20 tricks to win and earn with online betting

20 tricks to win and earn with online betting


  • Best AAMS licensed and certified sports betting sites
  • Online betting: 20 tricks to win and earn with online betting
  • What is online betting
  • Trick 1: system bets
  • Trick 2: Bet on yellow cards
  • Trick 3: the sure win "Value Bet"
  • Trick 4: Only Play Reliable Predictions
  • Best AAMS Licensed and Certified Sports Betting Sites
  • Trick 5: Only opt for live betting
  • Trick 6: Win without risk with Surebet
  • Trick 7: Bet on a match scorer
  • Trick 8: Play the Three Progressive System
  • Trick 9: Betting with the Labouchère Method
  • Truck 10: the method of the minimum bet
  • Trick 11: Only play integral systems
  • Trick 12: betting with the Montante d'Alembert method
  • Trick 13: Analyze the starts with Range Betting
  • Trick 14: double your cash every month by 3%
  • Trick 15: How Draw No Bet Works
  • Tricks 16: the Fibonacci progression
  • Trick 17: the Paroli progression and all its variants
  • Trick 18: calculate and use the Expected Value in betting
  • Trick 19: Error Correcting Systems
  • Trick 20: use the bonuses offered by bookmakers

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As you will imagine there are many methods to make money online and among all of them, in this article, we have decided to tell you about online betting .

In previous articles we have seen that you can also earn through online trading which is not a game, indeed it is a very serious financial activity.

But this activity is still demanding, especially for those who have never opened a book on economics and finance.

Online bets are among the opportunities to invest online accessible to everyone, but to do it correctly and with some success, we recommend that you read our article, not everyone knows that there are tricks to win with bets .

There are millions of people who "play cards" every day either online or at their trusted bookmaker, we reveal a secret: only 10% of those who play the cards play methodically, with analysis and above all with a long-term perspective .

In writing this article we don't want to tell you that you will have 100% success every time you play the bets through one of these methods, but we can certainly allow you to avoid losing a lot of money by giving it away to bookmakers.

Online betting: 20 tricks to win and earn with online betting

We have decided to call our article this way because we want to provide you with real betting strategies that will allow you, in the long run, to get into the right gear to attack bookmakers.

If earning with online bets a few years ago was only possible "for a stroke of luck" today through the analysis it is possible to highlight safe bets or bets with a high winning percentage. In fact, there are many tipsters who have started working from home with betting, even if the "chance" that blows every statistic exists.

For example, if the victory of Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid or Juventus are quoted very low ( odds between 1.10 and 1.50 ), an unexpected draw could still come out.

Saying that a bet is 100% safe is never correct, but there are ways to make it safe and we will discuss them later.

But now "let's start from the beginning" and let's first see what it is when we talk about online betting, and then move on to the first tricks.

What are online betting

The online bets , particularly sporting ones, are considered a game of chance.

The bet is when a person assumes, by committing part of their money, the result of a future event or in real time in the live mode. The bet is accepted by a bookmaker , i.e. they are authorized persons or agencies who act as collector and guarantor for the collection of legal sports or extra sports bets, and who apply sums, in proportion to which the amount of the win is established for the bettor, obtained from the product of the odds for the amount wagered, plus a portion of the bonus starting from the sixth event in a multiple bet.

In Italy, in order to operate, the bookmaker must be legally authorized by the only body responsible for granting an AAMS concession, or the State Monopoly.

It is possible to bet on any type of event, usually, however, the events that are the subject of a bet are, in particular, football matches and horse races but also, for example, cycling, volleyball, motoring and motorcycling.

There are different types of bets , including:

  • Single bet: this is a bet containing only one predicted event, where its implementation is enough to obtain the win;
  • Double bet: it is a bet containing two predicted events which, in this case, must be guessed both;
  • Triple bet: where all three predicted events must occur to win;
  • Multiple bet: includes several separate events, up to a maximum of twenty selections, which must all be predicted correctly;
  • System: where it is possible to obtain a win even if not all predictions are correct.

Regarding the odds of winning, the odds give a precise indication of the chances of success by a team or a single participant in a sports competition. The lower the odds proposed on an event, the greater the probability that this event will occur.
There are also Live bets , which are those bets in progress, consequently the odds offered will vary and adapt according to the course of the event itself, and the proposed events are always selected by AAMS.
First of all, you must always keep in mind that you play with money and, in particular, sports betting they also depend on a component of luck and probability, which is why it will not be possible to win every time.

Trick 1: system bets

system bets

The betting system , if you play with the right techniques, allow to obtain discrete and regular payouts, but, in particular, are suitable for professional bettors.

