The 10 reasons we lose in betting

The 10 reasons we lose in betting

Why do I lose the bet ? Few have been able to answer this question and move to the opposite bank of long-term success to be able to declare that they have won the bet, or even better to make a living from the bet . These people have set aside the concept of fun and the logic of "just play and if it suits me" and bet methodically, systematically and with strict parameters in the management of their capital. In other words, they treat it as a form of investment whose goal is not immediate profit but in the long run.

In this article, we will mention 10 reasons why we lose in betting.

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1) Lack of strategy and non-determination of initial capital

It is obvious that long-term profit is based on a well-organized plan. From the sport, from the options to which you deepen and add, to the determination of bets. On the financial side, the basic principle for any casino game is "I only play what my pocket can afford".

For this to happen and to avoid the fatal mistake, it is the definition of an initial capital that will be available for betting. Of course you have to accept the fact that this capital can be lost without creating a problem in your life.

Defining a plan will save you from the big mistake that many players make. The immediate hunt for loss, which leads to even greater damage.

2) Non-recognition of Value

A common phenomenon of players is that they do not understand the meaning of the value ( Value Bet ) that you hide behind a choice and what effects it can have in the long run. One could say that he chooses options with low returns, as this way he wins more times. From an economic point of view, however, a series of failures is more difficult to cover by betting on small odds.

Similarly, even if you watch an outsider who you think can win at least once in 4 games, then you will lose more money, but in the long run you will gain. Of course, when betting on outsiders you need to have an organized betting plan in order to cover the negative streams.

3) We bet on games that we have not researched at all

A common phenomenon, as the study of groups requires time and our daily life consists of various and more important parts. However, this does not mean that we should bet on the blind and according to the general view we may have of a team.

There are many ways to be informed and to find accumulated information about your bet and in the TIPS section on our site you can find the daily proposal of the day. In addition, time has shown that betting on events where we have zero image, has a negative impact on the health of the bankroll.

4) We do not check the recent status of the teams

This is an important reason related to the study part, but it is particularly crucial. Books tend to offer favorite prices to teams that have generally proven to dominate their games, even if they are going through a period of deformation. The tempting odds are based on the fact that companies want to pull some players back into this option. Of course, there is some logic behind the enhanced prices of a favorite.

For example, the favorite team to proceed with extensive rotation, just as the English FA Cup, where the start of the competition, the Premier League clubs choose to compete with the spare tires, against teams 3 rd and 4 th class. Also, when some results have been judged regarding the conquest of the championship or a position that leads to Europe, then again the real data change.

Therefore, a good value in a favorite group does not necessarily mean that there is value. Therefore, it would be good to avoid such matches or use the Asian Handicap.

5) We bet on matches of the team we support

Our 10 reasons are good, but most of you will have heard the above reason at some point in your betting career. However, it is still one of the reasons we do not win at betting. The emotional part does not allow us to see the real data, let alone go against the group that we support from young children and that we know a lot about.

If you really believe that you are an expert and at the same time objective, then the above may not apply to you, but if you are like 99.9% of the other fans, then it would be better not to bet on your team. After all, there are a lot of games to bet on.

6) We do not keep a record of results

Recording results is valuable and can prevent you from making many mistakes. A detailed list of results can show how good or bad you are at betting, in which selections, leagues, tournaments, odds you have the highest profitability. Accordingly, these indications can show the path that your strategy will follow and whether it is effective or not. Therefore, you can know the status of your betting course before you lose control.

7) We bet to pass the time

We have to accept that gambling in order to cover a boring day where there is no full schedule, is dangerous for the operation of our funds and goes beyond the limits of responsible gambling. Even if one day it turns out to be profitable, in the long run you will see the effects of this logic.

8) Boiling bets, either under the influence of alcohol and addictive substances

The biggest risk in gambling is the lack of a clear mind. Avoid at all costs the effort of immediate coverage in a big mess, but also in general the bet under the influence of anger or alcohol consumption. The consequences of these actions are disastrous and can lead to bankruptcy in a very short time, so if there are 10 reasons you lose this is probably the most important.

9) We bet on many options

Despite long-term profit, these are two terms that do not go together and are completely opposite. No player who has won in the long run has based his strategy on long cards. Even if you manage to win a lot with a small bet, in the long run you will find that the times you win are fewer than the Units are acceptable. Aside from the small statistical probability of confirming a parole, increasing the rake further reduces your winnings. The smallest detail can have a significant effect on the bankroll, so you prefer the Units acceptable.

10) We bet without comparing odds

Buying the best performance in a choice is crucial to the results of long-term profit. As you already know, companies offer different odds for the same option and you should be able to choose the best one. There are several websites on the internet that compare odds. However, in order to be able to buy the highest return on the market, you must open an account with the legal betting companies.


The above 10 reasons lead us to lose in the bet. For our part, we need to look at the points we are lagging behind and identify the mistakes we are making. By correcting certain things and changing some bad habits, you will find that sooner or later your luck will change.

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