How to get rid of addiction in sports betting: causes, symptoms and stages of gambling addiction

How to get rid of addiction in sports betting: causes, symptoms and stages of gambling addiction
Sports betting addiction can ruin everyone's life. We analyze the reasons for addiction, the actions of bookmakers and the proposals of the Ministry of Finance.

Gambling addiction and sports betting are interconnected. The danger of gambling addiction is confidence in your actions. You can analyze events and statistics, forgetting about excitement, addiction and addiction. In this material, we will figure out how to notice gambling addiction in time and not bring the situation to a really dangerous pathology.

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Causes, symptoms and stages of gambling addiction in betting

Gambling addiction (gambling addiction) is a pathological addiction to gambling, leading to moral and financial collapse, social alienation of the individual.

This addiction to gambling, which leads to serious consequences, is considered by psychiatrists to be non-chemical addictions. In 2018, the World Health Organization introduced gambling addiction to the International Classification of Diseases (ICD-11).

Why does games in a bookmaker's office remain entertainment for some, while for others they develop into pathology? Scientists have not decided on an exhaustive list of the reasons for gambling addiction.

According to various studies, the reasons for gambling addiction in sports betting are:

  • features of psychodynamics of different people: being included in a certain cycle, a person begins to repeat it and cannot stop;
  • cognitive dysfunction: a person ceases to control his actions from a rational point of view, believes in success, good luck, luck;
  • social influence: passion for gambling since childhood, games with friends, interest in sports, etc .;
  • the desire to get rich quick, financial problems.

If the causes of gambling addiction are a matter of individual studies, then the list of its symptoms is recognized by most experts:

  • narrowing the scope of previous hobbies: betting in the bookmaker's office replaces most other interests;
  • alienation from family, friends, work colleagues;
  • constant desire to bet on sports even during other activities;
  • psychological discomfort, irritation, nervousness, panic attacks at moments when there is no opportunity to play in the bookmaker's office. Intensification of these symptoms leads to insomnia, headaches, loss of ability to concentrate, aggressive behavior;
  • during the game, the inability to interrupt it is characteristic, as well as a constant increase in the size of the bet, unreasonable confidence in the mandatory wagering;
  • periodically the patient makes an oath promise to himself and those around him to "tie up", which does not mean anything.

There are several stages of gambling addiction.

  1. Euphoric subcompensation. This stage is also called the winning stage. They mean not so much financial earnings as the pleasure of the game.
  2. The stage of losses. Emotional dependence increases, and pleasure becomes less and less. Problems with finances are connected.
  3. Disappointment and decompensation. A person realizes that he cannot win and make money on bets, but in no case does he want to give up the game.
  4. Despair and hopelessness. At this stage, it is not the desire to win that makes betting in the bookmaker's office. He simply cannot do without them and tries to enter a new cycle illusoryly, to feel the effect of euphoria, the joy of subcompensation.

With the onset of each new stage, it becomes more difficult to get rid of the addiction to sports betting. Already at the second stage it is difficult to get rid of gambling addiction, and at the third stage you have to resort to specialized treatment of gambling addiction.

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How to get rid of sports betting addiction

At the stage of development of a real pathology, it is almost impossible to deal with it on your own. It is important to do everything in advance so that addiction to gambling does not become your diagnosis. To do this, follow these rules and recommendations:

  • do not open numerous accounts at bookmakers;
  • do not replenish deposits in the bookmaker for amounts that are significant for your personal or family budget;
  • do not consider sports betting as a way to earn money;
  • limit the game to a strict number of wagers or a period of time;
  • in any case, do not rush to recklessly recoup even if you have suffered several defeats in a row, just stop.

And the most important thing: if you find the first signs of dependence on rates, do not hesitate to seek help from relatives or specialists.

Activities of bookmakers in the fight against gambling addiction

Bookmaker websites offer the following tools:

  • Responsible Gaming Information Sections;
  • special options when registering an account: you can set the maximum amount of money put down per day, the number of allowed bets, the playing time in live;
  • links to websites of special international organizations providing assistance to gambling addicts - Center for Ludomani, Gambling Help Online, Gambling Therapy, GamCare, etc .;
  • Players under the age of 18 are not allowed.

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Gambling addiction and sports betting in Russian law

Russian gamblers who have suffered from gambling addiction in bookmakers do not yet have special legal protection. But in October 2019, the Ministry of Finance submitted for consideration a bill on amendments to the Federal Law "On state regulation of activities for the organization and conduct of gambling and on amendments to some legislative acts of the Russian Federation." The amendments imply such an algorithm for the protection of gambling addicts:

  • the person himself or his trustee submits an application to specialized bookmaker SROs;
  • on the basis of such requests, create a nationwide list of persons who should not be allowed to play at the rates;
  • exclusion from such a list can take place no earlier than a year later, subject to the submission of certain documents: legislators will clarify their list;
  • it is possible that legal bookmakers will be obliged to introduce special restrictive tools on the sites so that each player can set his own daily or general "ceiling" of bets.

Such changes in legislation are only at the stage of consideration in the Presidential Council for the Codification and Improvement of Civil Legislation.

In the meantime, it is important to remember: sports betting, gambling addiction, responsible gambling are interrelated phenomena, finding a balance between which is the most important task for any player.

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