Where to bet in 2021

Where to bet in 2021

Where to bet in 2021 ????

Which company should I register with in 2021? This question concerns all players who decide to deal with the world of online betting and to dispose of their money safely. However, you do not need to be a beginner in betting to create an account in more than one betting company, as the benefits you get are more and play an important role in the strategic part of the bet.

Below we will analyze the main factors that you should take into account before proceeding with your registration in a legal betting company

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The criteria for choosing the right bet in 2021

Purchases and Betting Odds ????

The number one criterion is the variety of purchases and the amount of odds offered by the betting company, as as you understand it is the soul of the bet and they are directly related to your profitability rates. Therefore, before wondering "which betting platform to subscribe to" you should consider the core of each company.

Most websites offer basic shopping in various sports, however the success lies in the detail. There are dozens of special bets and options that may not be available on all platforms. For example, you may be primarily interested in betting on cards in a match. Although the popularity of card markets is constantly rising, you will not find the same options on all platforms.

In addition, rake levels play an important role in your overall revenue and are directly related to the range of odds. It is important that you choose companies that offer the 0% rake option *, such as Novibet.

 * Terms and conditions apply.

Transaction security ????

In terms of importance, it is probably the most important factor to consider before deciding to sign up for a betting platform. Security when combined with a wide variety of trading methods, allows you to choose the method of your choice. Of course, the speed of transactions is a detail that you should also take into account.

 The security of the transactions is the A and the O and for this reason we present to you the legal betting companies in Greece with proven security in the transactions.

Customer service  ????

It is quite important to know that you have a ready-made team by your side, which can serve your issues, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Good and direct communication is a great qualification in a betting company that is constantly changing. Now communication can be done in minutes, through live chat and now every serious company must provide this option.

Live Betting ????

The Live Betting is a key reason why someone chooses to deal with online betting. But the Live Betting environment differs from company to company and for this reason you have to compare certain criteria. Some of them are checking the delays that exist during which the player wants to cash out his bet. If betting keeps a live event blocked for a reasonable period of time then this is not encouraging for someone who is mainly involved in live betting.

In general, the faster the page renews and accepts live selections, the better your live game becomes. Of course, this parameter is directly related to how well informed the book is about the course of events. For example, you can see the markets being unlocked faster in a Champions League game than in a C National match. The Novibet has currently the best Live Betting

Live Streaming ????

Live Streaming is now an important benchmark in the competition and for this reason more and more companies are claiming the rights to promote popular leagues and sports. After all, there are many cases of players who initially registered, just to watch live broadcasts. Live Streaming completes the Live Betting experience, as the most important advantage of the player is that it has a real picture of the game and is not limited to graphs and virtual courts.

Offers ????

The constant attraction of new members creates tempting offers in the world of betting, a fact that benefits all players. Marketing is quite competitive in the field of betting and this results in various promotions. From rewards for new members, to rewards for loyal members, contests and lotteries, here are just a few examples. However, terms and conditions apply to all offers and it is good to read them to avoid mistakes and misunderstandings. Nevertheless, a good package of offers is a great privilege for a betting company.

Statistics (pre-game and live) ????

In the effort of the companies to create a complete betting package, they have introduced the part of statistics and preview information. In many bets you will find both in the pregame and in live, important statistics regarding the match and the teams you want to bet. Although reading information from the book environment is an oxymoron, it is quite valuable in cases where we have not had time to see the information of a match and it is better to take a look at this information than to bet blindly.

Player reviews

It is a step that we take in many other cases when it is to invest and it is good to do in this case as well. The feedback of other players from their betting experience that you are about to sign up for is very important and can be decisive for where you gamble, as the majority of reviews are made from personal experience and are largely based on reality. Compare both the negatives and the positives to conclude whether it is finally worth your registration in the company.

Ease of registration

The steps you need to follow to successfully register on a platform are few and easy. For example, when you sign up for Novibet , you go through the following steps. The process is similar in other companies. 

  • Click the " Register " button in the upper right.
  • Enter a valid email  , because you will be asked for an email confirmation.
  • Then the tab opens    to enter your necessary information (password, username etc)
  • Then complete  your registration.

Immediately after the end of your registration, the platform will ask you to perform the identification process.

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