How to bet on basketball live and before the match: seven popular strategies for newbies

How to bet on basketball live and before the match: seven popular strategies for newbies
Basketball betting strategies depend on the league rules. The NBA and the Euroleague are two different worlds with their own characteristics.

Basketball is played according to different rules in the United States and Europe. Therefore, the strategies for betting on the NBA and the Euroleague are different. In this article, we'll break down seven basketball betting strategies, including one win-win.

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Features of the rules and differences of basketball leagues

For an accurate shot, from one to three points are awarded: one for the free kick, two for hitting within the three-point arc, three for the rest of the throws.

  • The match is played in four quarters.
  • A five-minute overtime is spent when there is a draw in regulation time. The number of overtimes is not limited.
  • Coaches make an unlimited number of substitutions.

Let's take a look at the differences between NBA and FIBA ​​rules.

The rule Europe and FIBA ​​matches Nba
Duration of a quarter 10 minutes 12 minutes
Player foul limit in match five 6
Quarter team comment limit four five

If a player has exhausted the foul limit, it is removed, and another comes out in return. If a team has too many remarks in the quarter, every violation, except for offensive fouls, is punishable by free throws.

There are many more rules and differences. We have listed the basic ones to bet on basketball.

Strategies for betting on total under or over

Bet on total over in an NBA match for odds in the range of 1.75-1.95 according to the criteria:

  • Both teams are ranked in the bottom half of the table in defensive rankings.
  • The most productive opponents will take part in the match.
  • Both teams are in the top 15 in pace.
  • The opponents rested for one day or more.

For example, in the New Orleans Pelicans - Minnesota Timberwolves match, the bookmakers give 1.92 odds on the total points over 240. Bet on the horse outcome if the match fits all criteria.

Take the total less in the Euroleague match for the coefficient 1.75-1.95 in the following cases:

  • Teams share less than four wins in the standings.
  • Opponents are among the 10 worst offensively effective.
  • Bookmakers give odds less than 2.60 for each team to win.

For example, in the match “Fenerbahce” - “Crvena Zvezda” bookmakers give odds of 1.85 for total less than 152. Bet on a grassroots outcome if the match meets all the criteria.

The catch-up betting strategy based on the statistics of the stars

Catching up is a strategy of increasing the bet amount after each failure in order to make a profit after the first win.

Determine the bet amount using the formula :

(bet amount) = (desired profit + loss amount) / (odds - 1).

Bet on the top outcome of the most productive player on the NBA team if he has not reached the indicator expected by the bookmakers three or more times in a row.

The value of the total is close to the player's average performance for the season, and the odds will be about 1.70-2.10.
If you fail, bet on the total more than this player in other matches, choosing the amount of the bet according to the catch-up strategy.

For example, the pot is 20,000 rubles, the desired profit is 2,000 rubles, and you bet more than LeBron James on the total. The rate table can look like this:

Bet amount Total points Coefficient Result Bank size
2353 26 1.85 Losing 17647
5442 26.5 1.80 Losing 12205
10884 26 1.90 Winnings 22,001

Oscar Grind's strategy

According to Oscar Grind's strategy, you save the amount of the bet on failure and double if you win until you get the desired profit.

The first bet is equal to the desired profit. Bet on NBA and Euroleague matches with odds of 2.00 or more.

Let's imagine that the bank is 10,000 rubles, the desired profit is 500 rubles. The rate table can look like this:

Bet amount Coefficient Result Bank size
500 2.20 Losing 9500
500 2.15 Losing 9000
500 2.50 Losing 8500
500 2.30 Winnings 9150
1000 2.40 Winnings 10,500

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Real-time basketball betting strategies

Let's consider two strategies for betting live basketball catch-up.

Quarter Comparison Betting

Bet on total over in the second quarter of an NBA match for odds in the region of 1.75-1.95 according to the criteria:

  • The opponents did not get more than 10 points to the performance expected by the bookmakers in the first quarter.
  • Both teams scored less than 40% of their field goals.

If you fail, bet on the horse outcome in the next quarters of the catch-up strategy.

For example, in the match "Dallas Mavericks" - "Washington Wizards" bookmakers gave the odds of 1.90 on the total over 60 points in the first quarter. The teams finished the segment with a score of 26:20 with the implementation of shots from the field of 38% and 33%.

In the second quarter, bet on the total over 60 points.

Betting strategy for an outsider to win in a quarter

Bet on an outsider to win in the first quarter of an NBA match for odds above 2.30

If you fail, bet on the outsider in every next quarter until the first run, increasing the amount of the bet according to the catch-up strategy. If necessary, take the next match and keep betting.

Win-win basketball betting strategy

A fork in basketball is an opportunity to bet on opposite outcomes with a guaranteed profit.

One bet does not work, but the other gives a plus.

You can find the plug using the formula:

Sp = 1 / K1 + 1 / K2 +… + 1 / Kn , where Sp is the sum of probabilities, n is the number of choices in one market, and K1, K2,…, Kn are the coefficients for each choice.

If Sp <1 , this is a fork.

For example, in the Boston Celtics-Los Angeles Lakers match, one bookmaker gives 2.05 odds for the home team and the other 2.03 odds for the away team.

We consider the sum of the probabilities:

1 / 2.05 + 1 / 2.03 = 0.9804, in front of us is a fork.

With equal amounts of bets on both options, you will be able to stay in the black no matter the outcome.

If you are betting on basketball, learn the rules of this sport for a successful betting game at the bookmaker's offices. Remember the differences between the NBA and the Euroleague. Championship strategies for live and prematch will increase your chances of making a profit.

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