Boxing betting tactics: tips on how to play the right strategy in the bookmaker's office

Boxing betting tactics: tips on how to play the right strategy in the bookmaker's office
When placing bets on boxing according to strategy, take into account the judging factor. Scandalous decisions of the arbitrators can save any bet.

Boxing betting strategies are not consistent without taking into account the place of the fight and the factor of judges. In this article, we will look at the features of boxing bets, their advantages and disadvantages, as well as how to analyze events to increase the likelihood of winning a bet.

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Features of betting on boxing

Like other sports, boxing betting has its own characteristics:

  • Amateur boxing is represented in most bookmakers only during the Olympic Games, World Championships or other major international tournaments. In other cases, it is suggested to place bets on professional boxing.
  • Most of the bets on boxing matches offer to be made on the victory of one of the fighters. The limited number of bookmakers gives a wider range of markets for this sport.
  • A professional boxer usually has 2-3 fights a year, and sometimes less. Therefore, in order to regularly place bets on boxing online, analyze the form and performance history of many athletes.
  • Many boxers have a knockout blow, so early victories in boxing are no less common than victories on points.
  • In boxing, the odds for a favorite to win are sometimes underestimated if they are opposed by an unknown fighter. This is due to the large volume of bets on the victory of an eminent athlete, which is why bookmakers reduce quotes for such an outcome.
  • The judges often give the victory to the owner of the ring with an equal match in the nature of the fight, if the fighter plays at the home arena.

Types of boxing bets

Choose the tactics of betting on boxing based on the type of bet on this sport:

  • The winner. Bookmakers offer to choose a fighter and bet on his victory in a round or in the entire match.
  • For an early victory. If both fighters have a good knockout punch, this type of boxing bet is relevant. The fight can be finished early due to a knockout or in connection with the refusal of the fighter to continue the fight, as well as by the decision of the referee or doctor.
  • Rounds total bets. You need to choose more or less than the specified number of rounds. Such bets are relevant for meetings of athletes who often end their fights ahead of schedule.
  • Knockout. In this case, we bet on the victory by knockout.
  • The method of victory. The fight can end with a knockout, refusal of one of the opponents, victory on points, forfeit or disqualification. Some bookmakers offer to bet on boxing, predicting exactly how this fight will end.

Popular boxing betting strategies

You can place bets on boxing using different strategies:

Waiting strategy. Choose a match in which the underdog has good, in your opinion, chances of winning. For example, an outsider approached a fight in good shape, beating several highly rated opponents, and his opponent has not fought for a long time or is in poor condition due to a recently healed injury. With this boxing betting strategy, take the underdog's victory in the second round. If the choice fails, bet on the outsider to win in the third round, increasing the wager by the original stake.

Knockout Catch . It's the same as waiting strategies, but bet on the next round knockout and not on the outsider to win. Calculate the size of each next bet using the formula:

The amount of the bet = (the amount of the first bet + the amount of losses) / (odds - 1).

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The Oscar Grind Method. This is a financial strategy for betting on events with odds of at least 2.00. If the bet is lost, do not change the amount of the next bet. If you win, increase your bet amount by the original bet amount.

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Forks. Search different bookmakers for quotes on opposite events with odds of about 2.00. Having found such an arbitrage situation, bet so as to make a profit anyway.

Usually forks appear when betting on the victory of one of the fighters in a duel of equal opponents.

For example, for the victory of fighter A, they give a coefficient of 2.10, and for the victory of fighter B in another office - 1.97. We calculate the surebet ratio:

S = 1 / 2.10 + 1 / 1.97 = 0.476 + 0.508 = 0.984.

If S 1, there is a plug. When S> 1, there is no fork.

Calculate the payout from this surebet with a stake of 100 rubles, as 100 / 0.984 = 101.62 rubles.

100 rubles - the amount of the bet, 1.62% - the net profit.

Calculate the amount of bets on each outcome using the formula:

V / K, where V is the payout of the surebet, and K is the odds for a win.

We calculate using our example:

  • 101.62 / 2.10 = 48.40 rubles for the victory of fighter A.
  • 101.62 / 1.97 = 51.60 rubles to win fighter B.

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Event analysis for boxing bets

How to place a bet on any of the boxing betting strategies? Analyze the possible outcomes and evaluate the odds for different events. Consider the following points to bet on the box:

  • Do not bet on a favorite to win if you do not know anything about his opponent and cannot find information about this athlete.
  • Monitor the health of athletes. If a fighter has recently had an injury or is having trouble cutting weight before a fight, the athlete's chances of success in a fight are reduced.
  • Avoid betting on the boxer's first bout to win after moving up to a heavier weight class. Here the opponents will have more powerful strikes and it is not clear how the fighter will feel in this weight category.
  • Look at the percentage of fighters won by knockout to assess the likelihood of such an outcome in their face-to-face meeting.
  • Consider the place of the fighters in the rating when betting on rated battles. Often the rating reflects the real balance of power of the boxers in the fight.
  • Analyze boxers' recent fights to better understand their fighting style and how well they are able to prepare for fights physically. This is especially true for older athletes, for whom it is more difficult, in comparison with younger opponents, to carry out all 12 rounds in champion fights in the ring.
  • Consider the judging factor for local athletes. In boxing, there were many scandalous decisions when the victory was given to a local fighter, although his opponent looked no worse, and sometimes even better. A prime example of such a refereeing was the result of the first fight between Manny Pacquiao and Timothy Bradley. This fight took place on June 9, 2012 in Las Vegas, that is, on the territory of an American. Pacquiao dominated the entire fight, delivering 253 accurate hits against the opponent's 159. But the judges gave the victory to Bradley by a split decision with a score of 115: 113 115: 113 113: 115.

Advantages and disadvantages of boxing betting


  • It is an individual sport in which the fighter is on his own. There are no teammates whose mistakes can affect the result.
  • In most cases, there is a lot of information about fighters for pre-match analysis.


  • For many fights there is a list only with bets on the outcome, and some bookmakers put up a line only for the most status fights.
  • In boxing, any opponent can win with a lucky stroke.
  • Periodic referee scandals, when the victory is given to a local athlete or favorite, although his opponent looked better.

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