Multiple bets can be combined in a single operation, in which it becomes possible to use double predictions. Just enter three or more predictions to enable the system function, and not all of them must be exact to make a win, where based on how many doubles you insert in the bet, you get a certain number of bets or columns.

It is possible to use tricks to win with system bets , mainly by choosing the right site.

It is a good way to increase the chances of your bet winning.

There are also three types of system bets, including the integral system, where it is possible to predict multiple results on the same event; then there is the integral correction system, which uses two techniques together, namely the integral system, and the correction system; and finally there is also the correction system, where you can play the dry prediction of a series of games.

Trick 2: betting on yellow cards

betting on yellow cards

The bets on cautions allow you to earn money online major winnings.
It will be necessary to predict the warning of a player, because some matches are decisive for the fate of a season, and some players are warned regularly.

With the warnings, the choice of the type of bet is decisive.

The odds are usually higher for scorer bets, yellow cards and dismissals of a match, thus making it easier for the existence and discovery of Value Bet, that is, it is the main key to understanding the odds of winning in the world. of bets, in particular, is a more profitable bet than the others, because it is offered with a higher odds than it should actually be.
Bets on yellow cards are regulated by the AAMS.

Trick 3: the sure win "Value Bet"

the sure win Value Bet

When betting it is crucial to determine whether the risk to be taken makes sense in relation to the stake to be made and the potential payout, but the exact risk assessment is difficult to assess.

The Value Bet is a winning technique that is based precisely on the estimation and evaluation of the value of a sports bet, identifying the cases in which the odds are underestimated compared to the probability that a result will occur.

Specifically, it is a question of betting on an outcome that has a higher probability of occurring than the odds offered by the bookmaker.

It will be possible to use this type of technique through a formula, that is, you will need to multiply the bookmaker's odds by the percentage probability (%) of success of the bet, and then you will have to divide the product by 100, [bookmaker's odds x probability (%)] / 100, and if the result is greater than one, a Value Bet will have been discovered, but if, on the other hand, the result is less than one, it is not a Value Bet and consequently the risk of losses will be high.
It is advisable to consult the articles available on the event of which you are going to bet, and to analyze all the information that may influence the result.

Trick 4: only play reliable predictions

To make a reliable prediction , it will be good to have, first of all, a good analytical ability and a good intuition. It will be fundamental to know, for example, sports news, the details and the situation of the teams, suspensions and injuries, as well as the physical and mental state of the players. In fact, these are real tricks to make money with bets . Trying to bet without having thought and, therefore, without having carried out any analysis, can only lead to the loss of your money.
To make a good prediction, therefore, it is necessary to take into consideration all the details and information that can influence the conduct of a match, both on a positive and a negative level.
In sports betting, when making a prediction on the outcome of a match, it will be good to evaluate both opponents.

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Trick 5: opt for live betting only

live betting only

For Live bets it will be necessary to take advantage of the variation of the odds, to understand in advance the movements according to the course of the match.
To win it will be necessary, first of all, to have intuition and a sense of anticipation, to understand the emotional changes and the different game situations, and all this will allow you to understand what is about to happen in the match.
One way to make the most of live betting is to bet on the total number of goals scored, as it includes more chances of winning.

Trick 6: Win without risk with Surebet

Win without risk with Surebet

The Surebet is a very well known by all fans of sports betting technique, because it allows you to cash in substantial profits, always based on the amount invested, on a regular basis. It allows you to make a certain profit regardless of how the event ends.
The basic notion is to make money online through the percentage difference between the potential winnings of the odds published on the same event by the different bookmakers, and to bet on the best odds for the three results, identifying the exact amount of the stake to ensure a profit. regardless of the outcome of the match.

Surebets are mainly born for two reasons, among which the first is the errors on the part of the bookmakers' quotes, that is, here the bookmakers are careful to establish their odds well to prevent people from taking advantage of them and, therefore, hardly fall into the 'error; and the second reason is the odds generated by users through Betting Exchange platforms, which therefore represents almost all the Surebets that can occur over the course of a season.
It is advisable to take advantage of more than one bookmaker as possible, because in this way you will be able to compare the odds between the different sports betting sites and discover the Surubet opportunities available.

Trick 7: Bet on a match scorer

Bet on a match scorer

This is a type of bet that is presented differently by each bookmaker, but the meaning remains the same. By betting on the scorer to win, the bettor will have to guess which player will score.
There are different types of this bet, such as, for example, it will be possible to bet on the first scorer , that is, it will be necessary to bet on the player who will score the first goal of the match; then you can bet on the last scorer, that is, you win by predicting which player will score the last goal of the match; then you can bet on the player who will score a brace; and finally you can bet on the player who will score a hat-trick.
When a bookmaker finds himself underestimating the likelihood of a given event being successful, he is releasing a higher odds than he should, and the odds are usually higher for scorer bets in a match, and in this case he is up front. to a Valuebet. It is therefore possible to find a Valuebet on the scorer, through this type of formula, Number of appearances / Number of goals scored, and the result obtained can be compared with the odds offered by the bookmakers.

