Horse Racing Betting Strategy: How To Increase Profits By Playing Dutch Schultz's System

Horse Racing Betting Strategy: How To Increase Profits By Playing Dutch Schultz's System
Accountant Al Capone invented the horse racing betting strategy. The system does not give a plus in the distance, but it can be improved.

Betting on horse races is a traditional form of gambling entertainment. One of the famous strategies was invented by the accountant Al Capone Datca Schulze. In this article, we will break down this famous system and show you how to improve it.

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Types of horse racing bets

To use betting strategies on horse racing, let's figure out what types of bets are offered by bookmakers in the list.

1. Winner. The win will be credited if you indicate one horse that comes to the finish line first.

2. Prize place. To win, the selected participant must be in the top three. Here the coefficient is less than in the first variant.

3. Double or triple forecast. It is necessary to name two or three horses that will take the highest places. There is a strict and combined forecast. In the first, you need to indicate the sequence of the finish of the leaders, in the second - just their names.

4. Who is higher. The bookmaker offers pairs, and you choose which horse will show the best result.

5. SP (starting price). "Winner" bet option. The current coefficient is not visible, the quote at the start of the race will be taken into account.

Sports betting symbols: Sports bookmaker symbols: explanation of the main types and types of bets

Dutch Schultz System

This horse racing betting strategy is named after Al Capone's legendary accountant Datchi Schultz. Its other name is “equal profit”.

When wagering on multiple favorites, you will profit if one of the selected horses wins. The number of bets depends on the size of the smallest odds. If it is more than 4.00, then bet on four applicants, etc.

But bookmakers take this probability into account by placing quotes. Therefore, the system is unprofitable at a distance. We recommend improving it.

You can increase your profit by dropping the first favorite if its coefficient is higher than 3.00. Let's give an example of using such a strategy.

On April 22, 2020 at 11:00 Moscow time in the Australian Ascot (Brisbane) at the Byron Bay Plate arena the seventh race was held. Favorite Point Taken had a coefficient of 3.50.

That is, according to the “equal profit” strategy, you can bet on three favorites. But we are discarding Point Taken, and for the following participants such coefficients:

  • Next Stop The Moon for 5.55.
  • Unibro for 6.00.
  • Ngawi for 8.00.
  • Stella Anne for 11.00.
  • Rock'n'ruler 11.00.

Calculate the sum of the probabilities by the formula:

P = 1 / K1 + 1 / K2 +… + 1 / Kn
 , where K1, K2,…, Kn are the odds for winning.

Find the probability:

1 / 5.55 + 1 / 6.00 + 1 / 8.00 + 1 / 11.00 + 1 / 11.00 = 0.65364.

Determine the size of the bet on each horse to win according to the formula:

S = B / P / K
 , where S is the amount of the bet on one horse, K is the odds for its victory, P is the sum of the probability, B is the allocated bank.

We distribute rates with a dedicated bank of 1000 rubles:

  • 276 rubles for Next Stop The Moon: 1000 / 0.65364 / 5.55.
  • 255 rubles for Unibro: 1000 / 0.65364 / 6.00.
  • 191 rubles on Ngawi: 1000 / 0.65364 / 8.00.
  • 139 rubles for Stella Anne: 1000 / 0.65364 / 11.00.
  • 139 rubles for Rock'n'ruler: 1000 / 0.65364 / 11.00.

Unequal distribution of the bet amount gives approximately the same payout from each bet. In our case, about 1530 rubles.

This means that the total odds per thousand put down is about 1.53.

Rock'n'ruler won, so the bet was won. The essence of Dutch Schultz's strategy is modernized here. We increased its riskiness, as we dropped the main favorite. Such a move is justified if the leader is implicit or his results deteriorate. Valuable rates: Valuable bets scare the bookmakers. What is value, how to find it and calculation examples

Follow the money horse racing betting strategy

The strategy that is popular in horse betting is called "follow the money". This is a kind of outsider bet. Track how the bookmaker quotes change in the race cards. If the odds are noticeably lower on one of the recorded outsiders, then a lot of money has been bet on him.

In this case, it makes sense to bet on the fact that the initial outsider will be included in the top three. In the Brisbane race we have described, such an example is the horse Stella Anne.

Five hours before the start of the competition, the coefficient for her victory was 19.00, and for an hour - only 11.00. As a result, she took third place. Such a bet could have been made with odds of 3.00.

How to bet on horse racing by strategy

Observe the following criteria when using one of the strategies.

1. Ratio of horse's age and distance. Young horses up to five years old show themselves better in short races: 1400-1600 meters. For long distances from 2400 meters, the favorites are often horses over five years old.

2. Horse parameters. Analyze your current results, break from the last tournament, weight, handling, age.

3. Weight, experience, career success, recent jockey results.

4. Stable and trainer. Consider the authority of the organization and the reputation of the trainer who introduced the horse.

5. Weather conditions. Air temperature and humidity, pressure, wind strength and direction, cloudiness.

Where to Find Information for Horse Racing Betting

It is difficult to independently analyze each race with more than ten participants. To increase the chances of making a profit when betting on horse racing, read the specialized publications of the countries where the tournaments are held. For example, in the UK - Racing Post, Australia - Racing Australia, USA - Horse Racing Nation and others.

Today they are available online. Such publications often give advice and analytical forecasts of well-known experts. By using them, you increase the chances of being in the black.

No horse racing betting strategy is a win-win. In this sport, the success of betting is due to the experience and awareness of the player. Please be patient if you want to become a successful horse betting player.

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