Combination bet explanation, strategy, tips & calculator - what is a combination bet?

Combination bet explanation, strategy, tips & calculator - what is a combination bet?

Beginners repeatedly make the mistake of placing combination bets with five or more tips based on their gut feeling. Even if the tip looks very promising at first glance, after a while you usually get very frustrated. However, with the right combination, multi-bets can be quite lucrative. The betting odds offered are very promising for combination bets at most bookmakers . In the following we will show you how you can be successful in the long run with the right strategy for combination bets.

The advantages of multiple bets

Combination bets also offer the advantage that attractive profits can be achieved even with smaller stakes. In contrast to single bets, the combination bet is not about individual tips that are simply summarized on a betting slip. Combination bets are always evaluated together. However, this means that if one of the included tips goes wrong, the entire combination bet will be counted as lost.

The advantages of multiple bets

The high profit opportunities result from the fact that the stakes of the individual tips are multiplied with each other. At the same time, this also poses the risk of combination bets, as these involve a significantly higher risk compared to single bets. Due to the tempting winnings, the risk during the betting euphoria is very often underestimated, especially by beginners.

Probably the safest and most frequently used strategies to have long-term success with combination bets are based in particular on the following two proverbs:

  • Safety first
  • The squirrel has a hard time feeding itself

Correctly hedge a combination bet

Extreme caution is required to secure a combination bet. The aim is to minimize the particular risk of multi-bets through a kind of insurance. For this purpose, two combination bets are played with the aim of making a profit in any case.

The basis of this strategy for multi-bets lies in a bet, the outcome of which can be viewed as very likely when all factors are taken into account. Soccer teams that largely dominate their leagues are ideal for this. Bayern Munich for the German Bundesliga or Paris St. Germain for the French league would be conceivable .

Now a tip is first placed on a clear favorite such as Bayern Munich with the odds of 1.15. Then a second match is selected, which on the one hand brings an attractive rate and on the other hand can be easily assessed. In the example above, this would be the game between FC Augsburg and Borussia Dortmund.

To secure the combination bet, a second betting slip is then filled out with the same games. Only the tip is changed to the second and not so clear game. The second combination bet is used as a hedge in case the first is lost. Therefore, the stake of the second combination is also dependent on the first - if necessary, the mutual loss should be covered.

A small example to illustrate this

Combination bet 1: Bayern win 1.20 x BVB win 1.85 = total odds 2.22

Combination bet 2: Bayern win 1.20 x BVB draw 3.30 = total odds 3.96

If both combination bets are played with a stake of 5 euros, the following options arise:

  • Combi 1 wins and Combi 2 loses: If the combi bet 1 is successful, the result is a profit of 11.10 euros (2.22 x 5). The two stakes of 5 euros each have to be deducted from this. The net profit is therefore 1.10 euros.
  • Combi 2 wins and Combi 1 loses: By winning combi bet 2, a profit of 19.80 euros (3.30 x 5) is made. After deducting the stakes, there is a net profit of EUR 9.80.

In practice, the second combination bet is usually played with a slightly lower stake. After all, the first bet offers the better chance of winning. The second combination is only intended to secure the stake of the basic bet. By doing this, the net winnings on the main bet can be increased accordingly.

For this strategy to work for combination bets, the favorite tip must always be correct. In our example, this would be FC Bayern Munich . Since the tip is included in both betting slips, a different outcome would result in the complete loss of the stake. Sports bettors should therefore always be aware that this strategy for combination bets does involve a certain risk.

Betting strategy for a 2-way combination

Another betting strategy that is also very widespread is also based on the assumption that the high favorite wins his game in any case. A profit is achieved by combining two low odds for favorites. Because the two small odds are multiplied in combination with each other and thus result in a more respectable betting odds.

Example for the 2-way combination strategy

Tip win Bayer Leverkusen with odds 1.20 and win Borussia Dortmund with odds 1.15.

A total stake of 10 euros results in a betting profit of 13.80 euros. If the two games were placed as single bets, the profit would be 2.05 euros less.

This strategy requires a lot of expertise from the player. In addition, the sports bettor should be patient. Because even if the betting strategy is successful, the credit on the betting account only increases relatively slowly. Therefore, it takes a lot of self-discipline, despite the manageable profits, not to get carried away with excessive stakes or too many tips.

2-way combination bet half-time / full-time

With this strategy for multi-bets, two single bets "half-time / full-time" are combined and a bet is made that both games will be a draw at half time and at the end. This type of bet is extremely attractive due to the high odds. However, the risk should not be underestimated either. If one of the four teams is in the lead at halftime or if one of the two games does not end in a draw, the bet will be lost.

A look at the statistics helps when selecting the right teams or matchups.

You should search for:

  • Teams that draw more often than the average
  • Match pairings that have often ended in a draw in recent years
  • Match pairings between teams with the same level of performance

In addition, before placing a bet, the odds of the various betting providers should also be carefully examined. There are bookmakers who offer significantly better odds for a tie .

Example of the profit statement

10 single bets on a tie at halftime and final score are combined into five 2-way combos. The single bets each have odds of 6.00, the combined bets accordingly have odds of 36.

2-person station wagon Quota mission Gross profit
01 Half time / full time (X / X) 36 3 Euro 108 euros
Half time / full time (X / X)
02 Half time / full time (X / X) 36 3 Euro 108 euros
Half time / full time (X / X)
03 Half time / full time (X / X) 36 3 Euro 108 euros
Half time / full time (X / X)
04 Half time / full time (X / X) 36 3 Euro 108 euros
Half time / full time (X / X)
05 Half time / full time (X / X) 36 3 Euro 108 euros
Half time / full time (X / X)
total 15th 540 euros

If only one of the five 2-person station wagons is won, the result is a profit of 93 euros. If two combination bets are won, the net profit increases to 201 euros. The maximum net profit is 525 euros.

General tips for multi-bets

With combination bets there is generally a slightly higher risk. It must therefore be carefully considered whether permanent use in combination bets leads to the desired success. It is better to only use this betting strategy when the opportunity arises. The following aspects should also be kept in mind.

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