Best Strategies For Live Betting

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You can watch the action live as it happens in front of you and make educated guesses at good next bets. Live-action wagers provide a thrill like no other. With quick thinking and a keen eye, you might just spot unique markets that you can use to your benefit.

Winning with this method requires patience and practice. Punters believe that it’s easier to beat the bookies with bets while the event is still in-play. Please read on below to learn about betting strategies that can be applied to this form of sports gambling. You’ll also see how to use the best football predictions betting spreadsheets.

What Is Live Betting?

You’ve undoubtedly been to a live-action sporting event at least once in your life; if not, here’s your chance (sort of). You’re able to place pre-match wagers, so why not during the game? Let us introduce you to live betting. Strategies for this betting type even allow you to place pre- and mid-event wagers.

You could guess from the name that this type of wagering happens in real-time. It involves punters placing bets as games or events are happening in real-time. You’re able to place live bets from anywhere in the world, regardless of time zones.

As you can imagine, this provides you with quite an advantage. You can watch the action in real-time and place much more informed bets than you would wagering pre-match. As there are a lot of online bookmakers with live betting sections, we recommend checking out our article with the best in-play betting bookmakers which will help you to find the best for you.

This sports betting truly revolutionised sports betting for fans around the globe. Punters from every corner of the globe can enjoy the thrill of live-action games and now betting. A decent bookie will usually provide a live streaming service alongside its live wager opportunities.

How Is It Different Compared To Other Types Of Betting?

This form of gambling provides unique markets every couple of minutes for punters to take advantage of in wagers. Traditional sports gambling bets don’t allow for markets to appear like this as the bet is decided on odds offered by the bookie.

Markets in live betting can fluctuate during gameplay. If an injury occurs or the leading team suddenly lapses in strength – the markets will reflect this. There are lots of additional factors to consider with markets that are changing in the way it does during live bets.

What Are The Risks?

You’re still gambling with real money online. You’re aware of the risks that surround traditional sports betting; the same applies here. You could place a few bad bets and end up out of your depths financially, for instance.

You should always avoid betting to cover losses. Specific techniques require you to double your wager after every loss – this doesn’t work for live betting. We would instead advise that you try your hand with a specific strategy.

It would help if you tried to minimise risks where you can in a sports bet, or you’ll run your bankroll dry.

The Advantages Of Live Betting

You’ll find that live betting markets provide excellent opportunities for keen arbitrage bettors. You won’t miss out on any of these opportunities if you show up a little later than the start. Using this type of betting provides you with the adrenaline of a live game, but the safety of remaining behind your desktop.

You can also place bets on unique markets for this type of sports betting. Markets can be red or yellow cards, corners and the likes. These markets would usually go unseen in regular pre-match betting.

You’re able to make live betting a profitable hobby as well. One possible advantage is that you still need to have a firm grasp on precisely what you’re doing. It would be best if you make smart decisions while taking tips and strategies into account.

Your bets are also considered to be of greater value when you’re in-play, thereby making it fairer. Furthermore, you can make use of an additional feature with most sportsbooks, the cashout function. You’re allowed to close your bet before the event has ended and retrieve any winnings.

The Disadvantages Of Live Betting

What most punters don’t enjoy about live betting is that the sportsbook vig is usually much higher than regular pre-match bets. You can shop around for odds offered on live bets to compare the vig between different bookies.

What Are Currently The Best Strategies?

First off, you’re not guaranteed to make any profit, and you must take note that while more serious punters apply strategies. You can use any of the following tactics without any plan involved, and you’ll improve your overall betting skills. When you use them and start winning, you will be closer to become a pro gambler with a lot of experience.

It’s important to know that you’ll find that there isn’t one golden strategy for live betting. Still, instead, there are only adapted sports betting strategies. You might prefer one approach to another or find that it works better for you. However, you’re free to use any of the following to try to improve your betting.


Bankroll Management

You will be better at budgeting and staying within that budget by keeping your bankroll in check. It would be best if you endeavoured to bet the same value for every wager. This way, you can take advantage of things like welcome bonuses or promotions to boost your bankroll.

Pay Attention To All Wagers

You should try to keep a clear record of all of the wagers that you place, successful or not. You can identify trends or try adjusting a strategy if it doesn’t appear to be working in your favour. Many punters find that they lose money quickly when you don’t keep track of it.


Whichever sport you choose, make sure you know your facts. You’ll find it easier to make quick judgements and find unique betting markets if you’re familiar with a sport and team. Analysing the event is a large part of this form of sports gambling.

You can consult many live betting and sports betting forums if you need help. The internet is full of tips; all you have to do is look. You shouldn’t rely on match statistics alone; instead, actually, watch the events and learn for yourself.

In a live event, anything can happen, like injuries. You’ll be better off if you can make a rough guess about how the team will react. You need to be quick to take advantage of these wager opportunities when they arrive.

The Live Arbitrage Strategy

Adapting the arbitrage betting system to live betting is an attractive way to remove some risk. However, if you use this strategy, it’s not necessarily live betting any longer, but a combination. You can wager one bet pre-match and another after the event has started.

You’ll need input from additional factors to make an arbitrage a success, however. Having odds margins that are high enough will remove the risk. The best way to use this strategy is for you to place opposite bets; after all, both bets have odds above even value.

You’ll gain a small profit when you use the strategy correctly like this. Many punters favour arbitrage in live betting environments. However, note that successful arbitrage betting requires experience and a keen eye for the arbs.

It will help if you gained a good understanding of how you think the odds will change and if you take advantage of them as early as possible. Betting early is a good tip for live bets in general. You’ll still find risk involved, though, because you need to wager accordingly if you want a substantial profit.

The Over/Under Live Strategy

The over/under system is also applicable for your live bets. You’re probably familiar with this form of betting where you bet on a single player or team. You bet on what you think is a better total, hence over or under what the bookie offers.

Playing On-Time Strategy

You can play bets on the remaining time of an event in live betting. It’s a popular tactic used by many punters because the odds move up and down as time goes by. Use this to your advantage by placing bets on specific selections.

In this strategy, you mainly want to bet early on the market that you think is unlikely as the odds go down. You can bet on things like draw odds or the team scoring less than a specified number of goals.

Playing On Odds Strategy

The odds fluctuate over the time frame of a live event for sports betting. You can decide for yourself ahead of the time how high you think the odds will go. Using this limit as a guide, you can place bets on the odds as, or if, they appear throughout the wager and event.


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