Best live betting providers - The top bookmakers for live betting

Best live betting providers - The top bookmakers for live betting

Which online bookmakers offer the best live betting odds?

Live betting is considered by experts to be the supreme discipline in sports betting. However, if you want to place bets successfully in real time, you should have some experience. With live betting , sports bettors must be able to react quickly to changed game situations and changed betting odds. It should always be remembered that the odds are usually below those in the pre-match area. Nevertheless, live betting has its special charm. Anyone who is there live at a sporting event can increase the excitement even more by submitting a tip. After a short time it is clear whether the bet was successful and the winnings quickly go to the betting account. As with all sports betting, the right strategy is also important here. To do this, it is bestTo find sports betting providers for live bets , who offer a large selection of betting markets as well as very good odds.

What is the offer of live betting with the best sports betting providers?

The proportion of live bets among online bookmakers has risen sharply in recent years. Especially customers who place their bets mainly via sports betting apps prefer live bets. There is a special attraction in being able to quickly place a bet in real time in front of the television or directly in the stadium. Some bookmakers now place more than 75 percent of bets on mobile devices . For many sports bettors, a well-developed live betting center is one of the most important criteria for registering with an online bookmaker. If you want to become the best sports betting provider, you can no longer do without a clear and easy-to-use live betting area.

The best sports betting providers quickly adapt their odds to the course of the game

An important characteristic of live betting is that the betting odds are always adapted to the current game events. In particular, the playing time and the current result are taken into account. In order to make the characteristics of live bets a little clearer, we would like to explain them in more detail using two examples. For this we use the most popular sports for live betting, soccer and tennis.

Example of live soccer betting

Let's take the game Bayern Munich against Hamburger SV as an example . Munich are the clear favorites, which is why the rate for a victory for the record champions is very low at 1.2. A success of the Hamburgers is quoted with 12.0. The longer the game lasts without a goal, the more the odds for a Bayern win increases. If it is still 0-0 in the 88th minute, this could well increase to a value of 2.5. At the same time, the odds for a success of the Stuttgarters should drop to around 4.0 to 5.0 and for a draw to around 1.1. If, on the other hand, the Munich team manage to score an early lead, the result will be that the course will fall even further or may even be completely suspended.

Example of live tennis betting

In tennis, the best sports betting providers change their live betting odds almost every second. New quotes are displayed practically after every rally. The breaks in particular have a strong effect on the current betting odds. If the favorite succeeds in breaking a break at the beginning, the rate drops significantly again. The same applies, of course, to breaks by the outsider. Tennis live bets are particularly lucrative if the favorite initially finds it difficult to get into the match. In this case, the odds of favorites increase and world-class players are always able to catch up even if they are two sets behind.

Which betting providers react to goal area scenes with closed odds?

If one of the two teams pushes for a goal, the bookmaker may simply close the betting odds. This happens especially with special bets, for example on the next corner. Our experience shows that the sports betting provider bwin operates particularly effective risk management in this area. The bookmaker reacts extremely quickly to the course of the game and repeatedly suspends individual odds. In sports bettors, this requires an extremely high level of responsiveness. The individual tips must be placed as quickly as possible. The “one-click” function integrated in bwin's Live Center has a particularly positive effect here. Nevertheless, the Austrian bookmaker's approach is not really customer-friendly.

Best sports betting providers for live betting - Which bookmakers offer the most extensive range of live betting?

Sports bettors can find the largest range of live bets at one of the market leaders, bwin. In addition, Tipico was able to convince in our large sports betting comparison with a very good range of live bets.

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