How and where to bet on sports: 8 tips for beginners

How and where to bet on sports: 8 tips for beginners

It is not difficult to place a bet - register with a betting company, replenish your account, select an event and specify the amount. Making a profit is more difficult - you need to choose the right bookmaker, understand the rules of betting and make a correct prediction based on statistics. We explain how to start betting for beginners and win more often.

We've compiled a list of eight tips to help you place your bets comfortably without losing all your money in a couple of hours. Here is a summary of the article:

  1. Choosing a bookmaker company - five main factors
  2. The basics of betting - what the winnings depend on
  3. Basic terms - what abbreviations mean
  4. Bet calculation rules - where to find them
  5. Statistics and news - why you shouldn't bet long before the match
  6. Training - how to learn how to bet for free
  7. Money control is a strategy that will help you not to spend everything
  8. Match fixing - why it's a myth

1. Choose a betting company

The choice of a bookmaker company is the most important step, your profit and comfort when making a bet depend on it. Here's what to look for when choosing where to bet on sports.

  • License to work in Russia. We do not recommend placing bets in illegal betting companies - they do not guarantee a win and can close at any time, and freeze your money in the account. Legal bookmakers are part of self-regulatory organizations - SROs. Such organizations monitor bookmakers and make sure they comply with the law. The SRO also has a compensation fund - if the bookmaker goes bankrupt, the organization will pay the winnings to the players.
  • Number of options for betting on your favorite sport. For example, football and hockey are widely represented in all major betting companies: Parimatch, Fonbet, Bet Boom, League of Stakes. The number of options for less popular types depends on the bookmaker's policy. For example, GGBet specializes in e-sports, and 1xBet provides many basketball events.
  • Convenience of the site. Go to several sections, try to find a match and understand the interface. If you plan to place bets from your phone, then see if the bookmaker has applications for mobile devices.
  • Reviews. Even legal bookmaker companies sometimes delay payment of winnings, block unwanted players, and reduce the maximum bet size. At the same time, they operate within the framework of the law and their own rules, so they cannot be punished in any way. In order not to get caught by a dishonest bookmaker, look at the reviews of other players - what they often complain about and how substantiated their claims are.
  • Bonuses for beginners. Most bookmakers offer new customers registration bonuses. These bonuses are of two types: additional money on the account and free bets - free bets. To receive bonuses, it is not enough just to register, you need to place a bet for a certain amount - this is called wagering. When choosing a bonus, pay attention not to its amount, but to the amount of wagering - sometimes, to receive a bonus for 1000 rubles, you need to put 50,000 rubles.

Parimatch offers a registration bonus equal to the first deposit. To receive, you need to put down the face value of the bonus in 10 times the amount

2. Learn what a bet is

A bet is an agreement between the betting company and the player on the outcome of a certain event. The player makes a prediction on the outcome and bets money on it, and the bookmaker company undertakes to pay out the winnings if the prediction turns out to be correct. If the forecast turns out to be wrong, the bookmaker will take the money.

The amount of the win depends on the odds. To calculate your winnings, multiply the money wagered by the odds of your bet. The coefficient is the main indicator in the rates. It is set by the bookmaker depending on the probability of the event. The higher the probability, the lower the coefficient.

The total betting odds can depend on the odds of one or several events - depending on what type of bet you have chosen.

  • Single is a single bet that consists of one event. The odds are equal to the odds of the event. To win, a single is enough for the selected event to be correct.
  • Express is a bet consisting of several events. The multiplier is equal to the product of all events in its composition. To win, all events in the multi bet must be correct.
  • System - a bet consisting of several events. Unlike express, all events in the system do not have to be correct. The more correct events, the higher the payoff.

In theory, the express bet is the most profitable type of bet. If you bet on the same events with single bets, express and system, then the potential winning of the express will be higher. The winnings are the least for single bets, and the system in terms of profitability is approximately in the middle.

In practice, the probability of winning the express is the lowest - all events in its composition must play. The system allows you to hedge against loss, while the number of possible errors you choose yourself. An ordinary is the simplest type: the forecast is correct - a win, an incorrect forecast - a loss.

3. Memorize the terms

When making a bet, you will hardly have time to google abbreviations and concepts from the bookmaker's website. Here are the most popular terms and their meanings.

