How to get a free bet with and without a deposit: welcome bonuses for registering with a bookmaker

How to get a free bet with and without a deposit: welcome bonuses for registering with a bookmaker
Let's analyze where the free bet is given - a free bet at a bookmaker's office. Is it possible to get a free bet without a deposit and replenishment - and how.

The majority have a short answer to the question "where to get it and how to get a free bet": a free bet is given when registering at a bookmaker's office. This is true, but it is not the only way. Bookmakers offer to get free bets with and without a deposit in stimulating promotions: betting contests, a loyalty program, special offers for inactive customers, or an increase in the coefficient due to the payment of a higher winnings by a free bet.

Free bet 500 rubles and free bet 1000 rubles are the most popular free bet sizes. But there are also freebets for 3000, 4000, 5000. 10,000 rubles - and even more. Let's figure out everything about free bets.

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What is a free bet of a bookmaker's office

Freebet (from the English "freebet") is a bonus that can be used like a regular bet. If you win, you will receive a net profit on the bet, and if you lose, you will not lose real money. Free bet will be lost for any outcome of the bet, including expense.

For example, you have received a free bet in the amount of 1000 rubles and you place a free bet with odds of 2.50. If successful, your account will be replenished by 1500 rubles: 1000 x 2.50 - 1000.

If you made such a bet for real money, the payout would be 2500 rubles: 1000 x 2.50.

Free Bet Terms of Use - Free Bet

Bookmakers give free bets, but usually with conditions. This is not only a deposit to the account and other rules for receiving free bets, but also the conditions for using free bets. They are as follows:

  • minimum odds for a free bet (often 1.70),
  • expiration date (usually 1 month),
  • the inability to divide the free bet amount into several bets,
  • impossibility to place a free bet on individual outcomes and events.

Types of freebets

There are three types of free bets:

  1. Free bet for registering or installing the application.
  2. Free bet for deposit and bets.
  3. Loyalty program with free bets and betting contests.

In the first case, you get a free bet for registering and passing personal identification. Just for registration, Russian legal bookmakers usually do not give free bets. A bookmaker can give a free bet for registering in an application with a promo code, one more answer to the question "where to get a free bet without replenishment".

In the second case, you can get a free bet after the deposit, that is, depositing money into the account. Real money bets can also be a condition. This is very similar to loyalty programs and contests, where free bets are one of the types of rewards for placed bets.

Where can I get free bets - free and with a deposit

Most of the free bets are won by new players. These are welcome freebies. You can find out information about such promotions and bonuses from the following sources:

  • Official sites of bookmakers. Information about the best bonuses and promotions is usually presented already on the main page. All other offers can be found in the bonus section.
  • Sports and betting sites. For example, in the rating of the Championship bookmakers you will find the main bonuses of all legal bookmakers in Russia and learn about their conditions.
  • Social networks. Information about promotions in social networks is copied from the bookmaker's website. The exception is special freebets for social contests and attracting an audience of social networks.
  • Trust only the information about free bets that you get from the official website of the bookmaker or in reputable media. The rating of the Championship bookmakers will tell you where to get a free bet without replenishing your deposit.

How to get a free bet (free bet) in the bookmaker

The procedure for obtaining a free bet is as follows:

  1. Learn the rules for calculating free bets in bookmakers.
  2. Choose a bookmaker with a suitable bonus.
  3. Register with an online bookmaker.
  4. Go through personal identification.
  5. Fund your account and place bets (if the bonus conditions require).
  6. Get free bet - and use it!

An example of a free bet at the FONBET bookmaker

Russia's largest bookmaker FONBET offers a welcome bonus to new customers in the form of free bets for a total amount of up to 10,000 rubles.

You will receive the first 500 rubles free bet if you place bets of 2500 rubles. For every next 5000 rubles wagered, that is, ten denominations of the free bet, you will receive another 500 rubles.

The bookmaker takes up to 30 calendar days from the date of the first deposit to wager the free bets. It is also important to remember that bets with odds of 1.50 or more are included in the free bet wagering.

If the size of the bet exceeds the amount required to receive a free bet, this surplus is counted towards wagering the next free bet. If you place bets on opposite outcomes of one event, then only the first bet is counted in the wagering.

What is important to remember about free bets

Free bet is considered free because you do not spend money on the bet that you make at his expense. The main thing before using a free bet is to carefully read the rules and conditions of the bookmaker.

Now you know where to get it, what they give and how to get a free bet of the bookmaker's office. Happy bets and hunting for bonuses!

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