Hockey betting strategy: catch-up and total for the period for professionals and beginners

Hockey betting strategy: catch-up and total for the period for professionals and beginners
In hockey, the team that is in last place in the middle of the season can become a champion. But even here there are successful betting strategies.

Midway through the 2018/2019 season, St. Louis finished last in the conference, but eventually managed to win the Stanley Cup. It is difficult to make winning hockey bets if you do not know the working patterns. In this article, we'll break down five hockey betting strategies, including one win-win.

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Features of betting on hockey matches

When choosing a bet, take into account the peculiarities of the hockey rules:

  • The match is played in three periods of 20 minutes each.
  • Teams will have a 5-minute 3v3 overtime with a tie in regulation time.
  • Overtime is played until the first goal is scored.
  • Teams take overtime shootouts.
  • Coaches use an unlimited number of substitutions per match.
  • In the playoffs, there are 20-minute overtimes in the 5v5 format. There are no shootouts, so the number of overtimes is not limited.

What is a sports betting strategy

Sports betting strategy is the rules and principles used by bettors.

Live strategy is a real-time betting strategy.

Live hockey betting strategy

Let's consider two strategies for betting on total in live:

Strategy for betting on total over 1.5 in the second period

Take a total over 1.5 in the second period for an NHL regular season match if:

  • In the first period, less than two goals were scored.
  • In the first period, they made more than 19 shots on target.
  • Both teams have scored more than a third of their goals in previous matches of the season in the second period.
  • The total over 1.5 in the second period took place in the last match of these teams.
  • The teams' top scorers played in the first period.

Strategy for betting on hockey total over in the third period

Bet that at least one more goal will be scored in an NHL or KHL match in the following cases:

  • One of the teams leads in the third period with one goal difference.
  • The coefficient exceeds 2.00.
  • The teams did not score the number of goals expected by the bookmakers.

The strategy of catching a draw in the period

Catching up is a strategy where you increase the next bet or odds so that the first bet you win is profitable.

Calculate the bet amount using the formula :

(bet amount) = (lost bets + desired profit) / (odds - 1)

Bet on a draw in the first period of an NHL match. If you lose, take a draw in the following periods before the first run. If there was no draw, move on to another match and continue betting according to the catch-up strategy.

The odds for a draw in the first period are about 2.50, and in the next two - about 2.90 and 3.20, respectively.

For example, your bank has 30,000 rubles. Desired profit - 600 rubles. The results might look like this:

Bet size Coefficient Exodus Bank amount
400 2.50 Losing 29600
527 2.90 Losing 29,073
695 3.20 Winnings 30,602

You can also choose matches to play catch-up-draw strategy.

Outsider betting strategy in hockey

Bet on an outsider to win, taking into account overtime and shootouts in an NHL or KHL regular season match according to five criteria:

  • The outsider plays at home.
  • The favorite plays the second match in two days.
  • Two or more players of the first line of the favorite miss the meeting.
  • The outsider have won more than half of their home games this season.
  • The outsider rested for more than two days.

Win-win hockey betting strategy

A fork is an opportunity to bet on opposite outcomes of one event with a guaranteed profit.

Arb Shoulders - the outcomes of the event that create the surebet.

Find the fork using the formula :

Sp = 1 / K1 + 1 / K2 +… + 1 / Kn , where Sp is the set of probabilities, n is the number of outcomes in one market, K1 , K2 , ..., Kn are the odds for the outcomes of one market.

If Sp <1, you have found a fork.

For example, in the CSKA - Spartak match, one bookmaker gives a coefficient of 2.07 to win the CSKA match, and the other - 2.04 to win Spartak.

Having bet 3000 rubles on both outcomes, you will be in the black. If CSKA wins, the payout will reach 6210 rubles: 3000 x 2.07, and if you win "Spartak" you will receive 6120 rubles: 3000 x 2.04.

  • Read more about surebets here: Surebets

Forks are the only win-win hockey betting strategy. You can also use other strategies, but for profit you need to analyze matches well.

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