lead. Why is not entirely clear. Presumably, the favorite simply doesn't need the goal so urgently at that point and the underdog just doesn't want to concede a second goal at the end of the first half.

Choose games that seem practically already decided

Another live betting strategy is actually to look for the games that already deliver a comparatively large difference in points. Using the example of football betting, a deficit of 2 goals would be sufficient. Hardly any game is rotated again at this point in time. Accordingly, you can bet on a win here relatively safely. Certainly there is no safe bet here either. After all, soccer games are so exciting because they can always surprise you with their twists and turns.

Of course, a basic rule applies here: the closer the game is, the less likely it is that the bet will fail. However, the rate also drops almost every minute when the game comes to an end. This can go up to odds of 1.01, which is practically no longer suitable for winnings. Therefore, one should not get too involved in late times. If the bets are still to bring in profits, this is done by carefully weighing up risk and possible profit. A small tip in this context are handicap bets. These are also gladly offered live and make a bet that is too safe again worthwhile. For example, if you give the team behind a virtual goal on the points account, so reduce the arrears in the sense of the bet. The damage that the goals conceded cause in motivation and self-confidence is usually enough to secure the bet. Thus, one or the other experiment with the handicap is definitely recommended.

No tips on luck

There are also things to avoid. This is the best live betting strategy of all if you want to avoid unnecessary losses. Almost every live bet also offers tip options, for example asking things like “Which team will get the next throw-in?” Although this can easily be influenced by the ability of the teams to play a throw-in, it is altogether too much of a luck. Basically, the next throw-in is pure coincidence. You should either keep your hands off such bets or play them with the help of the bet progression and thus accept safe but small winnings . For anyone who does not want this, my personal advice on these and similar bets is to stay away from it.

Legend or live betting strategy? - The safe bet

Similar to regular sports betting on the Internet, the legend of safe bets also exists in live betting. The numerator, as this bet is called, is based on the fact that a bet is viewed so differently by two different bookmakers that you can only win if you place this bet with both of them with opposing tips. In the end, the odds of opposing tips must be at least 2.01 for each bookmaker. An odds of 2.00 on one side and 2.50 on the other is also conceivable. If the bet wins with 2.00, then you at least have your stake back and nothing is lost. This myth, mathematically entirely possible, has not yet been documented anywhere. In the case of live betting, this also seems particularly unlikely, since the odds are based on the course of the game and all bookmakers are sure to see the same game. Nevertheless, there are reports on the topic also in relation to live betting. I personally advise against taking these and, as a result, other reports from the relevant sources seriously. What seems quite conceivable with normal bets becomes a fairy tale at the latest when it comes to live bets.

However, a similar case can arise. Anyone who had bet on a team in advance, but has to see in the course of the game that it is impossible to win, can compensate for the then low odds with the appropriate budget, which will be necessary, but still save their stake from the first bet. But even this is associated with considerable (money) expenditure. After all, a loss of the game is only sure enough if it is 4-0 after one half, or similarly bad. Hardly anyone can raise the funds that are required for the quoted quota.

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Conclusion on live betting strategy and tactics

Conventional betting strategies can be used as live betting strategies, but then in a form that severely restricts what makes live betting for many. It seems more feasible if, as a player, you don't get carried away by feelings in live betting, but use them to specifically bet on certain tips. There are certainly some very reliable tips for each game day, which then add up to measurable amounts from many small wins. Incidentally, all of these tips can be applied to live bets from almost any sport. The only reason I have made significant use of football betting here is that these are far ahead of the crowd when it comes to live betting. You should always proceed with common sense and adapt what is written according to your own sport.

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