Best benefits of sports betting providers

Best benefits of sports betting providers
  • Independent authority

We have no interest in highlighting individual providers or deliberately rating them badly. We always focus on the user, so that sports bettors have an absolutely independent authority at their side.

  • Comprehensive field reports

Both beginners and professionals can look forward to our independent field reports . These clearly show the advantages and disadvantages of the various bookmakers. 

  • Sports betting tips

The sports betting tips created by our experts show how correct and responsible betting works. Beginners in particular should take enough time and read the information, tips and advice carefully.

  • Sports betting strategies

Should you bet on single bets with smaller odds or on riskier combination bets ? There are different betting strategies for sports betting . There is no right or wrong tactic in sports betting. Which tactic is best always depends on the respective type of player and of course on a good sports betting comparison.

  • Sports betting bonus

We show which bookmakers  offer the best betting bonus and where the conditions for a payout are particularly fair. Skillful use of the bonus can significantly reduce the risk of sports betting. In the case of payouts, the payment methods and their implementation must also be observed. For example, you can request a payout via PayPal. 

How can you tell a good sports betting provider in comparison?

Sports betting providers are a dime a dozen. New bookmakers are constantly being added. But do they work seriously and which features should you pay particular attention to? When making a decision in the betting provider comparison  , particular attention should be paid to the following criteria:

  • Respectability
  • Betting offer
  • Administration of the betting account
  • Have fun with betting

Check sports betting provider / betting provider for seriousness

The most important criteria for a reputable betting provider include the existing licenses and permits. Reputable bookmakers, for example, have a registration in Great Britain, Gibraltar or Malta. In our test reports, we also take a look behind the scenes. Among other things, we investigated the question of which company is behind the respective betting platform.

What about the betting offer?

The subject of betting includes everything to do with betting. Does a bookmaker concentrate more on football or is there a sufficient offer for other sports? Which is the best bookmaker in comparison ? Our tip: First test the individual betting providers extensively. Simply make a small deposit , have your bonus credited and bet on three pairings. In this way, players can quickly find out how they are getting on with the website and whether the bookmaker meets their own wishes and requirements.

Of course, all possible types of bets are highlighted. So you can bet on results in the classic way in football , or get tips for basketball betting to increase your chances of winning. The Oddset Plus bet is also very popular with players . 

Friends of the tougher faction will also get their money's worth. WWE bets are really pissing! 

Due to the exit of the UK from the EU, Brexit bets are becoming more and more popular and political bets are also on the rise in Germany . Individual providers still have their own functions and ideas, which flow into their offer. For example, betway has the XXL Soccer Score or Bwin the Bspin . 

The administration when betting

Another important criterion for a good bookmaker is the administration of the betting account. This includes everything that has to do with managing the finances and the customer account. Which payment options are available for deposits and withdrawals? How does the bookmaker offset the German betting tax ? What support does a sports betting provider offer? This is a question that players should definitely ask themselves before deciding on a bookmaker. Wikipedia also gives a lot of information about the racing betting and lottery law.

betting providers

Our tip: Many bookmakers deduct the 5 percent betting tax from their customers' profits. If you want to play without paying a betting tax, you should take a look at the sports betting provider Tipico. The German bookie takes over the betting tax and also offers an attractive range of bets with good odds.

Contents of the sports betting provider test & sports betting comparison 2021

Every bookmaker has strengths and weaknesses. I checked the most important providers on the market and subjected them to an objective assessment in the following categories.

  • Betting offer
  • Live betting
  • Seriousness and security of the provider / license
  • Betting odds
  • Usability and design
  • Customer service
  • Bonus offer
  • Betting tax
  • Mobile sports betting app
  • Livestream offer
  • Testimonials

The fun factor in betting

Of course, the fun of betting shouldn't be neglected either. How important this factor is, of course, always depends on the player's priorities. Most bookmakers offer various additional offers. These include, for example:

  • Offers on social networks such as Facebook or Twitter
  • special promotions, blogs or other promotions

Our tip: Beginners should first concentrate on placing their bets. The less you allow yourself to be distracted, the better the chances of winning.

What betting options are there?

Anyone who has decided to register with a certain sports betting provider should next deal with the various betting options. In the following we would like to briefly introduce you to the most important variants.

The single bet - the surest way to win

If you are dealing with sports betting for the first time, you should first act on the single or solo bets. All sports betting providers offer this form of betting . These do not necessarily promise the highest, but the safest profits. The best thing to do is to choose the person you prefer and use your own favorite. Example from sports betting practice:A player wants to bet the German national soccer team, which is playing an international match against Italy. Since he is convinced that the German team will win, he guesses a 2 for an away win. The betting odds for an away win is 3.5, so that if you bet correctly, you will be paid 3.5 times the stake. Consequently, with a stake of 100 euros, a profit of 350 euros would be credited to the betting account. If Italy wins or draws, the stake would of course be lost.

Higher profits with combination bets compared to sports betting

Combination bets involve a greater risk, but also enable higher chances of winning. The more games are typed on a betting slip, the greater the risk that one of them will go as desired. Of course, this also means losing the stake. Many German betting providers offer combination bets from 3 games tax-free. Practical example:Three games from the Bundesliga are to be placed as a combination bet. In these, the player assumes that the home team wins. Bayern Munich - VFL Wolfsburg odds 1.4 Borussia Dortmund - Hamburger SV odds 1.6 Bayer Leverkusen - Schalke 04 odds 1.5 If all the games were typed correctly, a stake of 100 euros would result in the following calculation: 1.4 x 1.6 x 1.5 = 336 euros. You can find more about this in our combination bets explanation. 

