Calculation of winnings in a bookmaker's office: how to calculate bets on the system, express and single

Calculation of winnings in a bookmaker's office: how to calculate bets on the system, express and single
Learn to count winnings from bets in bookmakers together with the "Championship".

Calculating your winnings at a bookmaker's office is sometimes more complicated than it sounds. There are three main types of bets, which have their own calculation rules. In this article, we will show you how to calculate your winnings from single, multiple, system and Asian handicap bets.

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What is an ordinary in sports betting

Single (single) - a bet on one outcome of an event. Calculate the amount you can get according to the formula :

S x K , where S is the size of the bet, K is the odds on the outcome.

Determine the probability of winning outcome taking into account the margin bookmaker by the formula:

1 / K .

Examples of calculating the winnings of single bets for sporting events

Let's consider two examples of calculating single bets in the amount of 1000 rubles.

  • W1 in a football match Barcelona - Real Madrid at a coefficient of 1.75. In case of victory of the blue garnet in regular time, the payment will be 1750 rubles: 1000 x 1.75.
  • Total points over 163.5 in the CSKA - Khimki basketball match for the odds of 2.10. If you score 164 points or more, you will receive RUB 2,100: 1,000 x 2.10.

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What is an accumulator in sports betting

Express - a bet on several different events.

Calculate the payout on the express by the formula:

S x Z , where S is the bet amount, Z = K1 x K2 x… x Kn - the final odds, that is, the result of multiplying the odds by the outcomes of the events included in the express.

The total number of selections in an accumulator may exceed 20. Your bet will win if there is a call or return for each choice. With one failure, the entire express loses.

Some bookmakers limit the maximum possible multiplier, for example, 2000.00. If the total odds exceeds this value, then in case of success, the bet will be calculated according to the maximum allowed limit.

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What is Asian Handicap

The Asian handicap in the bookmaker's line is denoted by the letter "F", the team number and a decimal fraction with the number 25 or 75 after the dot. For example, F1 (0.25), F2 (-1.75) and so on.

The Asian Handicap bet is split in half between the two nearest regular handicaps with the same odds.

For example, your bet of 1000 rubles on H1 (-0.75) is equal to two bets of 500 rubles on H1 (-0.5) and H1 (-1).

Examples of playing at bookmakers on the Asian handicap

Let's imagine that you have made two bets on the Asian handicap, 2,000 rubles each.

  • F2 (-1.25) in a football match Tottenham - Manchester City for a coefficient of 2.25: 1000 rubles will go to F2 (-1) and 1000 rubles to F2 (-1.5). If the guests won by two or more goals, both bets entered, the payout will be 4500 rubles: 2000 x 2.25. If Manchester City wins by one goal, the bet will be returned on the first half, and the second will lose. You will receive 1000 rubles: 1000 x 1.00.
  • F1 (1.25) in the hockey match "Traktor" - "Ak Bars" for a coefficient of 1.70: 1000 rubles will go to F1 (1) and 1000 rubles to F1 (1.5). If in regulation time the hosts win or play a draw, both choices enter, you will receive 3400 rubles: 2000 x 1.70. If Traktor concedes by one goal, the first half of the bet will be refunded, and the second will be won. The payment will be 2700 rubles: 1000 x 1.00 + 1000 x 1.70.

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What is a bet type system in a bookmaker's office

System - a set of express bets, in which the bet amount is evenly distributed for each combination. Payout according to the system - the amount of payout of the passed express bets.

The system is written in two numbers: the first is the number of outcomes in each express, the second is the number of selections in the system.

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An example of a bet calculation system

Let's consider an example of calculating the "3 out of 4" system. Four outcomes are collected in multiples of three events each.

For example, the amount of your bet is 4000 rubles: 1000 rubles for each express. Let's say the odds on the outcomes are 1.50, 2.00, 2.50 and 3.00.

If bets on # 1, # 2 and # 3 play, the payout will be 7,500 rubles: 1000 x 1.50 x 2.00 x 2.50.

If you enter choices # 1, # 2 and # 4, you will receive 9000 rubles: 1000 x 1.50 x 2.00 x 3.00.

If bets # 1, # 3 and # 4 are won, the payout will be 11250 rubles: 1000 x 1.50 x 2.50 x 3.00.

When bets # 2, # 3 and # 4 enter, you will receive 15,000 rubles: 1000 x 2.00 x 2.50 x 3.00.

If all the elections are played, you will get the sum of the results obtained for all express bets, that is, 42750: 7500 + 9000 + 11250 + 15000.

To play in a bookmaker's office, learn how to calculate the amount of payments for different types of bets. Remember that winnings or net income are payouts minus the size of the bet.

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