Dog racing betting: how to do it, what to consider and what strategy

Dog racing betting: how to do it, what to consider and what strategy
Dog racing betting can be a lucrative entertainment during quarantine. Even the weather and the radius of the circle affect the result.

Dog racing betting is fun that can be profitable. Wagers are accepted at racetracks in the UK, USA and Australia, but you can also play in Russian bookmakers. In this article, we will analyze the types of dog racing bets, how to make them and how to analyze them.

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Types of dog racing bets

There are seven main types of dog racing bets.

  • Bet on the winner of the race (win only). The bet will win if the selected dog comes to the finish line first.
  • A bet on a prize place (show). A bet on the dog that will take the prize. If the bookmaker's rules indicate that the prize places are from the first to the third, the place only bet is available in the line. This is a bet that the selected dog will take first or second place.
  • Forecast - bets on the dogs that will complete the race first and second.
  • Trio or Triffecta - a bet on three dogs who complete the race first, second and third.
  • Supertriffecta is a bet on the sequence of the first four runners .
  • Two twists bet - a bet on two dogs that will come to the finish line first. The finishing sequence does not matter, unlike the forecast bet.
  • Lay - the bet will be placed if the selected dog does not finish first.
  • Other special bets: on the winners of two adjacent races, or on the selected dog winning two races in a row, and so on.

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How to bet on dog races

The human factor is minimized in dog racing betting. For example, like in horse racing, where a lot depends on the jockey.

Before the greyhound gets into the box, it goes through a drug test. To place a successful bet, you need to understand this sport. Beginners need to consider a number of factors to improve their chances of success.

  1. Distance and class of races. The higher the race class, the higher the competition. Understand the specialization of race dogs. That is, how a particular dog performs at different distances.
  2. Box number. Consider whether your favorite will run along the outer or inner circle. Indoor Run minimizes the collision factor with other runners. Some greyhounds, on the other hand, perform better in the outer circle.
  3. Interval between races. This factor influences the optimal shape of the greyhound. If the dog is in the box with an interval of three runs, then it may not be able to show its best result. Although the trainer must understand when his greyhound is at its peak.
  4. Weather. Sunny weather increases the favorites' chances, and when it rains, outsiders often take advantage of the favorite's misfire.

Dog racing betting strategies

  • Bet on victory in the run of the favorite with odds in the range of 1.40-1.90 in ideal weather conditions.
  • Play against the favorites of the race. For example, a bet of the type Lay, in bad weather according to the Martingale strategy.
  • Take an underdog on a fixed-income strategy if the favorite is running for the second race in a row or if he has run more than five races in a day.
  • Bet on the dogs running closer to the inner circle with the best speed in short distance races.
  • Check out the middle distance greyhound for victory if it does well in long-distance races.
  • Take a bet on the fact that in dog races with obstacles the outsider will take the prize if he has previously competed in long-distance races.

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Russian bookmakers accept bets on dog racing, but the Championship recommends against betting on this sport. The margin in dog racing bets can exceed 30%. It is unprofitable to play at a distance, and there is little information about the participants in the public domain.

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