Secure combination bets with a system bet

Anyone who bets long combinations can secure them with a system bet. This means that the player can win even if there are some wrong tips on the ticket. It should be noted that the higher the system, the higher the number of betting lines and the associated minimum bet. The most popular system series at a glance:

  • 3 out of 4 all 3 - combinations from 4 games 4 series of bets
  • 3 out of 5 all 3 - combinations from 5 games 10 series of bets
  • 4 out of 6 all 4 - combinations from 6 games 5 series of bets
  • 5 out of 6 all 5 - combinations from 6 games 15 rows of bets
  • 5 out of 7 all 5 - combinations from 7 games 6 series of bets
  • 6 out of 7 all 6 - combos from 7 games 21 betting lines
  • 6 out of 8 all 6 - combinations from 8 games 28 betting lines

The systems can also be combined on a betting slip, which results in further series of bets. At the same time, the use in depth is also expanded.

Handicap betting for real professionals

Professionals can make a lot of money with handicap bets. The handicap is intended to bring the ratio between the favorite and the underdog to an even level. Since high favorites usually lead to low betting odds, this disadvantage should be offset by the handicap. Practical example: FC Bayern Munich hosted 1. FC Köln in their own stadium. The player is convinced that Bayern Munich will clearly win the game. Therefore, a handicap of 0: 2 is set and the Freiburgers are given two goals. With a tip of 1, so Bayern would have to win at least 3-0 to win. In all other cases the bet is considered lost.

The winning bet for sports like Formula 1

In most cases, a win bet promises particularly high odds. This places an athlete in first place at a certain event. The outright bet is used, among other things, in Formula 1 or various winter sports. For example, Sebastian Vettel can bet on 1st place in Formula 1 races. The betting odds can be 4.0 or more. The bet is only successful if Vettel actually crosses the finish line first.

Placement bets are safer than win bets

The odds for placement bets are a lot lower compared to outright bets. However, this can significantly reduce the risk. For example, an athlete can be placed 1 to 3 or 1 to 6.

However, long-term bets block the stake are lucrative

With long-term bets, the player accepts that the stake will be blocked for a longer period of time. In extreme cases, the money can no longer be used for an entire season. However, there is no risk that the bet will be lost due to the form of a team on the day or due to a wrong decision by the referee. Popular long term bets include:

  • Who will be the German soccer champion?
  • Who will win the Champions League?
  • Who will be European handball champions?
  • Who will be football Europe (EM) or world champion?

Long-term bets on favorites usually bring rather low odds. It is lucrative to rely on an outsider here.

Use sports betting providers from anywhere

Mobile use of a website is becoming more and more important, as is the case with sports betting. If an app or a website that has been optimized for mobile is available, this can have a major impact on customer satisfaction. 

More and more providers are offering an app download, so you can try out the mobile X-Tip app or deal with the Tipico betting app . Due to the constantly growing range, you can even watch the Bundesliga online while on the go . 

Use your advantages

Every sports betting provider has advantages and disadvantages. The best thing to do is to make sure that you get the most out of a provider and their offerings. In our Tipico Germany experience, we have found that activating the Tipico customer card is recommended if the provider is used regularly.

Other platforms also offer advantages. There are always bonus promotions and discounts delivered. The bet-at-home voucher for existing customers is just one of many options that you can find.

Play even on vacation

If you intend to play abroad, you should find out beforehand whether this is possible with your provider. If you are traveling from Germany to Switzerland, check beforehand whether betting is legal in Switzerland . 

Best 5 tips for successful sports betting

  1. Always compare betting odds:

If you want to benefit from attractive betting odds, you should always compare them with one another. For this it is advisable to register with several sports betting providers. After a comparison you decide on the bookmaker with the best odds.

  1. Don't go with the crowd:

Beginners often make the mistake of following the crowd. However, this is wrong in most cases. For example, if a club loses several times in a row, many bettors start betting on the opponent. But especially for teams that have not won for a long time, the odds increase, which significantly increases the possible profit.

  1. Keep your own bookkeeping:

In order to keep an eye on successes and failures, sports bettors should keep a kind of bookkeeping. All entries made with bets and the stakes made are entered here. So you always have an overview.

  1. Caution with combination bets:

Combination bets can be used to achieve incredibly attractive odds. However, players shouldn't be too tempted by these. Combining numerous bets with one another with a multiple bet is not particularly wise in most cases and the loss is almost guaranteed.

  1. Bet without feelings:

What sounds a bit strange at first glance makes perfect sense. Sports bettors should in no way be influenced by a positive or negative series. Instead, it is advisable to analyze the probabilities in a cool and sober manner.

The selection of providers is growing almost every hour. But there are many black sheep in the industry. We put betting providers through their paces for you. With us you will find experience reports on reputable platforms. For example, you can read our 1xBet experiences and find out whether the provider suits you. Whether you are looking for Tipwin Sports Betting or Betway Sport experiences , you will find what you are looking for with us. 

Check out some of our Best Betting Spreadsheet  - Analysis football. They will provide you with detailed analysis of each match with high visibility of the results in each match.