Handicap 2 in betting: what it means and how to bet in football and other sports

Handicap 2 in betting: what it means and how to bet in football and other sports
A bet on handicap 2 allows you to equalize the chances in a match in which the difference between the favorite and the outsider is noticeable. Let's figure out when to put it.

In football betting, a situation often arises when the advantage of one team over another does not seem as undeniable to the player as it seems to the bookmaker. In this case, you need to insure yourself, sometimes with a margin. Handicap comes to the rescue 2.

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What is handicap 2

Handicap in sports betting is the number of credits that are conditionally added to or subtracted from the final result of a match. It can be goals in football, goals in hockey, points in basketball.

Handicap 2 is two additional conventional units that you add or subtract by placing a bet on one of the sides of the match.

Let's look at an example. Moscow "Spartak" plays with the Krasnoyarsk "Yenisei" in something similar to football. We have seen all of Spartak's matches this season and we assume that Enisey will not concede more than one goal. In the line for the match, we meet a handicap of 2 (+2), which means a bet with the addition of conditional two goals in favor of the visiting team - "Yenisei". The match ends with the score 1: 0 in favor of Spartak. And even with zero goals scored is the team on which the bet, considering the odds of two emerges victorious - is obtained after adding the score 1: 2

In line betting company rate adjusted odds steam - can be positive or negative, on the hosts or guests ...

In the match from the example above, you could believe in Spartak and take a handicap of 1 (-2), that is, conditionally take away two goals from the Muscovites' hosts in order to equalize the team's chances of winning. This bet will lose if the final score is 1: 0, but it will win if the score is 3: 0. Because in the second case, "Spartak" will remain the winner, even if two goals are taken away from him. What if the teams play 2-0? Asian handicap 1 (-2) in this case will be calculated as a refund, returning you the amount of the bet, but the European handicap will lose.

Let us examine further how the rate with different types of handicap is calculated.

European and Asian Handicap 2

There are two types of handicaps in sports betting.

The European handicap is whole and irrevocable. If the score is 2: 0, the bet with the European handicap -2 on the home team will lose, but the bet with the European handicap +2 on the guests will also lose. Because in both cases, the score will be a draw when the handicap is taken into account. The main difference between the European handicap and the usual one is that a draw taking into account the handicap does not give a return on the bet.

For a bet with a European handicap of -2 on the home team to enter, the first team must win by three goals or more. A score of 3: 0 is fine. Whereas to win, bets with European handicap +2 on guests need the second team to lose by no more than one goal. The winning scores for such a bet will be 0: 0, 0: 1, 1: 0 in terms of goals scored.

The Asian handicap is more “democratic”. A draw with the handicap taken into account will not win, but there will be no loss either. The player will be refunded the stake. Another difference is that the painting in the usual handicap is wider. There are fractional handicaps, Asian double handicaps. But with the European handicap, you can bet on a draw.

When choosing a handicap, you must clearly understand which one you are using.

What is the difference between handicap 2 and handicap 2

Russian bookmakers often call the European handicap handicap, while the usual one is called a handicap or an Asian handicap. However, it also happens that handicap and handicap are used as complete synonyms.

When to bet handicap 2

A bet with handicap 2 should be placed in several situations:

  • The odds for a negative handicap of one of the teams are too high: you bet a positive one on the opposing team and expect your handicap to cover the total number of goals that the bookmaker expects.
  • The player is confident that the team will not concede more than one goal, but wants to insure his choice in case of another conceded goal.
  • The player expects a draw or an outsider's loss by one goal, and takes a bet with a handicap (+2) and a low odds for the express.

In any situation, carefully approach the choice of a bet taking into account the handicap 2: take into account the type of handicap, plus or minus, for guests or for the hosts; pay attention to current events in the live match.