Antiexpress in sports betting: what it means, strategies and calculation examples

Antiexpress in sports betting: what it means, strategies and calculation examples
Are the bets on express bets constantly dropping because of the iron favorites? Then there is an anti-express bet type for you, where you bet the other way around.

Antiexpress can be called an innovation in sports betting, although not all bookmakers have it. Most players still choose single, express or system. The Championship analyzed what anti-express betting is, what its strategy is, and understood the pros and cons.

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What is anti-express in sports betting

Anti-Express is the opposite type of bet. In an express train, to win, you need to win all the elections in its composition. On the contrary, anti-express will win if at least one event fails.

The probability of passing the anti-
express is calculated by the formula: (100% - the probability of winning the express). The more events there are in the express, the less chance of calling. But in this case, the chance of winning the anti-express increases.

How to install anti-express

You can place an anti-express bet as follows:

  1. Add outcomes from different matches to the coupon;
  2. Choose the type of bet "anti-express";
  3. Enter the amount and confirm the placement of the bet.

Anti-Express Strategy in Sports Betting

Anti-Express is great for players who regularly fail one or two bets in the Express.

If there are events with high odds in the anti-express coupon, then the profit for this type of bet will be minimal. You need low odds for anti-express to generate solid profits.

The optimal strategy is to take the victories of the giants in the national championships after the Champions League matches. For example, after the fifth round of the Champions League of the 2019/2020 season, Bayern lost to Bayer at home, and Juventus could not defeat Sassuolo at home.

An example of calculating anti-express

Let's imagine that you have bet 1000 rubles on an anti-express from four victories of top clubs in matches with outsiders:

  • Barcelona at odds 1.29
  • Bayern at odds 1.21
  • Liverpool 1.33
  • Manchester City with odds 1.30.

The odds of a regular express would be: 1.29 x 1.21 x 1.33 x 1.30 = 2.698. To get the anti-express ratio, first calculate the probability of the express passing from these events: 1 / 2.698 x 100 = 37%. Then calculate the probability of the anti-express passing from the same events: 100% - 37% = 63%. Now translate this probability into a coefficient: 100% / 63% = 1.59. Just keep in mind that the bookmaker will have a lower margin due to the margin. In this case, 1.41. The office calculates the coefficient automatically. If at least one of the four selected outcomes does not work, then you will receive 1,410 rubles, of which 410 rubles are net profit.

Anti-express insurance

It is possible to insure anti-express if the events in its composition do not occur at the same time. For example, if the outcomes of your choice have played in five meetings, then before the start of the final fight you have enough time to make a safety bet and reduce losses.

How it works? Let's take the previous anti-express example:

  • Barcelona at odds 1.29
  • Bayern at odds 1.21
  • Liverpool 1.33
  • Manchester City with odds 1.30.

The anti-express coefficient was 1.41, and you placed a bet for 1000 rubles. If Barcelona, ​​Bayern and Liverpool have already won, that is, your bet is one step away from failure, then you can bet 1000 rubles with odds of 1.30 on the victory of Manchester City.

If Manchester City does not win, then the anti-express will come in, and you will receive 1410 rubles (1000 x 1.41). If Man City wins, your payout is 1300 rubles (1000 x 1.30) on a single bet. At this point, you have bet 2,000 rubles, so you will remain in the red, but reduce your losses.

Pros and cons of anti-express

The advantages of an anti-express bet include:

  • High probability of anti-express passage with a large number of events;
  • Possibility to place anti-express against overpriced popular events.

The disadvantages of anti-expressing outweigh the pros:

  • Increased bookmaker's margin in odds;
  • Low odds for a large number of outcomes.

Anti-Express bettors rarely see it as a long-term strategy in sports betting. Anti-Express is suitable for players who constantly do not enter the express due to one bet. At a distance, due to the high margin of the bookmaker, it is more profitable to use other types of bets.

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