Trick 8: Play the Three Progressive System

Play the Three Progressive System

This type of system called “three progressive” is feasible at all sporting events, starting from football to volleyball, from basketball to tennis, and also to sports considered minor.

It will be necessary to choose from two or more events which, put together in a single play, give a multiplier around 3.00, and it will be necessary to establish the value of a betting unit, which for this type of system is convenient to fix it to an even number.
The steps to follow are the following, first you will have to bet a single unit on the bill around 3.00, and if you win you will return to the first point, but if, instead, you will lose you will have to play another bill with similar odds. increasing, however, the stake by 50%.

The progression continues, increasing the bet by half from time to time, until you win a multiple, where then you always return to the first step.

With this system, for example, with about 30% of bills won you will get good earnings and, moreover, there are no restrictions on the number of events to be played, nor on the time that must elapse between them.

Trick 9: betting with the Labouchere method

betting with the Labouchere method

The Labouchère systemis a progressive method of dividing expendable funds, which requires a player to keep betting until a certain winning amount is reached, and is traditionally used in roulette, but can also be easily applied to sports betting. To use this method, you must first decide the amount to win; then it will be necessary to decide how many parts to divide the money into; after which you will have to place a bet that will be able to win the sum of the first and the last figure. If you get a win, the first and last digits are canceled, however, in the event of a loss, the amount wagered and lost is added so that you know that it must be recovered, until you win the sum established at the beginning. , you will need to repeat the steps, that is, you will have to continue placing bets.

Trick 10: the method of the minimum bet

method of the minimum bet

Minimum bet is a method that allows you not to lose the capital invested, and will allow you to gradually increase the balance of your account. It will be good to always bet on a single bet, and always bet the minimum, and it will also be necessary to make the selection of the games.
It is advisable to follow the rules on the frequency of play, for example, two or three games per week, which may be more than enough, because the risk is that the dealer prevails, with a consequent reduction of one's gaming account. There is also the possibility of being able to open different accounts in different online bookmakers, thus increasing the profit on the single event.

Trick 11: only play integral systems

play integral systems

The integral system predicts the development of multiples, that is, on a minimum number of two events, in which several outcomes can be indicated for the same event. The system is developed by generating multiple multiple bets, that is, multiple game tickets, so that the single event appears only once within each game ticket generated.
Usually the integral system is used, in case you want to play more than one result on the same game or on several games, avoiding to manually generate all the possible combinations.
It is possible to win only one multiple of a full system if the selected events are mutually exclusive.

Trick 12: betting with the Montante d'Alembert method

betting with the Montante d'Alembert method

It is a mathematical system of betting that takes its name from Jean Le Rond d'Alembert, a French physicist and mathematician born in 1717. His theory on the "law of equilibrium", applied today to betting, assumes a balance between successes and failures on certain events if one considers a long series of such events.
The system provides that the amount of the bet is increased by one unit each time you lose, and reduced by one unit after each win. The sequence and the amounts wagered can be modified on purpose in particular game circumstances or odds.
The goal of this method is to make a profit of one unit for each bet made, for example, if you win 3.00 euros, then you bet 2.00 euros, instead, if you lose you bet 4.00 euros.
Based on your financial resources, you can determine how much your unit is.
Once you have reached your goal, you can decide to start the series all over again.
By changing the amounts with the d'Alembert formula , you have more opportunities to make money online .
It is advisable to choose the unit amount carefully, as well as having a good starting amount. To calculate the return of the system, you have to follow a formula, which is, ((Number of hits + 1) / 2) x the initial bet. The d'Alembert method can also be played inversely, that is, instead of increasing by one unit each loss is decreased by one unit, and in the event of a win it increases instead of decreasing. There is also the reduced Alambert system, where instead of using a whole unit of increase and decrease, a fraction of this unit is used, and in this way, in part, one defends against very long negative sequences.

Trick 13: analyze the starts with Range Betting

analyze the starts with Range Betting

With Fixed Odds Range Betting , profits or losses are offered equal to the difference between the level at which the bet is concluded, and the final result multiplied by the amount of the bet. In Range Betting, it is not known exactly how much you can win or lose until the event is over. Betting on a Range will mean betting on a range of values ​​such as, for example, the goals, the cards, the total number of shots, made in a sporting event. Range Betting is indicated for bettors who have already accumulated enough experience, since they must possess a certain degree of skills, analysis, and the ability to estimate the chances of an event occurring, and check the statistics.
To win at Range Betting, it is essential to systematically carry out research and studies.

