How bookmakers calculate arb : what actions and bets cause suspicion

How bookmakers calculate arb : what actions and bets cause suspicion
The bookmakers won. The bookmakers have several ways to find arbers and bait to ruin such players.

Bookmakers have several ways to calculate surebets. Betting on arbitrage situations and being in the black for any outcome will not work for a long time. We analyze how bookmakers find arbers, how such players differ from ordinary players and what consequences this leads to.

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Who are arbitrators and how are they dangerous for bookmakers?

Arbos are players who use arbitrage situations, surebets.

In the game with surebets, bets are made on opposite outcomes. The difference in the odds gives a profit for any outcome.

For example, in a tennis match Rafael Nadal - Novak Djokovic, one BC gives a coefficient of 2.05 for a Spaniard, and the other - 2.08 for a Serb to win. With the same amount of bets on both options, you will be in the black anyway.

It is difficult to find bookmakers who are loyal to surebets. Nobody wants clients who are only profitable.

Therefore, bookmakers can lower the maximums on rates or even block your account if they just suspect foul play. The rules of all offices provide for such a possibility.

But how do bookmakers calculate surebets and why is it the most difficult to play arbitrage bets today?

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What makes surebetters different from regular players

To understand how bookmakers calculate surebets, let's list the differences between such players.

The main thing that distinguishes surebets from ordinary players is the specifics of the movement of funds on the gaming account:

  • making deposits for large amounts;
  • making bets on the entire or almost the entire bank;
  • replenishment of the balance before calculating the current bet due to a new surebet appeared;
  • withdrawal of winnings due to the need to distribute money among different offices.

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How bookmakers calculate surebets: basic methods

There are several basic tools, how bookmakers calculate surebets.

  • The bets are tracked that are close to the maximum bet amount for the event. Players who place bets close to the highs automatically fall under suspicion. The bookmaker does not need to cut the limits for such a client.
  • Several bets on the same outcome look suspicious. In order to avoid maximum bets, the surebet bets on the same outcome several times. But this does not help to deceive the bookmaker.
  • The bettors often deposit large sums of money, although the previous bets have not been calculated yet. This cannot fail to attract the attention of the BC security services.
  • Constant requests for the withdrawal of small amounts with a large cash balance is a clear sign of a surebet who needs to redistribute money between different accounts.
  • The bookmaker's employees responsible for identifying surebets have accounts on the most popular arb services and forums. They track recommended bids, chat with other members, study their profiles and compare data.
  • Bookmakers can even use bait fishing. By offering a clearly inflated coefficient, you can catch clients at high rates. Some offices go further - after the event, they cancel the results, announcing the erroneously set odds. The money is returned to the players, but for arbers it is a big loss. In another bookmaker's office, the player lost a large sum for this event. A profit to cover the losses was expected here, but due to the return of the bet, it is lost.

Due to the fact that it is not difficult for bookmakers to find arbers today, the game in arbitrage situations is becoming more and more difficult. It does not justify the time spent, and large amounts invested can be instantly lost.

And it is important to understand that the bookmaker should not irrefutably prove committed violations to the client. Suspicion is enough to cut the highs, temporarily or permanently block an account, or blacklist it.

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