How Do I Pick a Good Sports Betting App? Bookmaker for Android and iOS

How Do I Pick a Good Sports Betting App? Bookmaker for Android and iOS
The best mobile sports betting app has to meet four key criteria. We tell you how.

Bookmaker mobile apps have become an indispensable tool for most betting players. About 80% of bets are made from phones - through the mobile version of the site or the application. In this article, we will analyze how to choose a mobile bookmaker application, how to use it, and determine the best sports betting application.

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Why you need sports betting apps

It is convenient to place sports bets through a computer only at home or at work, when you are comfortably seated with a laptop in an upholstered chair. But if you watch sports in a bar or at a stadium, are in a hurry somewhere, travel or have no access to a computer, then the mobile version of the bookmaker's website or an application is the best option.

Mobile betting applications replicate all the functionality of the main site. Their main advantages in comparison with the mobile version of the site:

  • work faster with a weak Internet,
  • more user-friendly interface,
  • higher speed of work.

For those who bet live, that is, bets on sports in real time, mobile applications are simply irreplaceable.

How to download and how to use the bookmaker's mobile application

IOS mobile applications can be downloaded from the AppStore. Android users will need to download the betting software on their phone through the bookmaker's website, as these apps are limited on Google Play. Usually, you will be prompted to download when you visit the site from your phone.

After downloading the betting application, its icon will appear on the screen of your smartphone or tablet. If you have a username and password, go to your account. If you are not registered, create an account via the app.

How to choose a mobile app for betting

When choosing which mobile bookmaker app to download, pay attention to five criteria.

  1. Performance. The app should be fast. At the same time, it should not overload the operating system of the mobile device and should not drain the battery in excess. Stable work without bugs and glitches can also be attributed here.
  2. Convenience of the interface. You should intuitively navigate the sections, get in a couple of seconds to any function and section. Placing a bet should be quick and easy.
  3. Resistant to connection quality. The application should work satisfactorily at low internet speed and unstable connection: do not require restart, do not reset authorization, do not freeze when confirming a bet.
  4. Preservation of the functionality of the betting site. The mobile application must have at least the same functionality as the bookmaker website.

What is the best mobile sports betting app from the bookmaker?

One of the best mobile applications among legal Russian bookmakers is that of FONBET. It is regularly updated and meets all four criteria that we listed above.

The FONBET application retains the functionality of the main site, but organizes it in an intuitive mobile interface. It works equally well on all OS and devices, has a high speed of operations, even with problems with the Internet.

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