Is it realistic to make money on bets: instructions for beginners and the truth about bookmakers

Is it realistic to make money on bets: instructions for beginners and the truth about bookmakers
About the main mistake of newbies, bookmaker commissions, cappers and the search for value bets.

There are several answers to the question of how to make money on sports betting. Profits from betting are received by bookmakers, cappers, scammers and some bookmaker's clients. In this article, we will tell you how to make bets profitable and whether it is realistic for ordinary players to make money.

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It is possible to make money on bets, but do not treat betting as your main income

First of all, beginners often ask the question whether it is possible to make money on bets, and only then think about the rest. This is a common mistake. First, take care not to lose large sums.

The most important rule is that you should never treat betting as the main way of earning money. Allocate for the game only those funds that are not critical for ensuring life, family, business.

Earning money on sports betting is possible. But it is quite possible to lose all the money.

All bookmakers thrive on their clients' losses. But a certain number of players have an increase in money over the course.

For whom sports betting is a profession

There are people who really make money on sports betting. First of all, these are the bookmakers themselves and the specialists who provide the functionality of betting in bookmakers. The basis of profit here is the bookmaker's margin - the percentage of the commission included in each coefficient.

In the world of betting, surebets are trying to get guaranteed profit. They use arbitration situations. In different offices, you can make opposite bets and stay in the black for any outcome. This is possible due to the difference in odds in different bookmakers.

Arbitrators use modern methods of searching for arbitration situations: special scanners, software, thematic online resources.

But bookmakers sooner or later figure out such specialists. Offices have many ways to deal with surebets:

  • cutting highs;
  • blocking of accounts;
  • calculation of doubtful bets with odds 1.00.

Most bookmakers are strict about identifying the identity and payment instruments of their clients. This also prevents arbers from creating multiple accounts, bypassing locks and limits.

If professional arbers have narrower earning opportunities, then cappers do not have such problems. These are people who make money trading sports predictions. The more popular the services of bookmakers, the wider the audience of buyers among tippers.

But to become a professional capper, you need to go through numerous stages of preparation:

  • study different game strategies;
  • master effective techniques for analyzing events;
  • test your skills over a long time distance;
  • learn to find buyers and form a customer base.

It can take years to master these skills and set up a profitable capper business.

Sports betting analysis:

To start making money on bets, minimize risks

And if you are not a bookmaker, not a bettor or a capper, is it really possible to make money on bets? First you need to do everything to protect yourself from rash losses.

  • Learn the rules and specifics of bookmakers. Knowing the nuances will help you avoid annoying losses and get additional profits. For example, on bonuses.
  • Play in bookmakers that work honestly and pay money to clients.
  • Make sure you are able to control your passion. It is possible to make money on bets only on condition of psychological restraint.
  • Determine which game bank you are willing to set aside for betting. On the one hand, this money shouldn't be decisive for your personal or family budget. On the other hand, you will calculate profit or loss from this amount.
  • Explore one or more sports. Select tournaments, teams and athletes to bet on.
  • Bet on games about which you have the most information available.
  • Test your strategies virtually without betting real money. You will gain the necessary experience, analyze your mistakes, evaluate the effectiveness.

To start making money on bets, you need to systematize your game. Systems thinking and self-discipline are essential prerequisites for profitable betting.

Financial strategies for gaming bank management

Profit in betting is not brought by luck or luck, but a strict approach to the management of the game bank.

Follow a financial strategy, otherwise you are very likely to lose everything. In most cases, the following strategies are recommended:

  • Flat is a bet on a fixed amount.
  • Kelly criterion - the size of the bet depends on the probability of its winning.
  • Fixed profit - the bet amount is calculated taking into account the desired winnings.
  • Fixed percentage of the bank - regardless of whether the size of the game bankroll increases or decreases, we set a predetermined percentage. For example, 1-5% of the total.

It is believed that flat is better for conservative play, and the Kelly criterion is effective in finding value odds. But any financial strategy is effective only in combination with a high-quality analysis of sports events.

If you want to make long-term money from betting, do not use adventurous financial strategies. These include all kinds of "win-win dogons": Martingale, Fibonacci, D'Alembert, Danish system, etc.

Such schemes look beautiful only in theory. Promising guaranteed profits, they lead either to a quick bank drain or bookmaker sanctions.

Bankroll management in bets:

Game strategies, event analysis, search for value bets

Most of the bets are made haphazardly, which leads to random wins with the subsequent loss of money. To earn money, follow the selected systemic strategy, which should include:

  • the choice of the sport in which you are good;
  • targeting one or more betting markets;
  • selection of coefficients at the established level. For example, about 2.00-3.50;
  • specific type of bets - single, express, system.

A thorough and high-quality pre-match analysis of the event plays a special role in success. Beginners make a common mistake: they bet on everything without studying all the factors that affect the result.

Select several matches and conduct detailed analysis. This will increase your chances of winning. You will spend the most time and effort on such hard and tedious work.

When selecting matches, try to find the so-called values. The point is to bet at inflated odds.

Find such an outcome, the probability of which is clearly underestimated in the BC list. But how to assess whether the bookmaker was really wrong?

This is where the factor of analytical skill of the forecaster comes into play. The ability to find valuable odds is a real art that allows you to really make money on sports betting.

This skill depends on many abilities: expert knowledge of the sport, analytical thinking, intuition, and so on.

Tips from the "pros" who trade sports predictions

Newbies are not ready to conduct professional pre-match analysis, but they want to make a profit right away. Numerous fraudsters profit from this desire - pseudo-cappers, doggers (they sell information about match-fixing), "experts" from sports.

How to become a capper: How to become a professional capper: who is it, where to start and how to make predictions

They work in social networks, messengers, specialized sites and forums. Such scammers actively advertise their activities, promise huge and quick earnings to everyone.

Using their services means paying for air. In no case do not buy into the promises of such "specialists".

Do bookmaker's clients make money on bets and can you do it? Yes, it is possible, but it requires the appropriate skills, preparation, effort, investment.

Are you ready to take a systematic approach to self-education in this area? If you have a sufficient level of self-discipline and analytical thinking, you can become a successful sports forecaster. Thanks to a wide range of bookmaker services, it is possible to make money on this regularly.

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