  • Line is a list of matches that have not started yet.
  • Live - a list of matches that are already in progress.
  • Outcome or 1X2 - a bet on the result of the match: victory of one of the sides or a draw. The number "1" denotes the first side in the name of the match, the number "2" - the second side, X - a draw.
  • Double outcome or double chance - a bet on two of the three outcomes of the match: one of the sides does not lose or either side wins.
  • Total - a bet on the amount of effective actions. There are total goals, corners, warnings, points, sets, games. If the total does not indicate anything, then it is considered that this is the total of the main indicator of the match - goals in football, pucks in hockey, rounds in boxing.
  • Handicap or handicap - a bet on the advantage of one of the parties in the score. At the end of the match, the handicap indicator is added to the score - if the selected team wins with the handicap taken into account, the bet is considered a winning bet.

4. Learn the rules for calculating bets

Each betting company accepts bets and calculates winnings according to its own rules. Usually, the bookmaker places a link to the rules at the bottom of the site or in your personal account. Read them to know exactly what you are betting on. If you do not want to delve into legal terms, look for the information you need through the search or contact the technical support of the bookmaker.

Some of the rules are universal. For example, bets on outcomes, handicaps, totals are calculated at the end of regular time of the match. If you bet on one of the teams to win, and the match goes into overtime, the bet will be calculated as a loss.

5. Follow statistics and news

Fresh information and statistics are the basis for successful bets. They help you learn to place the right bets even in unfamiliar sports. Before making a bet, assess the shape of the athletes, whether the selected team has a protracted series of defeats, whether the leaders are in order.

To increase the likelihood of success, do not place your bet several days before the start of the match. During this time, everything can change - the leader is injured, the coach is fired, the players quarrel. The closer the match, the more reliable your prediction will be.

A few days before the match of the first round of the French League 1-2020 / 21 between Lens and PSG, several of the leading players of the guests fell ill with coronavirus at once. Due to the lack of leaders, PSG lost to an outsider. Photo:

If you are not completely sure about the forecast, make a bet live. In this case, you will know all the information - the line-ups, the coach's plan, the condition of the players. Some betting companies broadcast live matches - for example, Olimp shows the Premier League matches, Fonbet and Parimatch show the KHL matches, and GGBet shows eSports matches. With the help of broadcasts, you can watch the game and place bets in one window or application.

6. Practice

Do not rush to replenish your account - try to place some fake bets. Select several matches, what to bet on and the amount of the bet. Write down the amount and ratio. When the match is over, calculate the bets instead of the bookmaker: if the bet is successful, multiply the amount by the odds - this is a win. If the bet is lost - make a note about it.

It doesn't matter where you keep track of your bets - on a piece of paper, in Excel or in a text editor. It is important to understand how correct your predictions are. By using this method, you will save money when teaching betting and practice working with statistics.

7. Control the bank

Bank is money that you put into an account with a betting company. The most inefficient way to spend them is to bet on the entire bank. Even the most reliable bet has a chance of losing.

Experienced gamblers have developed a number of strategies to help you avoid spending the pot in a couple of evenings. One of the simplest and most effective strategies is flat. When flat, the player places a bet on a certain percentage of the pot - for beginners, we recommend 1-2%. You can choose any percentage, but we do not recommend betting more than 15% of the bank.

8. Don't believe in match fixing

Information about match-fixing on any public resources is a scam. There are real "agreements", but very rarely - this is a criminal offense that threatens with a huge fine and lifelong disqualification of athletes. The income from such matches reaches millions of dollars. If someone offers you to buy information about a fixed match for a couple of thousand rubles - do not believe it.

Questions and answers

Is it profitable to bet on low odds?
No, you won’t win much from such bets. For example, if you bet 1000 rubles at odds of 1.10, the net winnings will be only 100 rubles. If you lose, you will lose the entire 1000 rubles. To stay profitable, you need to win more than 90% of the bets - statistics that even the most experienced players cannot boast of. It is best to choose odds between 1.50 and 2.00 - this is the optimal balance between the probability of losing and the size of the win.
What are the best bets?
Practice in single courses. This way you will understand the peculiarities of accepting bets and learn how to predict events. Then switch to small express trains of 2-3 events.
I registered with the bookmaker to place bets on my team. What do you advise?
We do not recommend for beginners to place bets only on the victory of their favorite team. If this is a top club, then the odds will be small, if not, the probability of winning will be low. Take a closer look at other betting options - for example, totals. Each team has patterns in the game - study the statistics and place bets on them.
Check out some of our Best Betting Spreadsheet  - Analysis football. They will provide you with detailed analysis of each match with high visibility of the results in each match.