How to become a professional capper: who is it, where to start and how to make predictions

How to become a professional capper: who is it, where to start and how to make predictions
The path from a beginner in betting to a professional capper is full of difficulties, but anyone can walk it.

Most bookmaker players act haphazardly. Sooner or later, this leads to a loss of money. Professional tipsters make money by selling predictions. We tell you who they are and how to become them.

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Who are the cappers

"Capper" is a slang word. It began to be used in English as an abbreviation for "handicapper".

Capper is not a profession in the literal sense of the word. This can be called a successful gambler in a bookmaker's office, who made bets with his earnings.

But a capper can also be a professional, that is, a qualified specialist in the field of forecasting. Here the question arises of how to become a capper, that is, to make your own business out of predictions for sports and make a profit from it.

Different people are called tappers today:

  • specialists who actually make a profit from the sale of forecasts;
  • media personalities who earn on their popularity, on advertising contracts. In parallel, they give sports predictions: there is no goal of successful prediction;
  • scammers making unfulfilled promises to customers. They lure money for low-quality forecasts, convince newbies to register with the bookmaker using affiliate links.

This article is about how to become a professional capper of the first of these types.

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How to become a professional capper

Sports forecasting is not taught at universities. You will not find the line "capper" in the official specialization lists.

There are no strict professional standards, requirements, criteria. Here are just some of the recommendations that you can give such a person.

  • Form systems thinking. It is most often inherent in mathematicians and financiers. For example, one of Joe Pet's most successful cappers was a Wall Street financial analyst prior to his career as a forecaster. The ability to analyze large amounts of statistical information will come in handy.
  • Explore the bookmaker business in depth. To do this, it is advisable to read specialized literature, take training courses. This will help to find the best odds in the list of bookmakers, to notice trends in changes in quotes.
  • Study in depth the sport in which you plan to bet. It is important to know the rules of the game, tournament formats, calendar. On a daily basis, you need to study news about championships, teams, players, sports-related business.
  • Check out and learn how to use special software, software for the analysis of large statistical data sets.
  • Create accounts and gain experience playing in different bookmakers. The capper should be ready to help his client in every little detail: explain how to create a profile, replenish the game bank, receive an exclusive bonus from the bookmaker, etc.
  • Choose and test a specific betting strategy. To confirm good results at a distance, you need to make at least 200-300 bets. It is not necessary to bet money, you can check the strategy virtually by compiling your own statistics.
  • Maintain strict financial discipline. Choose one of the financial management strategies and follow it even at the stages when the bets are losing.
  • Check your psychological stability. Good predictions are important, but a cool head is still the deciding factor, according to most professionals. Emotions, passion, passion and, moreover, addiction should be excluded.

Most famous cappers insist that it is not luck or talent that leads to success, but painstaking analytical work. All the tips of successful gamblers and cappers are concentrated in one formula:

"It is better to lose a well-defined bet than to get a big win at random."

Be guided by this principle for long-distance success.

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Capper exchanges and sites verifiers

If you have confirmed the success of your strategy and continue to place profitable bets, proceed to the next stage. It consists in the formation of a primary capper portfolio.

Verifier sites and capper exchanges are suitable for this. On such resources:

  • the results of each forecaster are independently confirmed;
  • statistics are kept on various parameters: by time intervals, ROI, net profit, etc .;
  • cappers offer their services to potential clients;
  • there is a functionality for selling predictions - a great option for starting a capper career.

The advantages of such resources:

  • you can check the effectiveness of your strategy without placing real money bets in the bookmaker;
  • verification of success here becomes the main confirmation of the capper's honesty and responsibility - a key criterion for serious clients;
  • active primary search for clients - people come here precisely for forecasts, making up the most motivated target audience.

Creating a blog or forecaster website

Thinking about how to become a capper and make money on an ongoing basis, it is important not to forget about the main point of any business plan - finding clients.

Use thematic blogs and forecaster sites. In most cases, there are such formats:

  • business card site: an option with a form of payment or simply with contact information is possible;
  • groups in social networks - an advantage in the possibilities of quick promotion;
  • author channels, blogs in messengers. For example, in "Telegram".

To become a professional capper, you must be prepared to spend a lot of time, money, effort on:

  • training in specialized competencies;
  • long-term testing of your gaming and financial strategy;
  • creation and promotion of a resource to attract customers.

While the betting business is flourishing, many bookmaker's clients are ready to pay big money to successful forecasters. Therefore, the services of professional cappers will be in demand.

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