Express in sports betting: what it is, how to bet and how it is calculated at the bookmakers

Express in sports betting: what it is, how to bet and how it is calculated at the bookmakers
Beginners are especially fond of bets on express trains: they bet a ruble, won 10. We explain what express trains are, how to count them, their pros and cons.

In sports betting, even one express allows you to earn solid money: all thanks to the high odds. Express can bring winnings tens of times more than the amount of the bet, but one of the most probable outcomes in it can ruin everything. Let us analyze what express bets are, consider examples of their calculation, and understand the pros and cons of express bets.

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What is express in betting at bookmakers

Multi is a combined bet that consists of at least two single bets in different matches. These odinars are called choices or outcomes. If even one loses, then the whole express will collapse. If at least one of them wins and there is a win or a refund for the rest of the outcomes, the express bet will win. If there is a return on all the outcomes in the combined bet, then the amount of the bet on the express will simply be returned to you.
When any outcome in the accumulator ends with a return, then in the final odds this choice is calculated with the odds of 1.00.

The general coefficient of the express is the result of multiplying the coefficients of the events included in it. Let's say you take bet selections at 1.50 and 2.00. The final odds of the bet will be equal to 3.00: 1.50 x 2.00. If there is a return on the first, and the second wins, the bookmaker will calculate your express with the odds 2.00: 1.00 x 2.00.

In slang, players call express trains "locomotives" and "presses".

How to place express sports betting

To place your first multi bet, do the following.

  • Register with a bookmaker and verify your identity.
  • Fund your gaming account with money or use free bet.
  • Choose at least 2 outcomes from different sporting events.
  • In the coupon, select the "express" bet type. The bookmaker will also offer you a system and the design of outcomes in odds.
  • Enter your stake and confirm your choice.

Your first steam locomotive has been launched to the end station!

Multi bet bonuses

Some bookmakers increase the multiplier depending on how many selections it contains. The more choices in the express train, the higher its coefficient. The increase can be either real or due to the free bet, which the bookmaker will pay you in addition to the usual winnings in case of winning the express.

You can also get bookmaker bonuses for express bets as part of the bookmaker's loyalty program or in the bookmaker's betting contest.

Another popular promotion is Express Insurance. The bookmaker returns the amount of the bet in cash or free bet if he loses only one outcome in the express bet. The action involves express bets, the coefficient or the number of outcomes in which is more than a certain level.

Limitations for express bets

Multiple bets have several limitations.

  • You cannot combine outcomes from the same match.
  • There is a limit on the number of events or on the maximum coefficient. For example, in FONBET you can take up to 30 selections in the express, and the odds are not limited. On the contrary, in another office there may be a limit on the odds - say, 2000.0 - while the number of selections will not be limited.
  • There is a limit on the minimum amount of the express bet. There is also a limit on the maximum bet or winnings.
  • You cannot include the same event in a multiplier more than once. If the player still manages to add dependent events to the express, the bookmaker reserves the right to exclude all but the one with the highest odds.

Examples of calculating an express in bets

Let's imagine that you have made a multi bet consisting of three events and made a bet for the amount of 500 rubles. You have combined the following outcomes:

  • Lokomotiv's victory by odds 1.80,
  • draw in the match Krasnodar - CSKA with odds 3.50,
  • defeat of Zenit with a factor of 5.0.

The total multiplier is equal to: 1.80 x 3.50 x 5.00 = 31.50.

Your potential winnings are equal to 15 750 rubles: 500 rubles x 31.50. If all three matches end with the chosen outcome, then the express will make a profit. In case of not passing at least one bet, you will fail.

Now let's consider an express train for four events in the amount of 1000 rubles:

  • Liverpool win by odds 1.50,
  • TB 2 goals in the match "Ufa" - "Ural" with a coefficient of 1.30,
  • win for Celtic by odds 2.50,
  • Chelsea win by 2.00 odds.

The total multiplier is equal to: 1.50 x 1.30 x 2.50 x 2.00 = 9.75.

Your potential winnings are RUB 9,750: RUB 1,000 x 9.75. If in the match “Ufa” - “Ural” they score exactly two goals, and the rest of the elections are held, the express will be calculated with the odds of 7.50: 1.50 x 1.00 x 2.50 x 2.00. And the winnings on it will be 7,500 rubles: 1,000 rubles x 7.50.

If all the outcomes win, then the profit will be maximum, and if at least one choice turns into a loss, then you will lose the entire accumulator.

Insurance of the express with the counter-rate

You can insure the express if you win all but one election. To do this, place a single bet on the opposite outcome to the one that was not played in the express. The amount of the single should be adjusted in such a way as to make a profit both when it wins, and in the event that the combined bet brings the winning.

To calculate the amount of the counter-bet, the following formula is used: Sum of the bet on the express * Multiplier / Counter-bet rate.

For example, you have bet 1000 rubles on an accumulator from events with odds of 2.50 and 1.90. The first event won, and the second you want to insure. The odds for the choice, which will be the opposite of the second outcome, is also 1.90. We calculate the amount for the counter-bet: 1000 rubles * 4.75 / 1.90 = 2500 rubles. We put insurance.

Now your profit will be the same when you win the express, that when the insurance bet is passed, namely 1250 rubles.

A couple of examples of opposite outcomes: for TB 2.5 goals, the opposing move will be TM 2.5 goals, and for P1 in football - a draw or a victory of the guests (X2).

Express Cash Out

If the outcomes in the express come one after the other, the bookmaker will offer you a redemption of the bet. The cash out amount depends on the probability of winning the remaining bets and on the size of the initial bet.

In essence, a cashout is an automated insurance of an express train.

The difference between the type of bets express and the system

In simple terms: a multi bet is a combination of single bets, and a system is a combination of multi bets. Hence the main advantage of betting on the system: if one or even several outcomes in its composition lose, the system can still win if at least one express in it consists of winning outcomes and brings a payout. In this case, the payout amount will be lower than the initial potential winnings, and moreover, the payout may be less than the bet amount.

By offering such insurance, the bet on the system always has a lower overall odds than the multi bet from the same outcomes.

Pros and cons of express betting

Express will bring you incomparable emotions. Predicting the winning of a multi-event bet is usually more difficult than winning a single bet. But it also has a number of disadvantages:

  • the bookmaker's margin grows with each new outcome in the express, unless this outcome is valuable,
  • one unsuccessful choice will lead to the loss of the entire express train,
  • many restrictions limit the compilation of express bets.

Express allows you to win a large amount with a bet that is several times smaller. At the same time, the risk of losing the express is high. Now, knowing what a multi is in sports betting and how the bookmaker counts multi bets, you have to decide for yourself whether they are worth the risk.

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