Bookmaker CUPIS: what is it and why is it needed in sports betting

Bookmaker CUPIS: what is it and why is it needed in sports betting
The terrible monster TsUPIS has been exciting the minds of bettors for the fourth year already. "Championship" figured out what it means and why it is needed.

Are you a gambler living in Russia? Then be sure to understand what TSUPIS is, why and for what it is needed by SROs and bookmakers. And, most importantly, how you can register with the Center for Registration and Dispatch and go through identification in order to play in legal bookmakers in the Russian Federation. You must understand where your money is going.

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What is TSUPIS

The abbreviation TsUPIS stands for Interactive Betting Translation Accounting Center. It is a financial intermediary organization that provides money transfers between the bookmaker and its customers. And he takes a percentage of the commission for it. Each legal sports betting player has their own account with the CUPIS.

The word "interactive" can be puzzling here. An interactive bet means the amount that you transfer to a legal Russian bookmaker. In a broader sense, this is online sports betting, according to the legislation on gambling in Russia.

Why you need an Interactive Bidding Translation Center

According to the Federal Law of the Russian Federation No. 244, a bookmaker's office in the territory of the Russian Federation must be a member of a self-regulatory organization (SRO). This is a license requirement. Members of this organization can operate on the Internet, but only through the Online Betting Translation Center.

If a bookmaker wants to legally accept online bets in Russia, he must obtain a license from the Federal Tax Service, be a member of an SRO and make an acceptance and payment of money through the MCCIS. For the first time, the creation of such a single accounting organization was demanded in his decree by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

This legislative mechanism allowed the state to control online bookmakers, levy taxes from such companies, and at the same time on the winnings of bettors. The new scheme is complicated for the player by mandatory personal identification in BC and MCCIS. On the other hand, after a single full identification in the MCCIS, the player can do without it at other bookmakers with the same accounting center for online bets transfers.

Which TsUPIS work in Russia

Today in Russia there are two self-regulatory organizations of bookmakers, and each of them has a center for accounting for transfers of interactive bets. There is also a third SRO of equestrian sports betting.

1. The First CUPIS works with the bookmakers of the First SRO. It was created on the basis of the non-bank credit organization Mobile Card. The First SRO includes and is connected to the First CUPIS:

● BC “League of Stakes”,
● BC “1xStavka”,
● BC “Vinline”,
● BC “Betcity”,
● BC “Parimatch”,
● BC 888,
● BC Bwin,
● BC Tennisi,
● BC Mostbet and other licensees.

After registering with the First SRO, the player can replenish accounts with the bookmakers of the First SRO from one wallet. Methods of replenishing the account and withdrawing winnings in the First CUPIS: ● electronic payment systems ● bank cards ● cash through the communication stores "Svyaznoy" (formerly "Euroset") ● payment terminals, etc. The First CUPIS has a support service that helps the player at all stages of registration , processes of replenishment, withdrawal of funds.

2. TSUPIS based on Qiwi-Bank works in partnership with the SRO "Association of Bookmakers". This organization includes:

● BC Olimp,
● BC Baltbet,
● BC Marafonbet,
● BC Bingo Boom,
● BC Zenit,
● BC Leon and other licensees.

Methods of depositing to an account and withdrawing money in the Qiwi-Bank's centralized control system:
● QIWI, Yandex.Money,
● VISA, MasterCard, MIR bank cards,
● mobile operators Tele2, Beeline, MTS, Megafon.

Upon registration, the player receives an account with the Qiwi Bank and, in the same way, undergoes an identity check in order to play with the bookmakers of the SRO "Association of Bookmakers". This TSUPIS has no website and no support service. The player must contact Qiwi's unified support.

How to register in the CCIS

To register in the First CCIS, you must fill out a simple questionnaire on the CCIS website. When registering, you must indicate the phone number to which the confirmation code is received.

It is possible to register in the First CUPIS both in advance and when creating an account with a bookmaker for the first time. On the website of the bookmaker's office, it is possible to go to the website of the center for registration or attach an existing account in the center for registration to the account in the bookmaker.

Registration and full identification in the Qiwi Bank MCCIS implies the establishment of a wallet in the Qiwi payment system and confirmation of the "Professional" status for this wallet. The entire registration procedure is described on the website of the payment system. There are also the requirements that must be met in order to acquire the required wallet status. But there are other methods of complete identification, which you will learn about on the FONBET bookmaker's website.

To register in any CUPIS, the player will need a passport, a second document (SNILS, TIN, driver's license, etc.), a mobile phone number registered for the account owner. Registration data at the Central Control Office and at the bookmaker's office must be the same.

Remember that registration with the CCIS does not preclude registration with a bookmaker. Moreover, when registering at a bookmaker's office, it took a long time to re-identify the person, if earlier you had already passed it in the bookmaker's center. In June 2019, the State Duma of the Russian Federation passed a law that made this duplication disappear.

Bookmakers and CUPIS try to simplify the identification process on their own. The player is offered to go through the identification via Skype, and in FONBET, a Russian citizen needs to fill out the form with his passport data to start making bets. You no longer need to visit the bookmaker's club for this.

Bookmakers without a center for accounting transfers of interactive bets

Is it possible to play at a bookmaker's office without registering with the CCIS? If we are talking about a legal online bookmaker in Russia, then you will not be able to register and play with him without registering with the Center for Registration and Disability.

Illegal offices do not require registration at the online rates payment center, but there are other problems with them:

  • access to the website of the illegal bookmaker is blocked by Roskomnadzor,
  • the player must pay taxes on winnings in the bookmaker himself,
  • banks and payment systems in the Russian Federation block payments and withdrawals.

The online sports betting market in Russia is already legal and a lot has been done. The bookmaker's activities have become more transparent, and most of the controversial issues are successfully and quickly resolved through the SRO and the center for accounting for translations of interactive rates. Now you know what TSUPIS is and why you can legally place bets with a bookmaker in Russia only through it!