Corner betting strategy in football: how to bet on corners in live and prematch

Corner betting strategy in football: how to bet on corners in live and prematch
Betting on corners is only formally easier than on goals. You will not be hindered by misses from slaughter positions, but other difficulties arise.

At first glance, betting on corners in football seems simple, because the favorite must attack more. But there are nuances that make everything much more complicated. In this article, we will analyze the types of bets on corner kicks, as well as strategies for playing live and prematch.
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What is a sports betting strategy

Sports betting strategy is the principles of betting.

Live strategy is an online strategy.

The main types of bets on corner kicks

  • 1X2: home win, draw or away win.
  • Total: more or less than the selected number.
  • Handicap: Team wins after adding the set value.
  • Who will serve the next corner.
  • Who will take the last corner.
  • Individual total: over or under the selected number for one team.
  • Half / Match: A combined bet on the first half and the entire match.

Strategy for betting corridor on total corners

Corridor is a strategy of two bets on one market with the condition that at least one bet has entered.

The middle width is the value at which both bets will come in.

For example, in the English Premier League match Manchester City - Liverpool you bet on total corners over 9.5 for the odds of 1.95. In the first half, the teams filed seven corners. Bet during the break on total corners less than 12.5 with odds of 2.00.

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Corner handicap betting strategy

1. Bets on a home favorite in a prematch Bet

on a favorite with a handicap (-2.5) in corners if:

  • The teams play the second leg of the European competition.
  • The outsider has served on average less than four corners away this season.
  • The favorite lost in the first match.
  • The outsider has averaged less than 40% away possession this season.

Let's imagine that Bayern lost 2-1 to Atalanta in the Champions League away match. You bet 1000 rubles on Bayern with a handicap (-2.5) in corners with odds of 1.75 in the return leg. If the hosts won three or more corners, the payout will be 1,750 rubles: 1,000 x 1.75.

2. Bets on the favorite with a handicap in live Bet on the favorite with a handicap in corners

with odds in the region of 1.65-1.95, taking into account three criteria:

  • The favorite is inferior in the account.
  • The outsider plays in the minority.
  • The match is in the second half.
For example, in the match “Barcelona” - “Celta” the score on corners is 4: 2, the hosts are losing, the guests are sent off, the second half is going on. You bet 2,000 rubles on Barcelona with a handicap (-4.5) in corners for 1.80. If the home team wins by five corners or more, the payout will be 3600 rubles: 2000 x 1.80.

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Team's Individual Total Corner Betting Strategy

Bet in the prematch on the favorite's individual total in corners over 5.5, if:

  • The favorite performs at home.
  • The outsider has averaged less than 40% away possession in this tournament.
  • The favorite plays according to the scheme with one striker.
  • The home attacking player's height is 190 cm.
  • The favorite has averaged over five corners at home in this tournament.

Let's imagine that in the match Borussia D - Augsburg you made a bet of 1000 rubles on the individual total of corner hosts over 5.5 for 1.85. If the hosts played six or more corners, you will receive RUB 1,850: 1,000 x 1.85.

Last corner betting strategy in live

Bet that the inferior team will take the last corner in the match according to the criteria:

  • The difference in the score is one goal.
  • The match is played for more than 80 minutes
  • The teams play in equal compositions.

For example, in the match "Zenit" - "Krasnodar" in the 81st minute the score was 1: 2. You bet 1000 rubles that the hosts took the last corner with odds of 1.70. If you win, the payout will be 1,700 rubles: 1,000 x 1.70.

Strategy for betting on corner kicks in the rain

Bet live on total corners in the second half over 4.5 for odds of about 1.65-1.95, if:

  • It's raining in the match.
  • Less than five corners were taken before the break.
  • The favorite loses after the first half.

Let's imagine that in the match “Manchester United” - “Bournemouth” it is raining, the score after the first half is 0: 1. You have bet 1000 rubles on total corners in the second half over 4.5 for 1.68. If, after the break, five or more corners are filed, the payment will be 1680 rubles: 1000 x 1.68.

Strategy for betting on total corners by catching up

Catching up is a strategy of increasing the next bet or losing odds so that, on the first run, you get a profit, taking into account previous losses.

Calculate the bet amount using the formula:

(target profit + amount of losses) / (odds - 1)

In the prematch, bet on the total corners less than 10.5 with odds of 2.00. If you lose, repeat the bet in the next matches until the first run.

For example, your bank is 10,000 rubles and you want to make a profit of 500 rubles. The table with the results might look like this:

Bet size Coefficient Exodus Bank amount
500 2.00 Losing 9500
910 2.10 Losing 8590
1786 2.07 Winnings 10501

Explore the statistics of teams for pre-match bets. Watch the weather for bets on total more corners in the second half. Take the favorite with a handicap by corners according to the Championship criteria.

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