Bankroll Management in Sports Betting: Banking Rules and Seven Financial Strategies

Bankroll Management in Sports Betting: Banking Rules and Seven Financial Strategies
Bankroll management makes the difference between successful players and favorite bookmaker clients. We analyze the main strategies with detailed examples.

Bankroll management in sports betting is the main difference between a professional and an eternal loser. You can guess 99% of the bets, but still go in the red due to improper bank management. In this article, we'll look at seven basic bankroll management strategies.

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What is bankroll

A bankroll is a game bank.

The term came to betting from the game of poker.

Offline, a bankroll is the size of a player's pot at a table, for example, in Texas Hold'em. And online - the amount of money in all accounts.

"Championship" recommends betting no more than 5% of your bank. When betting on a higher limit, you are strong no matter how reliable your choice looks.

Choose from several strategies to manage your bankroll size.

Bank management strategies

Consider seven bankroll management strategies for sports betting:

Kelly criterion

You play on value bets, determining the amount of the bet on a case-by-case basis.

Value bets or value are outcomes that, in your opinion, were underestimated by the bookmaker.

The rate is called value when the following condition is met:

K x P> 1 , where K is the coefficient, P is the probability in your opinion.

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Determine the bet amount according to the Kelly criterion, using the formula :

B x R x (K x P - 1) / (K - 1) , where K is the coefficient, P is the probability in your opinion, B is the bankroll, R is the passability of the bets.

If you have 35 bets out of 100, R = 0.35. If you started playing recently and made less than 100 bets, use R = 0.25.

For example, the size of your bankroll is 20,000 rubles. Let's calculate the amounts for the first three bets:

  • In the match "Eintracht Frankfurt" - "Basel" bookmakers gave a coefficient of 1.80 for the total goals over 2.5. And you assume that the probability of this outcome is 60%. Checking the bet: 1.80 x 0.6 = 1.08, this is a value. Determine the bet amount: 20,000 x 0.25 x (1.80 x 0.6 - 1) / (1.80 - 1) = 500 rubles. Basel won with a score of 3: 0, the bet entered, the payout was 900 rubles: 500 x 1.80. In the bank 20,400 rubles: 20,000 - 500 + 900.
  • In the Wolfsburg - Shakhtar match, the odds for the away win or a draw, that is, at X2, was 2.00. You considered that the Pitmen will not lose with a 55% probability. We estimate the rate: 2.00 x 0.55 = 1.10. We calculate the bet amount: 20 400 x 0.25 x (2.00 x 0.55 - 1) / (2.00 - 1) = 510 rubles. Shakhtar won 2-1, the bet won, and you received 1,020 rubles: 510 x 2.00. In the bank 20 910 rubles: 20 400 - 510 + 1020.
  • In the Olympiacos - Wolverhampton match, you rated the guests' victory at 40%, and the odds for this outcome were 2.70. Value bet: 2.70 x 0.4 = 1.08. We calculate the bet amount: 20,910 x 0.25 x (2.70 x 0.4 - 1) / (2.70 - 1) = 246 rubles. The teams drew 1: 1, the bet did not come in. In the bank 20 664 rubles: 20 910 - 246.

Fractional Kelly test

You are betting only a fraction of the amount calculated according to the Kelly criterion strategy on one or another outcome. For example, 75%.

Martingale strategy

You increase the size of your bet or take a higher odds after each loss, so that the first run will be profitable, taking into account previous losses.

Calculate the Martingale bet size using the formula :

(bet size) = (target profit + amount of losses) / (odds - 1) .

Let's say your bankroll is RUB 50,000 and your target profit is RUB 2,500. The results might look like this:

Bet amount Coefficient Result Bank size
3125 1.80 Losing 46875
3750 2.50 Losing 43125
3125 4.00 Return 43125
3125 4.00 Winnings 52,500

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D'Alembert strategy

After losing, you increase the amount of the next bet by the selected conventional unit until you win. And after entering, decrease by the same value.

For example, in your game bank there are 20,000 rubles, and for a conventional unit you have taken 1,000 rubles. The table with the results might look like this:

Bet amount Coefficient Result Bank size
1000 2.00 Losing 19,000
2000 1.95 Losing 17,000
3000 1.90 Winnings 19,700
2000 1.90 Winnings 21,500

Flat strategy

You bet one amount for each outcome. The selected amount does not change for a given cycle.

Let's say your bank has 30,000 rubles, and you decide to place 100 bets at 300 rubles each. Consider a possible table of results:

Bet amount Coefficient Result Bank size
300 1.85 Winnings 30255
300 2.15 Losing 29955
300 1.97 Return 29955
300 1.83 Losing 29655

Fixed interest from the bank

You bet a pre-selected percentage of the bank. The bet amount must be calculated anew each time.

For example, your bankroll is 40,000 rubles, and you bet 2% of the bank. Let's present a table with the results:

Bet amount Coefficient Result Bank size
800 1.70 Winnings 40560
811 2.20 Losing 39749
795 1.65 Winnings 40266
806 1.85 Losing 39 461

Fixed Income Strategy

You choose the stake amount depending on the odds and the target profit.

Calculate the size of the bet using the formula :

C / (K - 1) , where C is the target profit, K is the coefficient.

For example, in the match "Valencia" - "Atalanta" you want to bet on guests at a coefficient of 2.50 and get 3000 rubles in profit.

The bet amount will be 2,000 rubles: 3,000 / (2.50 - 1).

Allocate only the amount you can afford to lose to your bankroll. Otherwise, you are at great risk, as ups and downs are inevitable. Test one or several strategies on a betting simulator and only then play for real money.

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