Free bets at bookmakers: how to get a good bonus and a free bet from the bookmaker

Free bets at bookmakers: how to get a good bonus and a free bet from the bookmaker
Bookmakers lure newbies with amounts, but often hide the conditions. We will tell you about free bets, where to get them and what to look for.

Free bets at bookmakers attract sums, but often disappoint. Beginners should understand where a good bonus is, and where is a dummy. In this article, we will analyze what a free bet is, the terms of promotions and bonus programs for new players, as well as where to get and how to get a free bet.

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What is free bet

Freebet - virtual money in the form of a bonus that can be wagered. When you enter a bet, you will receive only net profit, and if you lose or return, the bonus will expire.

Let's imagine that you have bet 500 rubles with the odds of 2.40. If you win, you will receive 1200 rubles: 500 x 2.40.

If you made a free bet of 500 rubles at the odds of 2.40, the payout in case of a successful outcome will be 700 rubles: 500 x 2.40 - 500.

Terms of the promotion and bonus programs for new players

Taking part in the promotion is not enough to get money into the main account. Bookmakers make a list of conditions that must be met.

Read the rules of the promotion carefully. Typically, conditions include the following items:

  • The minimum odds you can bet with.
  • Freebet expiry date.
  • Sports and outcome options you can bet on.
  • The rule is to place a bet on the full amount of the free bet.

Types of free bets in BC

According to the method of obtaining freebets, they are divided into three groups:

Free bet for registration without a deposit

You just need to register with a promo code or download the bookmaker's app.

Free bet for the first deposit

The best legal bookmakers give bonus funds up to 100% of the first deposit.

Free bet as a gift

Many bookmakers have a loyalty program. Bookmakers encourage active customers and give negative players a chance to win back.

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Where to get free bets for registration without a deposit and with a replenishment of the account

Find out information about bonuses through one of three sources:

Bookmaker official sites

The best offers are published by bookmakers on the main pages of their sites, and information about other promotions is posted in the bonus section.

Sports sites

Leading sports media maintain pages with an overview of Russian and foreign bookmakers. In the Championship rating of bookmakers, you can get all the necessary information and read reviews of other players.

Social networks

Bookmakers additionally inform their customers about promotions through social networks, and sometimes offer unique bonuses for subscribers.

Don't forget about betting sites. But such resources can deliberately hide the best bonuses of some bookmakers so that you choose other bookmakers.

How to get free bets at bookmakers

Follow these steps to get your free bet:

  • Read the terms of the promotions in several bookmakers.
  • Choose a bookmaker with a bonus that suits you.
  • Go through full registration and identification.
  • Get a free bet by fulfilling all the conditions.

Worst freebets

Some bookmakers offer free bets that are almost impossible to win back.

For example, a bonus of 1000 rubles in case of 20 successful bets on this amount with a coefficient of 2.50.

When choosing a bookmaker, read each paragraph of the rules about bonuses several times. If you have any questions, please contact the BC support service. Only then make a decision about whether to play in this office.

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