Danish sports betting strategy: the principle of the game and the difference from the Martingale system

Danish sports betting strategy: the principle of the game and the difference from the Martingale system
The Danish betting system does not gobble up the bank as quickly as the catch-up, but one drawback negates everything.

The Danish betting strategy will sooner or later ruin anyone. Forewarned is forearmed. In this article, we will break down the Danish betting system, compare it to Martingale and talk about the pros and cons of this dangerous strategy.

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Danish sports betting strategy

The Danish sports betting system is a strategy for playing in a bookmaker's office, in which, with each new step, the amount of the bet and the odds are increased in an arithmetic progression until the bet comes in.

The Danish betting strategy is similar to Martingale. But according to the classic catch-up strategy, the amount of the next bet after a loss is doubled, and the odds are always equal to 2.00.

When playing according to the Danish strategy, the bet amount and the odds are increased by a pre-selected value, which is safer for your bank.

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The principles of the Danish betting system:

  • Start the game cycle with a bet on an event with odds of 1.50.
  • Increase the coefficient by 0.50 after each loss.
  • Calculate your pot size based on your potential ten-step failure streak.
  • Choose the amount of the first bet no more than 5% of the bankroll.
  • Increase the amount of each next bet by one, which is equal to the minimum bet.
  • Start a new cycle with the original stake and odds if you win.

Difference Between Martingale and Danish Strategy Betting

According to the Martingale strategy, you only double the bet amounts, and leave the odds the same.

Let's say your bankroll is RUB 20,000 and your first bet is RUB 1,000. A series of four consecutive failures will result in a loss of 75% of the pot:

Coefficient Bet amount Result Bankroll
2.00 1000 Losing 19,000
2.00 2000 Losing 17,000
2.00 4000 Losing 13,000
2.00 8000 Losing 5000
2.00 5000 Winnings 10,000

In this case, you did not have enough funds for the fifth bet. Even if you win, the pot will amount to only 50% of the original.

When playing on the Danish system, the risk increases with each new step. Any choice will work for the first steps. If the series of failures lasts until the fourth or fifth step, play markets where a return is possible.

In case of six consecutive defeats, bet on the express, as it is easier to find three events with odds below 2.00 and a high probability of passing, than one event with odds of 4.00 or more.

For clarity, let's take the same conditions. Bank - 20,000 rubles and the first bet - 1,000 rubles:

Coefficient Bet amount Result Bankroll
1.50 1000 Losing 19,000
2.00 2000 Losing 17,000
2.50 3000 Losing 14,000
3.00 4000 Losing 10,000
3.50 5000 Winnings 22,500

With four consecutive failures, the bank's losses amounted to 50%, and the entry of the fifth bet brought a profit, taking into account the previous defeats.

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Pros and cons of Danish betting versus Martingale

With the Danish system, you spend the pot more slowly than with Martingale in the event of a prolonged series of failures.

However, in Martingale, the probability of winning on any bet is about 50%. In the Danish strategy, for each next bet, the chance of entry is lower and lower.

Both strategies are dangerous. Over the long run, losing streak will be just a matter of time. Therefore, it is safer to use other schemes for sports betting.

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