Betting strategy for football betting - bet on a tie

Betting strategy for football betting - bet on a tie


The soccer betting strategy “ betting on a tie ” is based on the assumption that sooner or later every team will leave the pitch with a draw. No special look at the statistics is necessary for this determination. Even the best teams like Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund have to accept several draws during the season. Even clear outsiders manage to wrest a draw from the favorites on a regular basis.

The term “sooner or later” usually applies to a limited time frame. To mention the example of Bayern Munich again, even during the very successful 2012/2013 season, the club drew several times. Due to the numerous games during a season, sports bettors usually don't have to wait long for a draw.

The special attraction of betting on a tie

The great attraction of football betting on a draw lies in the mostly very attractive betting odds that the bookmakers offer for this. These enable a relatively long-term strategy and tactic. For normal games, the odds for a tie are usually between 3 and 4. If there is a clear favorite, the odds can be a lot higher. These figures apply to football bets at most sports betting providers. In ice hockey bets , the odds for a draw are usually around 4.5. The odds are particularly high in the sports of handball or basketball , since a draw is very rare here.

Bet continuously until the tip picks up

The football betting strategy "betting on a draw" is very simple and is therefore particularly suitable for beginners. In principle, the point is to place as many football bets on a tie until a tip picks up. Since some bets are usually lost before the first win, this football betting strategy becomes usually combined with a progression. The stake is increased from bet to bet according to a specified key. The aim is that the winnings for the first successful bet compensate for all previously lost bets. Ideally, there will then be a winning bet left at the end. Since the incremental increase in the stake is always carried out after a lost bet, one speaks in this case of a loss progression which must be avoided in the football betting strategy.

Find the best loss progression in soccer betting strategy

First of all, it should be noted that there is no such thing as the only correct loss progression. Which one is particularly recommended for a sports bettor depends on various factors. First of all, it should be considered whether the first successful tip should compensate for the previous losses or whether a long-term strategy should be sought. In the case of a short-term strategy, it must be borne in mind that the stakes increase very sharply from bet to bet. This sometimes leads to the problem that the strategy is terminated prematurely due to the high losses at the beginning.

Another problem arises from the bookmaker's betting odds. The odds can be used to determine what amount of money will be paid out in the event of a correct tip. However, the betting odds are not identical for every game, but are set individually by the bookmaker using various factors. The probability of the event occurring from the perspective of the sports betting provider is only one factor, albeit an important one.

The progression used in soccer betting strategies is based on the fact that the multiplier remains stable from bet to bet. One of the most popular progressions is "doubling", which uses the multiplier 2.0. The bet is increased according to the sequence of numbers 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, etc. The bet is doubled from game to game.

The following table shows how the betting strategy works ideally:

bet mission Result Profit loss
1st bet 50 Euros lost bet Loss of 50 euros
2nd bet 100 euros lost bet Loss of 100 euros
3rd bet 200 euros lost bet Loss of 200 euros
4th bet 400 euros Bet won Profit 800 euros

In this example, the sports bettor used a total of 750 euros for his bets. If the initial losses are deducted from betting winnings, this results in net proceeds of 50 euros. The strategy was therefore successful assuming a constant betting rate of 2.0.

Of course, this progression also works with higher multipliers. In soccer betting, the odds for a tie are very rarely less than 2.0. If the odds are better, the right tip brings a correspondingly higher profit.

An alternative to progression

If you want to avoid the problem of different betting odds in progression, you can alternatively weight the bet based on the betting odds. With each new bet, consideration is given to what net profit is required to compensate for the previous losses. To do this, the expenses for the current tip must also be balanced. If a certain betting profit is to be achieved in addition, this sum must of course also be taken into account in the calculation. To determine the required stake, all you have to do is divide the desired profit by the betting odds. Depending on the sports betting provider, there is also a betting tax of 5 percent . 

Which questions should be clarified in advance?

Before a sports bettor decides on the football betting strategy “ betting on a draw ”, a few questions need to be clarified in advance. Important questions include:

  • Should bets be placed across or within the same league?
  • Is there a bet on one or more teams?

In order to implement the betting strategy successfully, it is advisable to concentrate on one team and one league when betting. For example, only games from Mainz 05 in the 1st Bundesliga are bet . The advantage of betting on a team is that there is a relatively high degree of certainty that there will be a draw at some point. If the games are scattered, however, the risk is significantly higher that the outcome will be different from a tie.

  • Which types of bets should be used as part of the football betting strategy?

Live bets or handicap bets are offered, for example . A three-way bet would also be conceivable for the betting strategy. Many sports bettors use a handicap bet as part of this soccer betting strategy , as they offer significantly better odds for a tie. However, if a handicap bet is used, the basic idea of ​​this soccer betting strategy changes significantly.

In any case, it is advisable to take a look at the statistics before deciding on a league or team. There are always teams that tend to tie particularly often.

  • Which bookmakers offer the best odds for a tie?
  • Besides football, are there any other sports for this strategy?

The betting odds offered play an important role in achieving the best possible result. The sports betting providers bet365 and bwin enable very attractive odds for a three-way football bet . It is worth taking a closer look at the online bookmakers Tipico , Interwetten , Betsafe and Mybet , which also regularly offer good betting odds for draws.

For the tie strategy, soccer is by far the most suitable sport. Of course, the betting strategy can also be used for other sports such as ice hockey , handball , boxing or cricket. However, the likelihood of a draw in these sports is usually a lot lower.

Which leagues are particularly suitable?

In general, leagues that are particularly balanced are recommended. Analyzes show, among other things, that in the 2nd and 3rd Italian leagues, for example, a relatively large number of games end with a draw. While modern football is now being played in Seria A , many clubs in the lower-class leagues still prefer the famous Italian catenaccio. In addition, the number of draws in the Asian leagues is above average. The leagues in South Korea, Japan or China are suitable for a long-term tie strategy. These exotic leagues can also be found in the portfolio of good online bookmakers. The bets can be found at bet365 , Ladbrokes , bwin and, to a lesser extent, at Tipico and mybet.

In comparison, the proportion of draws in the Spanish Primera Division is relatively low at around 20 percent. In comparison, a draw in the first Bundesliga is also rather rare. In the French Lique 1, a little more than ended last season

Trends can also be seen in terms of the individual teams. For example, favorites often play away games in a draw. Derby are also known for the fact that there are more draws.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the draw strategy?

One of the great advantages of the soccer betting strategy "betting on a draw" is the low expenditure of time. Sports bettors do not have to carry out extensive analyzes of team form, squad or seasonal performance. No special sports betting knowledge is required for this soccer betting strategy.

In any case, applying the strategy requires a lot of patience. It may take several months before the first correct tip is found. Until then, the losses can be very high. Therefore, a relatively high budget is required for the betting strategy. Since the bet is increased every time, a lot of money can be lost until it comes to an offsetting bet. At the same time, of course, the psychological pressure increases. It is not always easy for sports bettors to consistently maintain the strategy. However, this is necessary in any case if there is no total loss.

Conclusion on the draw betting strategy - draw betting

With the right preparation, the tie strategy can be played profitably. However, you should carefully choose which league and team you are betting on. In summary, the following points should be observed:

  • Odds should be above 3.0
  • Divide the existing betting capital into as many games as possible
  • do not make indiscriminate tips
  • Avoid games with clear favorites
  • pay attention to series of the respective teams

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