How to bet on tennis games: catch-up strategy for a break and betting on the score 40:40

How to bet on tennis games: catch-up strategy for a break and betting on the score 40:40
We analyze betting on tennis games using three strategies as an example. The number of breaks is not only influenced by gender and coverage.

Betting on tennis games depends on two indicators: the gender of the athlete and the type of coverage. But this is a generalization. There are much more minor nuances. In this article, we will break down the terms for tennis betting, types of bets, and three strategies for playing games.

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Terms for tennis betting by game

Learn the basic concepts to bet on games.

  • Game is a game segment, part of a set. The game is played up to four points. When 3: 3 points are played up to two points difference.
  • The score in the game is as follows: 15: 0, 15:15, 30: 0, 40:15 and so on. The score 40:40 is called "exactly". Then one of the sides gets "more".
  • Break - winning a game on someone else's serve.
  • A break point is a point that separates from winning a game on an opponent's serve.
  • Tie-break is an additional game that is played when the score is 6: 6 in a set of games. One of the players serves the first point. Then each has two feeds. Tie-breaks are played up to seven points or up to two points with a 6: 6 difference.
  • Ace - filing for departure. Sports Betting Books: Bookmaker Secrets & Strategy Guides From The Pros

The main types of betting on games

Usually bookmakers offer the following markets for game betting:

  • The number of points in the first game.
  • Who will win the game.
  • Race to a certain number of games won.
  • Who will win the first point in the game.
  • Who will win the next two games.
  • The exact score in the game.
  • Number of breaks.
  • Who will make the first break.

Analysis of tennis betting strategies by game

Consider the following factors when choosing a bet:

  • Athlete rating during the season.
  • The shape of the opponents according to the results of the last two or three tournaments.
  • Sports media news about the participants of the match, their publication on social networks.
  • Individual statistics. For example, the percentage of first serves won, reception points, the number of aces, breaks and forced errors in each match.
  • Statistics for a specific coverage. The performance of some athletes is highly dependent on the type of court.
  • History of personal meetings. Especially on the surface where the next match will be played.

Games betting strategies

In women's tennis games on someone else's serve win more often than in men's. This is due to the stronger supply of men.

There is also a dependence on the surface: there are more breaks on slow ground than on fast grass and hard. Strategy for betting on the favorite in tennis and table tennis: how to increase the odds

Game Winning Betting

  • Bet on the tennis player to win the game on his serve on the fast surface.
  • Place your bet on the victory of the receiver in a game if this game decides the outcome of a match or set. For example, when the score is 2: 5 in a set.
  • Catch up on an outsider to win in a game on your serve.
  • Play according to the strategy of a fixed profit to win the favorite in the game on other people's serves.
  • Check the breaks by catching up in the second set in matches of equal athletes outside the TOP-100. Break odds are always higher than 2.00 in these matches.

Total bets

In men's tennis, outsider wins in their serve game are higher than those of women.

Bet on TB 9.5 games in the first set of the match between athletes outside the TOP-100 on hard or grass.

Take TM 9.5 game, in the following cases:

  • The favorite plays a clear outsider.
  • One of the athletes performs on a surface they don't like and is not in the best shape.
  • The favorite won the first game with a score of 6: 0 or 6: 1. In the second set, repetition is possible.
  • The outsider took the first set.

Correct Score Betting 40:40

  • Bet 40:40 in the game in women's or doubles matches with almost equal chances of winning.
  • Choose events that take place on clay courts.
  • Follow the matches live and place after the break.

To increase the probability of winning, carefully analyze the matches, study in detail the statistics of athletes on each surface and distribute the game bank according to the principles of financial management.

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