Hockey betting: comparing the popularity of the KHL and the NHL, learning to analyze matches

Hockey betting: comparing the popularity of the KHL and the NHL, learning to analyze matches
Hockey betting will become clearer after learning the ten principles of match analysis.

In Russia, they love betting on hockey: the national team won the Olympics in 2018, and the country's leading players are world sports stars. In this article, we will analyze the ice hockey betting markets, compare the popularity of the KHL and the NHL, and also consider the aspects that should be paid attention to when analyzing.

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The popularity of ice hockey betting in Russia

Russia is a great hockey country, and our team is one of the strongest in the world. The Kontinental Hockey League is the main club tournament on the planet after the NHL.

Games of the KHL and the World Hockey Championship are broadcasted on TV for free, and Yandex shows the National Hockey League for free on the Internet.

The popularity of the game among the population is confirmed by numbers: for example, the broadcast of the finals of the 2018 Olympics Russia - Germany, where our team won gold medals, was watched by 16.8 million Russians in total.

Hockey is a highly intense game: in the NHL only in the regular season, players need to play 82 matches, in the KHL - 62, the World Cup and Eurotrip are held every year.

In terms of the volume of bets on the NHL and the KHL, our league has an advantage. If at the end of the 2017/2018 season the ratio was 51% to 49% in favor of the KHL, then at the end of last season the difference increased: 62% against 38%.

Which markets to bet on hockey

The main markets for hockey betting are:

  • outcomes - victory of one of the teams or a draw;
  • double chance - not a loss for one of the teams;
  • handicap - the victory of one of the teams, taking into account the selected handicap in one of the indicators;
  • totals of pucks, assists, points, shots and so on;
  • individual totals per team or player;
  • both teams will score - yes or no;
  • exact score;
  • who will score the first and last goals;
  • bets on the number of penalty minutes and penalties in the match.

You can bet on the regular time of the match, on certain periods and on the results of the entire meeting, taking into account possible overtime and shootouts. Also, these outcomes are available live, where the odds are constantly changing.

Hockey bets can be single or combined. You can collect an express train from elections for different matches.

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What you need to know for hockey betting

The most important thing before betting is the pre-match analysis. Your results largely depend on how much you know about the form of the team and hockey players. Ten recommendations for choosing a bet.

Evaluate the strength of a team not only by the starting five , but also by the depth of the composition and the chemistry of the links.

Analyze the actions of the players in each position : goalkeepers, defenders and forwards. Defenders and forwards are constantly changing, and the goalkeeper is always in the game, with the exception of forced rearrangements: due to the coach's decision or injury, as well as when trying to recoup in the last minutes.

Consider performance . In the NHL, the odds for total goals over 5.5 are usually below 2.00. According to statistics, in 80% of matches, at least two goals are scored in at least one period.

Focus not only on the coefficients, but on a combination of factors . For example, the NHL is an unpredictable league, where the leader of the regular season can lose 4-5 goals to an obvious outsider. The concept of stability exists only within an entire season, but due to the frequency and geography of the games, favorites can fail at any moment.

Examine the teams' current form and logistics to help assess the physical fitness of the opponents. In the regular seasons of the NHL and KHL, games are played very often: a team can play 3-4 matches in a week, flying thousands of kilometers.

Pay attention to the teams fighting for a ticket to the playoffs... The formula for the NHL and the KHL is “championship + playoffs”. The motivation factor is especially significant in hockey: a team that has guaranteed itself the playoffs in advance will no longer bother and will begin to conserve energy.

Remember that points scored by a player are not only goals scored, but assists as well . If you are reading the news with the headline “Nikita Kucherov scored 128th point in the season and broke Mogilny's“ eternal ”record in the NHL, then it is important to understand that these are not 128 scored goals, but 41 goals and 87 assists. With the bet "Kucherov will score more than 0.5 points" you do not need his goals at all, one assists are enough.

Track statistics... The usefulness indicator is the difference between goals scored and missed by a team during the presence of a player on the ice in equal compositions. Conversion percentage - the number of goals scored in relation to the number of shots delivered. Goalkeeper efficiency is the percentage of shots taken. Study this information when choosing your rates.

Consider the majority implementation rate and minority performance . In the regular season, players are sent off more often than in the playoffs.

Expect goals in the end... If a team is 1-2 goals behind, they shoot the goalkeeper and play power play with an empty net. In several KHL seasons, goals were scored most often in the 60th minute, less often in the first. For example, on September 5, 2017, Barys, losing 2: 3, scored three goals against Ak Bars in the 60th minute of playing time and snatched the victory.

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The best leagues for hockey betting are the NHL and the KHL. They have a huge number of matches, a lot of statistics and a wide selection of different bets. The World Championships and the Eurotrip are fast-paced tournaments where the element of randomness increases. Choose one or several strategies, but before playing for real money, test your skills on the simulator.

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