Bob McCune's sports betting system: how to strategically analyze line movement

Bob McCune's sports betting system: how to strategically analyze line movement
Bob McCune's strategy is ideal for those who don't know sports at all. Only one skill is needed to profit at a distance.

When playing on the Bob McCune system, you must be able to read the bookmaker's line and monitor the changes in odds. The kind of sport, its rules and the form of the teams do not matter. In this article, we will analyze the essence of Bob McCune's strategy, its rules, as well as examples of playing this system.

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The essence of Bob McCune's strategy

Bob McCune's strategy is based on the analysis of the movement of odds in the line of bookmakers. According to the author of the system, you can go in positive territory at a distance, having learned to read the line correctly.

The loading of a certain outcome indicates that a large amount of money has been bet on it. On popular events, this tendency is a consequence of a large number of bets, including from beginners.

Loss in unpopular markets is the result of betting from professionals or those who have insider information.

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McKune said that his strategy is 55-60% at an even-chance rate.

Bob McCune's strategy game rules

  • Bet on markets where only two outcomes are possible. For example, to win, taking into account extra time in hockey or basketball matches, as well as handicaps and totals.
  • Choose from the NBA and NHL matches, as well as the games of the student North American leagues for bets. Take the favorite if the line is not moving or the coefficient has changed by no more than 0.10.
  • Follow the weights if the line opens with a handicap that moves in one direction. If the handicap grows, you need to bet on the favorite. If it decreases, bet on the outsider.
  • Consider current line movements. If during the day there was a load on one of the sides, and a few hours before the start of the match on the other, bet on the latest changes.
  • Play by the movements of the odds, if the line stands still for about a day, and an hour before the start of the event, the odds on one of the sides have changed by more than 0.20.
  • Bet a few minutes before the start of the match with odds of 1.80, when you have learned the lineups and tracked the last movements in the line.

Examples of bets on the Bob McCune system

Let's consider three examples of rates of 1000 rubles for different scenarios of changes in the line:

  • In the NCAA Tennessee - Aburn match, the bookmakers gave the odds of 1.60 to win the guests. By the beginning of the game, the line has not changed. You bet on your favorite - "Aburn". The guests won with a score of 85:63. The payment was 1600 rubles: 1000 x 1.60.
  • In AHL, the Charlotte Checkers faced the Cleveland Monsters. For total pucks less than 5.5, the bookmakers set a coefficient of 2.04. The day before the game on TM 5.5 they gave 2.20, and a few hours before the match it was already 1.90. You have taken total pucks under 5.5. In regular time, the teams played a draw with a score of 2: 2, the payout was 1900 rubles: 1000 x 1.90.
  • In the NBA match, the handicap (1.5) at the Dallas Mavericks against the Denver Nuggets was 2.15. A few minutes before the start of the meeting, this choice was given a coefficient of 1.85. You played the hosts with a handicap (1.5). "Dallas" won with a score of 113: 97, you got 1850 rubles: 1000 x 1.85.

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Track changes in the line on specialized sites. If the odds have shifted in both directions more than two times, it is better to skip the match. Bet 3-5 minutes before the start of the meeting, otherwise you risk missing the load right before the game.

When bets with odds of 1.80 or more, you have to guess about 60% of the outcomes to be profitable on the distance.

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