Express sports betting strategies: there are no win-win systems, but you can make money

Express sports betting strategies: there are no win-win systems, but you can make money
Betting on accumulators sometimes allows you to hit the jackpot, but this is the favorite type of bets for bookmakers. Why? "Championship" figured it out.

Express is one of the three main types of bets in a bookmaker's office. Players are attracted by the high overall odds, but not everyone understands the risks of such a bet. Let's take a look at what an express is in sports betting - football, hockey, tennis, basketball - and consider examples of calculating an express, strategies and schemes for express betting, the differences from the system. You will understand if you can make money by betting on the accumulators.

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What is an accumulator in sports betting

Multi is a combined bet of two or more outcomes, the total coefficient of which is equal to the multiplication of the coefficients of all outcomes included in it. Express will win if at least one outcome in its composition wins, and the rest will win or return (expense). But even one lost outcome leads to the loss of the entire express train.

You cannot add linked outcomes to a multiplayer, including events from one match. This is done so that players cannot cheat the math and do not collect bets such as TB 1.5 and TB 2.5 goals in the same match. If the second outcome passes, the first one will also pass, and therefore the coefficients of these outcomes cannot be multiplied for a bet on the express.

How to place an express bet

You can make an express in three steps.

  • Add at least two outcomes from different matches to the coupon.
  • Select the type of bet "express".
  • Enter your stake and confirm your choice.

Express calculation example

Let's imagine that you have collected a multi bet from four outcomes, and the size of the bet is 1000 rubles. You have picked up the following events:

  • Lokomotiv's victory by odds 1.60,
  • victory of Krasnodar by odds 1.80,
  • victory of Zenit with odds 1.75,
  • handicap (0) against Spartak with odds of 1.50.

The total multiplier is equal to: 1.60 x 1.80 x 1.75 x 1.50 = 7.56.

Your potential payout is RUB 7,560: 1,000 x 7.56. If all four selections go, the express will win. In case of failure of at least one outcome in the multi bet, the entire bet will fail.

But let's say that on the handicap (0) on "Spartak" the bookmaker gave a refund due to the score 0: 0, and the rest of the outcomes won. What will happen to the express? It will pass, but the payout will be less than the potential one and will amount to 5040 rubles: 1.60 x 1.80 x 1.75 x 1.00 x 1000 rubles. All because of the return.

How to make money on express bets

It is impossible to make money with express trains over a long distance. The more events in the express, the higher the margin. Like the odds, the margin in the accumulator is multiplied. That is, the bookmaker's advantage is growing.

On a short time frame, there are more chances of making a profit.

Multi betting strategies and schemes

Consider two popular multi betting systems.

Favorite Betting

Select wins from several top clubs and get high odds. When selecting matches, make sure that:

  • the favorite plays in his field,
  • all team leaders can take part in the match,
  • the favorite has a tournament motivation to win,
  • more than two days have passed since the end of the previous meeting,
  • the opponent's coach has been working for at least a couple of weeks.

If the matches start at different times, then you can use the cashout option or insure the express. Consider the above example with favorites wins, where the bet size was 1000 rubles:

  • Lokomotiv's victory by odds 1.60,
  • victory of Krasnodar by odds 1.80,
  • victory of Zenit with odds 1.75,
  • handicap (0) against Spartak with odds of 1.50.

The total coefficient is 7.56, and the potential payout is 7560 rubles.

If the first three bets are played, then you can use the cashout option or manually insure the bet.

After three passes, there remains a handicap bet (0) on Spartak for 1.50. You can take a handicap (0) on the opponent of the red-whites with the odds of 2.50 for the amount of 3000 rubles.

In the case of an express train, you will receive 7,560 rubles. If Spartak loses, the insurance will work, and the payment will be 7800 rubles: 3000 x 2.50.

In case of a tie, the payout for the express will be 5040 rubles: 1.60 x 1.80 x 1.75 x 1.00 x 1000 rubles, and for insurance 7500 rubles: 3000 x 2.50. Total: 12 540 rubles 7500 + 5040. With a total bet amount of 4000 rubles, you will have a decent profit.

Catch-up insurance

You need to choose several matches with odds around 2.00, which start at different times. Let's imagine that you have taken a multi-action set of five events and in all matches you have chosen total over 2.5 goals for 1.90.

The total multiplier will be 24.76, the bet size is 1000 rubles, and the potential profit is 24,760 rubles.

For the first match, you need to bet 1500 rubles on total under 2.5 goals for 2.00. In the case of a low, you will receive 3000 rubles: 1500 x 2.00, and the net profit will be 500 rubles: 3000 - 1500 - 1000.

If the bet does not work, then you continue to check the bottom in the next three matches, doubling the amount: 3000 rubles for the second match, 6000 rubles for the third and 12,000 rubles for the fourth.

When any bet is entered, the net profit will be 500 rubles. If all four choices do not play, then the accumulator taken can bring profit. The strategy will lead to a loss if the total exceeds 2.5 four times in a row, and the bottom happens in the fifth match.

The golden rules of express sports betting

  1. Do not take outcomes with odds 1.1-1.2. They will not particularly affect the final multiplier, but they are quite capable of bringing your combined bet to disaster.
  2. Do not take the same outcome in different multi bets. The reason is obvious. If this outcome does not work out, you will lose several express bets at once.
  3. Do not try to make money on express bets. Although the value of two single value bets will multiply when combined into a multiplier, much more often the multiplier will multiply the bookmaker's advantage over you. We recommend betting on express trains for fun only.

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