Flat strategy in sports betting: what it is, examples for beginners and how to play it

Flat strategy in sports betting: what it is, examples for beginners and how to play it
Flat is suitable for beginners and eternal losers. This strategy helps to delay the inevitable.

By placing bets at a bookmaker's office using a flat strategy, you can lose at least 20 times in a row and save more than half of the pot. But making a profit is also not easy. In this article, we will analyze what a flat strategy is, its types, and three other bank management schemes.

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Flat strategy in sports betting

Flat strategy is a strategy of playing with a fixed amount of bets. The size of the bet remains unchanged at a predetermined distance, regardless of the odds of the event and the size of the pot.

The Championship recommends betting no more than 2% of the initial bank.

For example, your bankroll is 20,000 rubles, and the size of each bet is 200 rubles. The results might look like this:

Coefficient Result Bankroll
1.30 Winnings 20,060
1.50 Losing 19 860
3.60 Losing 19660
4.20 Winnings 20300
1.90 Losing 20 100

When using a flat system, it is difficult to make a significant profit. But if you lose even several bets in a row, you will save most of the bank.

Types of flat strategy

There are four main types of flat sports betting strategies:

  1. Academic. The amount of the bet varies in the range of 1-3% of the bankroll. You can start betting from 3% and keep the size in case of a large number of won bets. When playing with a minus bet, the bets are changed towards lower odds and lower amounts.
  2. Static flat. The bet amount is 1% of the pot for the entire selected distance of time.
  3. Aggressive. The size of the bet is equal to 2-3% of the bankroll for the entire interval.
  4. Chaotic. A risky type of flat, in which 5-15% of the bank is bet on events with odds of 1.55 or more.

Bank management strategies based on flat

Let's consider three other strategies of bankroll management:

Strategy with a ratio-dependent percentage

A more perfect flat model, which takes into account the risks depending on the ratio.

Determine the amount of the bet using the formula:

S = B / √ (K - 1)
 , where S is the amount of the bet as a percentage of the bank, B is the selected initial interest, K is the coefficient

. bankroll

The recalculated percentage of the rate from the bank Coefficient
9.5 1.10
5.5 1.30
4.2 1.50
3.6 1.70
3.15 1.90

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Fixed percentage of the bank

You always put a predetermined percentage of the bank amount. Recalculate the amount for each bet.

Let's imagine that the bankroll is 10,000 rubles and you bet 3% of the bank. The table with the results may look like this:

Bank Coefficient Bet amount Result New bank
10,000 1.90 300 Losing 9700
9700 1.80 291 Losing 9409
9409 1.95 282 Winnings 9677
9677 2.00 290 Winnings 9967

Catch-up by flat or soft catch-up

In case of failure, you take the event with a lower odds, but increase the amount of the bet so that one run brings profit for the entire cycle.

Calculate the size of the bet using the formula:

(S + P) / (K-1)
 , where S is the desired profit, P is the amount of money lost, K is the coefficient.

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For example, your game bank is 25,000 rubles, and the desired profit will be 500 rubles. Let's summarize the results in a table:

Bet amount Odds Result Bankroll size
400 2.55 Losing 24600
900 2.00 Losing 23,700
2000 1.90 Losing 21,700
4750 1.80 Winnings 25,500

In the event that a player bets at a small odds after a series of unsuccessful bets, there is a risk of losing the entire pot.

Pros and cons of different types of flat strategy

Static flat allows you to stretch the gameplay over a long distance. Using this strategy, it is difficult to increase the pot size by at least 20%.

The strategy of a fixed percentage of the bank allows you to minimize losses during a long series of failures, and vice versa - to increase profits in the event of several wins.

Flat catching requires a large bankroll in order to be able to recoup in case of several consecutive defeats.

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