Football betting strategies: 10 good betting schemes for the most popular sport

Football betting strategies: 10 good betting schemes for the most popular sport
Football betting according to the strategy from the "Championship". We analyze 10 schemes, including one win-win.

Football betting strategies help fans of the most popular sport to beat the bookmakers. In this article, we will break down 10 soccer betting schemes, including one win-win.

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What is a sports betting strategy

The betting strategy is the rules and principles that the players of the bookmaker's offices have derived from their personal experience.

After choosing a strategy, you must follow its recommendations. Before playing for real money, it is better to test any strategy on a betting simulator. You can also enter each selected rate in the table without risking money.

# 1. Double chance betting strategy

A double chance bet is a single bet on a match that wins if two outcomes out of three are possible. There are three choices in the double chance market:

  1. 1X - the first team wins or a draw.
  2. X2 - victory of the second team or a draw.
  3. 12 - victory of the first or second team.

Bet on double chance in three cases:

  1. Favorite safety net. If the odds for a clear victory of the favorite are 1.95, then you can bet on 1X for about 1.30. If you are in doubt about the success of the hosts, but want to make a big bet, then take 1X.
  2. An outsider bet. Choose matches where the favorite has problems with line-up, motivation and fatigue. Double chance for an outsider and a draw will be high odds.
  3. A bet against a draw. Choose a bet of 12 if there are opponents who are satisfied with only a victory.

No. 2. First half total goals betting strategy

The coefficient for the same TB is always higher in the first half than in the second. Bet on total over 1 with odds of at least 1.50. Otherwise, play more than 1.5 total to increase your potential profit. Choose a match of teams that attack without reconnaissance. To increase the coefficient, wait 5-10 minutes and bet live.

Number 3. The catch-up betting strategy

Catch-up is a betting strategy in which after each loss you increase the next bet or odds so that the first win brings profit. In the classic version of the catch-up, known as martingale, you always bet at odds of 2.00 and after losing, you double every next bet.

For example, you choose a team in whose matches several times in a row the total has been played under 2.5. Then you bet on the total over 2.5 goals in her meetings until you win, while increasing the amount of the bet after each failure. If you bet at 2.00 odds every time, just double your bet amount. If the odds are different, use the following formula to determine the bet amounts after each loss: (Loss + Target Profit) / (Odds - 1).

No. 4. Late Goal Betting Strategy

You are betting that at least one more goal will be scored in the 75th minute. If the odds are much lower than 1.80, then wait 80 minutes.

Use 4 criteria to select matches:

  1. There are many dangerous moments in the meeting.
  2. Neither team has a clear lead.
  3. A hammer came on as a substitute.
  4. In the match, the total expected by the bookmakers has not been broken.

No. 5. Draw Betting Strategy

Bookmakers usually give odds of about 3.50 or more for a draw in a soccer match. And it can be profitable to bet on a draw.

Use 4 criteria to select matches:

  1. There are a lot of draws in the tournament.
  2. A draw in the match will suit both teams.
  3. Opponents have often tied each other in recent years.
  4. Teams often have draws in recent rounds.

To profit from the distance, it is enough to win every third bet.

No. 6. Oscar Grind's strategy

You plan ahead of time for the percentage of profit you want to make in a betting cycle. The first bet is equal to the desired profit percentage. If successful, you start a new cycle.

You need to bet with odds of 2.00 or more. Save your bet on failure and double if you win if the cycle is not closed yet.

For example, your bank is 5000 rubles. You want to get 10% of the profit, that is, 500 rubles. You bet 500 rubles at odds of 2.10. If you win, you will receive 1050 rubles: 500 X 2.10. The net profit will be 550 rubles. The cycle is closed.

If you lose on the first bet, you make the second for the amount of 500 rubles with the odds of 2.05. If you fail again, you bet 500 rubles again with the odds of 2.00. If you win, you bet 1000 rubles with the odds of 2.15. The entry will exceed the desired profit and close the cycle.

Total: you placed 4 bets for 2500 rubles, and the payouts were 1000 rubles: 500 X 2.00 and 2150 rubles: 1000 X 2.15. The net profit is 650 rubles: 1000 + 2150 - 2500.

No. 7. Flat betting strategy

You wager a fixed amount on each bet regardless of the odds and pot size.

For example, your bank is 5,000 rubles, and you decide to bet 100 rubles for each choice. With this strategy, you will not lose the pot instantly, but it will be difficult to make money.

According to the strategy of betting, flat is placed on the exact score in football, and on the outcomes, and on yellow cards. This is a basic bank management strategy that suits any type of bet.

No. 8. Total betting strategy in football

Bet on total goals over 2.5 by choosing a match according to the following criteria:

  1. Two attacking teams meet.
  2. The top scorers of the opponents are in good shape.
  3. A draw does not suit any of the teams.
  4. The lawn and weather do not interfere with the attack.
  5. In past matches, opponents often played TB 2.5.
  6. Both teams are more likely to play scores this season.

No. 9. Corner betting strategy

Bet on the favorite to win in corners if the following conditions are met:

  1. The favorite is playing on our own field.
  2. The home side's flanks are more likely to shoot back than off-center.
  3. The favorite has a high forward in attack.
  4. The outsider defends the whole team.

If the odds for the home win in corners are not high, then you can take a minus head start. For example, (-2.5) or (-3).

No. 10. Win-win strategy for sure

A fork is an opportunity to bet on opposite outcomes of one event and get a guaranteed profit.

For example, in one bookmaker's office the total goals over 2.5 for the Chelsea-Liverpool match are at odds of 2.05. And in the other - TM 2.5 is available for 2.08. If you bet 1000 rubles on both outcomes, you will make a profit in any case.

Some people think that surebets are the best football betting strategy because they are the only win-win strategy. But there are also enough disadvantages:

  • You need large sums of money at several bookmakers.
  • Your account may be blocked or the size of the maximum bet may be limited.

There is no perfectly effective soccer betting strategy. Forks are dangerous due to the risk of blocking, and with other schemes there is a chance of losing. You can combine several schemes, but first check yourself and the strategy by playing with the virtual bank.

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