How to choose the Best Tipster

How to choose the Best Tipster

The betting industry, in the many years of development, has created a new category of professionals and amateurs who deal with perhaps the most important part of the game. The "predictions" of the games. Obviously this process does not refer to witches and paper throwers and results in a wider set of knowledge and skills of each. So the people who analyze and suggest points for betting are called Tipsters.

The benefits to these people are many, but there is a dark side to reality that you should be aware of and avoid. In order to be able to identify fraudsters and identify the good from the bad tipster, we have prepared this article for you.

The Tipster is betting consultant

This is how you should treat each Tipster and not have to blindly trust whatever he suggests. Tipsters are not Gods and they make mistakes. Their role is to know things and based on their knowledge, instinct and foresight, they suggest the points that they think will be confirmed. Below we will develop the essence of Tipsters.

Easy and accumulated information

Easy for the reader, but difficult for Tipster. Every reader, easily and with the push of a button can see the suggested points and even better the analyzes that accompany them. The analyzes are characteristic of the good Tipster, who respects the reader and documents the reasons that led him to choose each point. In most analyzes you will find information about the status of the teams, their recent results and possibly an extra background.

All this information, in order to be properly collected and captured, takes time and this is the basis for the advantage that readers have. Everyone can use all the important information to choose their points and in combination with Tipster's point of view, get a second opinion about the race.

Those who gamble understand that the process of "reading" is time consuming and Tipster analyzes save several hours for those who read them. Therefore trust even more the "passion" of people who summarize the information of the facts they suggest for betting, as you are given the opportunity to consider the extent to which you agree / disagree and not to "eat raw" the "dry spots that everyone will could suggest. The analysis, therefore, highlights the methodology behind the proposed points.

For these reasons, go to where you will meet experienced Tipsters with free documented proposals and premium channels from recognized betting professionals.

Your people for the days when there is no time for betting study

There will be times when, for various reasons, everyday life does not allow you to read in order to reach the points of the day. This does not mean, however, that you will not play your favorite bet, nor that you will bet on luck. There are many Tipsters in the betting industry. Find the one that fits your data and has proven in the ways we will describe below, that he is good at his job. Better a poor horse than no horse at all.

The Tipsters scammers

The "dark side" that we mentioned in the introduction, corresponds to the specific portion of people who try to take advantage of people's innocence and trust, dedicating large sums of money to a supposedly "fixed" game (fixed match). Unfortunately, the internet and especially the social media, where the Tipster activity is developing, have created entrance windows for "kombogiannites" who sell "set up" games to unsuspecting players. The tactics that usually follow are simple, with the most common being the following:

"Pay me and you will go to a safe fund"

A classic way of tricks, they have created a "well-established" profile with posts of the style, "Send a message to catch the next matches" with an OPAP bulletin usually in the background, with deleted options and a large bet, with the big possible profits to be seen.

"I give you a point and you pay me later"

Here we have a more tempting approach than the above. The player considers that he has the opportunity to take advantage of a free "set up" game (at least funny) with the prospect that once this is confirmed, the player will pay the provider for the next one. Here it will be pressed by those whose game will be confirmed. And what do we mean by that? This mockery is based on the following tactics.

For example, in a game with a shared odds set, victims will receive a point from the basic 1X2 market. Some of them will receive the ace as a "sure" result, some the draw and some the double. In any case, one of these points will be confirmed and the players who won will pay for the next point. The rest will either be blocked from this account or will simply ignore it from the moment they did not buy the game from the beginning.

 "False evidence"

 An obvious move is the creation of misleading material, with supposedly great successes in markets that usually have double-digit returns, such as half-time / final reversals (1/2, 2/1). In some cases, comments appear from other accounts that allegedly bought the points and won large sums. All this is aimed at deceiving the world.

Therefore, this side of the coin should NOT be confused and confused with the concept of Tipster, but should be recognized as an illegal act. So you should be very cautious and skeptical about such issues. By simple logic, if you think about it, you will find that there is no reason for anyone to sell rigged games, at the same time there is a risk that they will be canceled by the bookies, while this player could win huge amounts, just from the bet.

Checking Tipsters

So to avoid scammers and to be able to distinguish good from bad Tipsters, you need to check. In the modern online world and in a competitive environment, anyone can easily and quickly create their own profile or website and pretend to be the "expert" in betting. But things are not so simple. In order for a player to be credible he must meet certain conditions.

What happens in the years of betting in Greece, is that everyone presents himself as a good Tipster, without data and proof. This highlights to a large extent the lack of betting education in our country. If you look abroad you will find that good and reliable Tipsters bring with them a detailed portfolio, with statistics and important indications such as return on investment (ROI) and total return on return (Yield) . In our country, for many years, there is a portion of tipsters who do not have to show their credentials to the world and drum up their successes, without however having a picture of their failures, nor of their overall set.

There are good, mediocre and bad Tipsters. That's why it's right to follow the Tipster course you want to trust for a reasonable amount of time. This will help you to see its course in time and whether what he writes and suggests is close to reality. This is a process that not many people do and they just start to trust anyone. In short we conclude that you should examine all the data of a Tipster before "christening" him as a specialist.

Whether you are a well-known author, columnist or panelist in the field of television, or you are following a Tipster with a smaller audience, you should check before deciding to follow them. You need to see if its game mode is feasible for your data. One can strategically suggest high odds and you need depth in your pocket to follow him. Or one can only suggest pregame, another only live and someone else both. If you are going to make the most of Tipster's contribution to your game, it would be good to have a portfolio with some of them.

In addition you should have patience and discipline when you decide to follow a Tipster game. You need to be prepared to accept the fact that a negative streak may occur and not rush to conclusions. All people have their good and bad moments that can affect their performance in the game. Once you have found in practice that this person is good at his job and knows the bet better than you do, you need to show confidence. Because the wheel is more likely to turn and you lose a good winning streak which will not only cover your losses, but will also bring gains.

A portfolio of Tipsters watching different leagues can have significant benefits. You must have at least five to six Tipsters to be able to see different points of view and in short to have your man for each league. This reduces the risk of a negative streak, as it is almost impossible for all of them to go through a bad streak at the same time. If they are good at it, then there is little chance that your portfolio will be unprofitable.

But which ones to choose? 

This depends on how you want to manage your money (Bankroll management). There are those who develop his game in safer options and there are others who choose a more aggressive and risky way of playing. The long-term results of each winery show the effectiveness of each betting method. The most important thing is to gather enough, good and reliable partners that will enhance your game.

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