How to Learn Football Betting: Good Strategies and Tips for Newbies

How to Learn Football Betting: Good Strategies and Tips for Newbies
Do you know about football, but lose money on bets? "Championship" chews on the basic strategies and schemes for managing the game bank.

Most of the new clients of bookmakers start with bets on football. It is impossible to place bets correctly, that is, it is not realistic to always win, but you can win more often using the recommendations of the “Championship”. In this article, we will analyze the types and strategies of betting on football, as well as game bank management schemes and the principles of match analysis.

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How to choose a bookmaker for betting on football

To place bets on football, choose a bookmaker. It is safer to bet with legal bookmakers. In the rating of the "Championship" bookmakers you can see a text review of legal bookmakers and the editorial board's assessment by eight characteristics:

  1. Reliability.
  2. Odds.
  3. Line.
  4. Identification.
  5. Convenience of payments.
  6. Technical support.
  7. Bonuses and promotions.
  8. Manufacturability.

The first time you can play with 3-4 bookmakers, and then choose one main office.

How to bet on football matches

After choosing a bookmaker, you have four steps left:

  1. Register with a bookmaker and verify your identity.
  2. Fund your account.
  3. Open the line of a soccer match.
  4. Click on the rate, enter the amount and confirm your choice.

Types of bets on football

Bookmakers offer a variety of soccer betting options. Let's consider the main ones:

  1. The main outcome. You bet on the first team to win, or a draw, or the second team to win. For example, 1 is a bet on the victory of the first team.
  2. Double chance. You are betting on two outcomes out of three main ones. For example, 12 is a bet on the victory of one of the teams.
  3. Common and Asian handicap. You bet on the team's handicap on the result of the match or one of the statistics. The handicap value must be added to or subtracted from the team result. For example, H2 (-2.5) in corners is a bet on the victory of the second team in corners after deducting the number 2.5 from the number of its corners.
  4. Regular and Asian totals. You bet on the number of goals, pucks, points and other indicators. You can choose a bet on total over or total less than the set value. For example, TB 2.5 goals is a bet on three or more goals in a match.

Examples of calculating football bets

  1. You bet 1000 rubles on the victory of Spartak in the meeting with Zenit at a coefficient of 2.90. In case of victory of the red and white, the payment will be 2900 rubles: 1000 x 2.90.
  2. You bet 2000 rubles in the match "Real" - "Barcelona" on the total of yellow cards over 5.5 for the odds of 1.80. If the referee shows six or more warnings, the payout will be 1,800 rubles: 1,000 x 1.80.
  3. You bet 4000 rubles in the match Bayern - Liverpool at 1X for the odds of 1.60. In case of a draw or a win for the hosts, the payment will be 6,400 rubles: 4,000 x 1.60.

How to choose a strategy for betting on football

Use one or more soccer betting strategies to increase your chances of winning.

Strategy is the principles deduced by experienced bettors. After choosing a strategy, follow the rules. You can check the effectiveness of the strategy by playing on a bet simulator.

Consider three strategies for soccer betting:

1. Bets on a draw.

The odds for a draw in a football match are 3.50 or more. Winning at least every third bet will bring profit over the course.

Select matches for a draw bet according to the following criteria:

  • There is no clear favorite in the match.
  • A draw suits both teams.
  • Opponents often draw in this tournament.
  • Opponents often draw in this tournament.

2. Bets on yellow cards.

Bet on total over yellow cards for odds of about 1.75-2.20 if the following conditions are met:

  • The match is fundamental for both teams.
  • The meeting is of great importance.
  • According to statistics, the chief arbiter of the match is one of the strictest in the tournament.
  • The last face-to-face meeting between the rivals ended with a large number of yellow cards.

3. Betting on goals.

Bet on total goals over 2.5 in the following cases:

  • Both teams are attacking.
  • A draw does not suit either team.
  • Opponents often break through TB ​​2.5, both in personal meetings and by season.

How to manage the game bank

Manage your bank for a successful long distance game. You can use one or more bank management strategies. Let's take a look at three of them.

1. Classic dogon.

Classic catch-up is a strategy whereby you double your bet amount after each next loss and bet at odds of 2.00. The first run will override the previous failures and bring profit equal to the first bet.

The first rate should not exceed 1-2% of the bank.

For example, your bank is 20,000 rubles, the first bet is 200 rubles, and the odds for all bets are 2.00. The results might look like this:

Bet size Result Bank amount
200 Losing 19800
400 Losing 19,400
800 Losing 18,600
1600 Losing 17,000
3200 Winnings 20200

2. Flat

Flat is a strategy of a fixed amount of bets regardless of the odds and the size of the pot at a particular point in time. The size of the bet for the flat strategy is usually 1-2% of the initial pot.

For example, your bank is 10,000 rubles, and each bet is 100 rubles. The results might look like this:

Coefficient Result Bank amount
1.50 Losing 9900
1.25 Winnings 9925
2.40 Losing 9825
4.65 Winnings 10190
1.90 Winnings 10,280

3. Oscar Grind's strategy.

The Oscar Grind strategy is a strategy in which you plan in advance the percentage of profit on the betting cycle, keep the size of the bet on lose, and double it on entering before the close of the cycle.

The cycle is open until you have received the planned profit. Bet with odds from 2.00.

For example, your bank is 40,000 rubles. You want to get 5% of the profit, that is, 2000 rubles. The results might look like this:

Bet size Coefficient Result Bank amount
2000 2.10 Losing 38,000
2000 3.25 Losing 36,000
2000 2.50 Winnings 39,000
4000 2.00 Winnings 43,000

How to Choose a Football Betting Tournament

To bet on football, select 1-2 tournaments for betting on football according to three criteria:

  1. Matches are held at a convenient time for you.
  2. The tournament is widely covered in the media.
  3. Statistics for all participants of the tournament are publicly available in a language you can understand.

How to analyze a match

Detailed analysis will increase your chances of winning. When choosing a bet on a football match, the following information will help you:

  1. Personal meetings statistics.
  2. The latest team results.
  3. The amount of time to recover.
  4. Injured and disqualified players.
  5. Tournament motivation of opponents.
  6. News and rumors about relationships in the team.
  7. Chief arbiter statistics.

Nobody knows how to bet on football correctly. Many experts give predictions for football, but there is no perfect strategy. You can improve your chances of long-term profit by managing your bank and analyzing matches.

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