FIFA betting strategies: how to bet on e-football and virtual football

FIFA betting strategies: how to bet on e-football and virtual football
In FIFA betting, many do not see the difference between cyber football and virtual football. Because of this, players lose money.

Betting strategies on FIFA vary depending on the type of game: there are big differences between e-football and virtual football. In this article, we'll take a look at the difference between e-football and virtual football, as well as betting strategies for both matches in FIFA.

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FIFA Betting

FIFA is the most popular sports simulator. The game complies with the terms of use of the names of football leagues, international tournaments, and the names of players playing for these clubs.

FIFA has exclusive licensing rights, attracting a large number of football fans to its ranks. Cyber ​​football betting has become a part of betting.

Choosing e-football for betting, you should understand that in real football everything depends on the players on the field, and in e-football, the skill of the gamer is key.

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Difference between cyber football and virtual football

In cyber football, two real gamers play against each other and their performance is presented online. The result primarily depends on the skill of the gamers and only secondarily on the strength of the teams.

In virtual football, a match is simulated by a program that takes into account the strength of the teams, the shape of the players, and the theory of probability.

Features of betting on virtual football

  • The tournament consists of 16 teams that determine the winner based on the results of 30 rounds. Track the previous match for possible injuries and deletions, as they are carried over to the next meeting.
  • The match lasts 4 minutes 35 seconds. A bet can be placed no later than 10 seconds before the start of the match.
  • Statistics are shown in the prematch and during the event. It shows the characteristics of the team and the indicators of the players who will take to the field. When analyzing, take into account not only the shape of individual players, but also the chosen playing scheme.

Virtual football betting strategies

  • Bet on total goals over 0.5 if there are no goals by the 70th minute and the odds are higher than 1.90.
  • Take TB 1.5 if the score in the match is after 45-50 minutes 0: 0, and the odds on the outcome are higher than 2.30.
  • Play total goals over 2.5 for an odds of 2.10 or more, if the score is not open at the end of 25 minutes.
  • Check TB 2.5 if one of the teams is in the TOP-5 of the tournament after ten played rounds.
  • Bet the total goals over 5.5 if three goals were scored in the first 20 minutes of the match.
  • Play goals in both halves in an RPL match if there are total goals by the 35th minute.
  • Take the bet "both score - no" in the matches of the Europa League and Champions League.
  • Check the second half in a Champions League match if the teams have never scored in the starting 45 minute.

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Features of e-football betting

  • The winner is determined by the results of two halves of five minutes each.
  • For betting, the skill of the gamers is evaluated, and only then the strength of the teams.
  • Bets can be made in prematch and LIVE on all popular markets typical of real football - main outcomes, total, number of yellows, etc.

Cyber ​​football betting strategy

  • Watch the EA SPORTS FIFA 20 Global Series Leaders. Bet on the losing favorite during the match.
  • Keep track of the tournament motivation of gamers. In a match where two motivated top 100 gamers meet, bet on TB 5.5.
  • Bet on the favorite's individual total of more than 3 goals in a match against an outsider.
  • Take total over yellow cards for odds in the region of 1.60-1.90 in a team tournament.

FIFA betting strategies differ depending on the type of match. Explore the features of virtual football and e-football. But remember that analyzing esports is sometimes much more difficult than standard sports.

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