Betting on the Primera Division - What should you watch out for?

Betting on the Primera Division - What should you watch out for?

The best tips for successful Primera Division bets

The Primera Division is Spain's highest football league and is generally considered to be the best league in the world. This can also be seen in the UEFA five-year ranking, which Spain leads by a large margin over England and Germany. At the same time, the Primera Division is the league with the highest sales alongside the British Premier League . The games are attended by an average of 30,000 spectators. The Primera Division is also very popular with German sports bettors.

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Special features of the Primera Division

In such a financially strong league, it can actually be assumed that numerous top stars from abroad will play here. When looking at the Real Madrid or FC Barcelona squads, this is correct, but there is a foreigner restriction in Spain. A maximum of three non-EU foreigners may be in the 25-man cadre. Despite the high turnover, many clubs are affected by enormous debts. In the last few years, the debt mountain of all clubs in the Primer Division has grown to 3.5 billion euros. Despite everything, horrific salaries and transfer fees are paid for the top stars. Fortunately for the clubs, the loyalty of the fans is almost unlimited. For example, the high transfer fee for Christiano Ronaldo has almost amortized through the sale of the shirt.

Due to the high temperatures during the summer, the Primera Division starts relatively late. The season usually lasts from late August or early September to mid-June. There are only exceptions if an important tournament such as the European or World Cup is pending after the end of the season. There is no longer winter break like in Germany in the Primera Division.

In contrast to England or Germany, there are still no clubs in Spain that are listed on the stock exchange. Nevertheless, the clubs rely on global marketing. The games of the Primera Division are broadcast almost worldwide. This sometimes leads to unusual kick-off times. The weekend games start at 12 noon despite the sometimes high temperatures. Other games will only kick off at 10 p.m. in the evening. This ensures that football fans in Asia can also be there live. Generally more than two games are played at the same time.

Spain's clubs at the top of the popularity list

Real Madrid and FC Barcelona are by far the most successful and popular clubs in the Primera Division. In a recent poll, 37.9 percent of Spaniards said that they consider Real Madrid the most likeable club. With 25.4 percent, FC Barcelona took second place. With Atletico Madrid, the third-placed came only 6.1 percent. In around 80 seasons played, two-thirds of the title went to Real or FC Barcelona. For the past 14 years, one of them has almost always been the champion. Last season, Atletico Madrid was able to penetrate their supremacy. The only three clubs that have been members since the league was founded in 1928/29 and have never been relegated are Real Madrid, FC Barcelona and Athletic Bilbao.

Barca and Real safe tips with low odds

Due to the almost overpowering clubs from Madrid and Barcelona, ​​the odds for home wins are relatively low. In some cases, the odds drop to 1.05. For away wins there is usually a maximum betting odds of 1.2 or 1.3. Such tips are therefore only worthwhile for sports bettors who want to bet large amounts. After all, a betting rate of 1.05 still leads to a profit of 1,000 euros with a stake of 20,000 euros. And all of this with a comparatively low risk of loss.

At the same time, of course, the odds for an outsider victory are extremely high. Anyone who bets on a home defeat of the favorites can expect odds of 20 or more. Even for a tie , bookmakers usually pay ten times the stake.

The Classico as an absolute highlight

When the two top teams meet directly, the clocks stand still not only in Spain. The Classico, the duel between Real Madrid and FC Barcelona, ​​casts a spell over football fans all over the world. In this game there are usually constant betting odds of around 2.0 for home win, draw and away win. At most, this game is played eight times per season. Twice in the league, in the Spanish Cup as well as in the Champions League and the Supercup.

Stable odds in the rest of the league

The Primera Division is of course not just made up of Real Madrid and FC Barcelona. As the performances in international games show, the other teams are also of high quality. The relatively balanced level gives sports bettors balanced odds when betting on the Primera Division. In many cases, odds of 2.0 or higher are offered for home wins. If you take into account that Spanish teams are traditionally considered to be very strong at home, this makes bets on the Primera Divisiona very lucrative affair. One reason for the home strength is certainly that the home games of their own team are real holidays for many Spanish football fans. With this motivation, the teams usually play much more offensively in front of their own fans than when they play away. Furthermore, it is not part of the Spanish fan culture to always accompany your own team to away games. The focus is clearly on the games in your own stadium.

The goal bet and over / under bet: Real and Barcelona extremely accurate

Spanish football has always been known for its high technical quality. Most teams practice a fast, short passing game at an extremely high level. On the other hand, a robust and physical game is rarely used. However, this does not mean that low yellow and red card bets are safe bet. On the contrary, the heated southern European temperament leads to numerous warnings and dismissals. Especially in the Classico it is usually very heated and the emotions often lead to rash fouls. The toughest players in the league get a warning on average in every second game.

On the other hand, over-betting on goals scored in the Spanish Primera Division is a relatively safe bet. This is especially true for Reals Madrid and FC Barcelona games. Both teams score around 3 goals per game on average.

Real and Barcelona home wins as a safe bet

Sports bettors who want to increase their odds often rely on home wins from Barcelona and Real as a safe bet. The statistics speak clearly in favor of this strategy. In the 2012/2013 season, Barcelona won 18 of 19 home games. Madrid have been successful 17 times at home. Both teams came through the season without any home defeat. This superiority of the two teams can be used very well in handicap bets, as the victories are often very clear. In summary, the Primera Division offers interesting betting markets and opportunities for a wide variety of players.

No sign of betting scandals

In contrast to some other European leagues, the Primera Division has been largely spared from betting manipulation and scandals in recent years. This is due, among other things, to the high dominance of some top teams, which usually lead the league by a large margin. It looks a little different in the second Spanish division, in which suspicions are expressed every now and then. To speak of a major betting scandal, however, would be an exaggeration.

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