Football betting: where and how to bet, good bookmakers for football strategies

Football betting: where and how to bet, good bookmakers for football strategies
Today you will be given a bet on German football and on the second division of Rwanda. Let's figure out how to bet on football and choose a bookmaker.

Football betting is the most common activity in bookmakers in Europe and the former USSR. Therefore, the painting for football matches is the most extensive, and the line is the widest. You can bet on football both in top tournaments and in numerous lower divisions in dozens of countries. Let's take a look at football betting.

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What are the bets on football matches?

On the FONBET website and any other bookmaker's company in Russia, it is obvious that most of the betting options are given on football. You can bet not only on a clear victory of one of the teams or a draw, but also on the number of goals of each team, the number of cards received during the match, individual statistics of players and much more. The number of football championships and tournaments is also maximum.

You can place bets on football both before the start of the match and in real time when the game has already started. Live betting on many sports differs from prematch in a poor pattern, but in football betting bookmakers retain a wide range of options for forecasting.

The main types of bets on football

  • Bets on the main outcome: first team wins, second team wins, draw.
  • Double chance bets: the first team wins or a draw, the second team wins or a draw, one of the teams wins.
  • Betting on Asian handicaps and European handicaps: you can bet on football with a margin, insuring the expected outcome (for example, Asian handicap +1.5 or European handicap +2 will give you the opportunity to enjoy the win even if your team lost by one ball).
  • Total bets: the number of goals scored in a match, the number of goals scored by each team, etc.
  • Bets on team statistics: the number of corners taken in the whole game, the number of shots delivered to the opponent's goal, the number of fouls committed, etc.
  • Bets on individual player statistics: you can bet on the number of assists, the percentage of successful dribbles, the number of goals scored, etc.

Where to bet on football: online or in bookmaker clubs

All major bookmakers are present on the Internet and allow you to bet on football online. This means that the bettor does not need to go somewhere on purpose. Meanwhile, in large and even some small cities of Russia, there are betting points (PPS), where a player, with a passport, can place a bet, including on football.

Online bookmakers' bets require personal identification. To go through it completely and remove all restrictions, you need to visit the bet acceptance point, but you can also get initial access remotely. The disadvantage of playing offline is that you have to get to the PPP. And not all clubs are equipped for a comfortable game.

In addition, the odds in the clubs may be lower than on the Internet for the same company. Otherwise, the choice between PPP and online sports betting is a matter of individual preferences.

How to choose a bookmaker for betting on football

Every bookmaker strives to offer as many markets and bonuses as possible. But these are not the only criteria to consider when choosing a bookmaker. Consider everything you need to focus on when choosing a betting company for betting on football.

  1. Is the selected bookmaker's office legal in Russia? Legal bookmakers are members of the Self-Regulatory Organization (SRO) and are connected to the Interactive Betting Transfers Accounting Center (CUPIS). Tax is withheld from winnings at the office when requesting money for withdrawal. But at the same time, access to the website of a legal bookmaker is not limited, unlike access to the sites of an illegal bookmaker. This is important to take into account, especially when actively playing live, when every second is worth its weight in gold. Determining whether an office is legal is simple. Look at the domain zone - most legal bookmakers operate in the .ru zone. Read the section "About us", which should contain information about the membership of the bookmaker in the SRO and a link to the license issued by the Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation.
  2. Does the bookmaker offer a wide variety of soccer betting options? In the section "Football" you will see how many championships are presented, which international competitions can be predicted. In any of the matches, you will see a list of rates. It will be useful to compare which markets the bookmaker offers for the top championships and which for the lower division matches and championships outside the top football leagues.
  3. Are there enough options for real-time and pre-match soccer betting? There are bookmakers that offer a lot of betting options in the prematch, but in live you will be surprised to find that it is no longer possible to bet on many of the markets. Therefore, it is worthwhile before registering to understand how different the offers in live and prematch are. This can be done in the live and line sections on the bookmaker's website. If you are interested in playing live, evaluate its quality: is there a broadcast, is its timing lagging behind a real event, are the odds updated quickly, what are the maximum bet sizes in live.
  4. Does the bookmaker offer bets on the Asian handicap, how the handicaps are calculated, how the extra time is estimated, etc. The peculiarities of the calculation of some bets may come as a surprise to the player. Therefore, it is worthwhile to familiarize yourself with the bookmaker's rules regarding the calculation of football bets in advance.
  5. Is there a mobile application and a convenient mobile version of the site. About 80% of all bets today are made from mobile devices. It is likely that you also use your smartphone to play with the bookmaker. The presence of an application and a mobile version is required in this case. Check out the marketplaces for player feedback on mobile app performance. Not always a bookmaker with a perfectly functioning website pays enough attention to the quality of a mobile application.
  6. Does the bookmaker offer profitable odds on your favorite tournaments? Having chosen a suitable office for all other parameters, pay attention to how profitable it is to bet on football with him. Margin can differ not only between sports, but also between individual tournaments and matches - study what you will bet on.
  7. Does the bookmaker offer bonuses at registration, what promotions and how often. Bookmakers on the eve of major matches offer free bets or promotions at an increased coefficient.
  8. Is the bookmaker reliable? The last in the list, but the first most important criterion for choosing a bookmaker for betting on football and any other sport. Check out player reviews, especially negative ones. The bookmaker should not have any problems with access to their site, payment procedure, ambiguous interpretations of their own rules.

Review of football betting at the bookmaker FONBET

This bookmaker company is among the leaders in Russia in terms of the number of events for betting and the breadth of listings, including in football. Here you can even put on the third division of Romania or the second division of the Gambia. What can we say about the top football tournaments, on the matches of which FONBET offers up to 1000 bet options. Among them you can find all the types of bets popular in the world: Asian handicap, European handicap, any totals, bets on statistics and the main big markets.

The value of odds in football betting at FONBET is more than sufficient, especially for a beginner player. For example, on the market for the top 1x2 Europa League matches, you will find a margin of around 5% With such a huge selection of rates, this is a great deal.

Reliability is also up to par. FONBET is a legal bookmaker in Russia, with a license, membership in SRO and connection to TsUPIS. At the same time, personal identification in FONBET is easier than in any other domestic company: it is enough to enter your passport data in the form on the website or in the application after registration, and you will receive the Initial identification status. You can deposit up to 60,000 rubles for one payment, withdraw up to 14,000 rubles for one payment and get a turnover limit of up to 200 thousand rubles, and with that - up to 5 free bets for 500 rubles.

The legality of the bookmaker industry in Russia allows players to register with legal bookmakers without fear for the safety of their money. Controversial issues can be resolved by contacting the SRO.

How to place bets on football at a bookmaker's office

It's easy to start betting on football matches. The sequence is as follows.

  • Register on the website or in the application of the FONBET bookmaker and go through the verification procedure, for example, Initial.
  • Fund your gaming account.
  • Find the championship or competition you are interested in.
  • Select a match.
  • Select a bet option and click on it.
  • In the bet coupon, enter the amount you are willing to risk.
  • Confirm your choice.
  • Wait for the result of the match.
  • Order a payout of your winnings or place a new bet.

Online soccer betting strategy

You can start placing football bets with the catch-up strategy. It is good because it is universal: you can place bets in football on the exact score, on the victory of one of the teams, and on the number of goals scored. Other types of football betting can also be adapted for catch-up.

The principle is simple: choose the amount of the first bet at 1-2% of the bank. Bet on odds of 2.00. If the rate is not entered, double the next amount exactly. And so on until you win. When you win, start over. Each time your profit on catching up in football betting will be equal to the first amount you risked.