Trick 14: double your cash every month by 3%

double your cash every month by 3%

With this system, you can double your bankroll every month with bets.
The system provides for selecting Value Bet, that is, events whose probabilities are more advantageous than the offered odds, with odds ranging from 1.10 to 1.20, and so you are not obliged to bet all the cash to reach the goal of monthly doubling.
It is a long-term system, but one that offers excellent results.
With this method, you fail after at least three consecutive losses. It is advisable to carefully study the games and the odds on which to bet. The system can be modified at will. It is recommended not to bet more than 20% of your bankroll on a single prediction.

Trick 15: how Draw No Bet works

Draw No Bet

With this system it is possible to bet on the victory at home or away from home, but in the event of a tie the bet is void, because the money wagered is received, and only the regular playing times are taken into account.

It is recommended to use the Draw No Bet system, in odds-balanced matches, where we have a slight preference for one of the two teams.

You can bet on Draw No Bet both in single and in multiple bets and, therefore, also in the system.

Tricks 16: the Fibonacci progression

the Fibonacci progression

The Fibonacci progression is a mathematical sequence in which each number of the sequence is equal to the sum of the two previous numbers of the same.
The Fibonacci method applied to betting follows the same progression given by the numbers 1-2-3-5-8-13-21-34 and so on.
Adapting it to bets, you bet on both a single and multiple bet, with an average odd equal to or just over 2.00 on any sporting event. In the event of a loss, you bet as many units as indicated in the next step of the progression, while in the event of a win you go back two steps in the progression.
With the Fibonacci method almost half of the winnings will return to the first level of one unit, which can make the method a little rigorous even if advantageous.

Trick 17: the Paroli progression and all its variants

Paroli progression and all its variants

With the Paroli progression , you are invited to bet, in case of winning, the initial amount plus the winnings obtained in the next bet in a progression made in three steps, where the further you go, the more the chances of succeeding are lowered.
There are some variants of the Paroli progression, such as, for example, the prolonged Paroli progression, where once a simple three-step Paroli has been successfully closed, it is possible to continue the progression by taking one or more units from each step, even if the progression will then come to a certain point that will stop. Then there is the Paroli forward progression, where there is a cycle of three bets in which one unit is added to each bet following the first. There is also the reverse Paroli progression, that is, it is played on two steps, aiming two units for the first, and one unit for the second step. Finally, there is the Paroli covered progression, which is the equivalent of the simple version. The only difference is in withdrawing one unit from the third step bet, and in this way, if the third bet fails,
This method is especially used by professional bettors.
One of the problems that can be encountered with this type of system is that, facing various negative results, the only way to recover will be to get even more unbalanced, therefore, it will be necessary to be good forecasters or have unlimited funds to recover. in the event of a long series of negative outcomes. It is therefore recommended that you bet very little compared to your available fund, and increase the value of the unit as you start making money online .

Trick 18: calculate and use the Expected Value in betting

calculate and use the Expected Value in betting

The Expected Value of a bet indicates how much one can expect to win on average for each play, and is one of the fundamental parameters to consider in becoming a professional and winning bettor.
The concept of Expected Value is used to evaluate which option to choose in order to maximize profits and minimize losses.
To calculate the Expected Value, the formula consists of multiplying the probability of winning by the amount that can be won with the bet, and subtracting the probability of losing multiplied by the amount that would be lost in the event of a negative outcome, Expected value = bet amount + (possible win - possible loss).
The Expected Value is a positive (+ EV), or negative (-EV) indicator, which guides you to make the best choice when betting, because it allows you to determine which bet is profitable and which is not. Calculating Expected Value in betting is similar.

Trick 19: error correction systems

error correction systems

The error-correcting systems are definitely the most popular, useful and fruitful.
This system provides for the development of multiple types of pairings such as, for example, single, double, triple, based on the number of events on which you bet, generating multiple tickets, that is, single and multiple bets. For each system you can set the fixed, which are the events that will be repeated in each single game, thus reducing the total number of tickets issued.
In this system it is possible to win even if one or more predictions are wrong, because five or more columns are developed that will be devoid of one or more events to spin.
Systems that develop all possible combinations are called whole systems. The reduced system, on the other hand, is a game technique that allows you to combine multiple events in a series of bets, but limits the number of combinations played, allowing a reduced expense to the bettor, but logically limiting his winnings in the event of a positive outcome.

Trick 20: use the bonuses offered by bookmakers

use the bonuses offered by bookmakers

Surely one of the best tricks to make money with bets is to take advantage of the exclusive bonuses that bookmakers offer.

Below we show you two bookmakers offering the best betting bonuses.