How To Win At Football Betting: 7 Tips That No One Else Will Tell You.

How To Win At Football Betting: 7 Tips That No One Else Will Tell You.

Many betting strategies, tricks, and tips can increase or even destroy your profits in the long run.

I’ve been a full-time bettor since 2013 and created this website to share my experiences so we can beat the bookies together.

How to never lose a football bet?

Never losing in football betting is what we all want. Below you can find tips, bookies, and sites that can boost your chances in sports betting.

I have also mentioned strategies that can guarantee never losing your football bets.

1. Following trustworthy tipsters

Following betting tipsters with a good and long history can be a profitable strategy. Many bettors gathered an insane amount of knowledge, database, and experience about certain sports.

Some of them are not sharing their information and data with anyone. But many skilled bettors have opened individual accounts at tipster platforms or follow us on Patreon  like Tipstrr

If you pick the right people to follow (Min tips: over 500; Min odds: over 1.6), you can’t get wrong with the top tipsters.

The best thing about Tipstrr? – Many successful tipsters can be followed even for free!

The biggest advantage of this service is that every individual tipster is forced to offer quality service, which is their only way to get subscribers. 

You can also check my Tipstrr Review or my article about the best tipster services with the top football tipsters included.

I think paying 10-25 euros a month for quality tips is worth a hundred times more than those tipsters from Facebook and Instagram ads.

2. Use football odds comparison sites

Having an account at the best bookmakers is not enough for winning on football. If you want to make profits in the long run you should always focus on betting on the highest odds possible.

Using a good betting strategy is important. But always picking the highest odds is what will boost your long-term profitability.

If you are using at least 2-3 bookies you should check my article about odds comparison sites. They are displaying the highest odds for each significant betting market.

Having an accumulator with odds of 2.20 instead of 2.05 sounds way better, right? Visit the article about the sportsbook odds comparison sites.

3. Using a database of statistics and accurate predictions

This way to bet without losing, I found out only in 2019. I started using websites/services that analyzes tens of thousands of football matches every year.

They are displaying accurate football predictions shown in percentages. These stats are displayed for almost every major betting market. has an advanced way of approach to statistical sports betting. They get and analyze historical data from each football betting event.

Their betting software and betting spreadsheets is capable of backtesting your football betting strategy. If you think you have a good strategy for first half corners, their system is capable of testing it based on historical data and odds. is also offering in-play signals based on your preselected filters. You can get notified about matches that have many corners, many goals, many dangerous attacks, etc.

4. Using bookies with high odds

If you will follow only one piece of advice from this article, it should be the following:

Placing bets always on the highest odds possible will drastically increase your chances in the long run.

Three great bookies I noticed while using many betting strategies:

  • 888Sport is offering great welcome bonuses and wide variety of in-play betting markets (available in most African, Asian and EU countries)
  • For US bettors BetOnline is a great bookie with high odds and a welcome bonus up to $1000. Other supported countries: US, CA, GR, NL, IN, ES, DE, BR.
  • 1xBet offers an insanely wide variety of betting markets with a great welcome offer even in bitcoin sports bonus of 100% up to €100 – with promo code 1x_513614 you will get an additional €30)

Can’t access one of these? But still, want to take advantage of great bonus offers? No worries!

You can become anonymous by using a VPN service like ExpressVPN. I’m using them for many things, including watching Netflix series from blocked countries or betting anonymously.

Many bookies are offering betting odds with a profit margin of 6-8%. You will see these with odds pairs like 1.86 – 1.86 on markets with two outcomes.

But if you have accounts at more bookies, you can place bets on higher odds every time.


  1. 100 bets with a flat stake of $10 on average odds of 1.86 -> max winning will be $1860
  2. the same bets but using always the highest odds and getting an average odds of 1.90 -> max winning will be $1900

This difference might not seem too big. But believe me when I say, after placing 1000+ bets you will see a massive difference.

5-6. Matched betting and arbitrage betting: never lose a football bet!

The safest ways of betting and a proven football betting system to beat the bookies are matched betting and by using arbitrage betting software (even free ones). Both of these strategies can guarantee you never lose a football bet in the future. (it’s simple and true: you can’t lose if you are betting on every outcome, right?)

Both of them are based on finding overpriced outcomes and covering the other outcome at another bookmaker.

This betting technique is called arbitrage betting.

The best way of beating the bookmakers is by finding wrong odds or wrong betting lines. We are lucky enough because bookmakers are in a big competition with each other.

This is forcing them to offer better odds, better bonuses and a better user interface for bettors.

A lot of the time, bookmakers have different information about an outcome or a team.

These discrepancies are creating opportunities for smart bettors.

Taking advantage of a wrong odd and covering the other outcome anywhere else will generate you a guaranteed profit.

Arbitrage is very profitable, but do you want to know how to win even more? Well, paired with matched betting your income can be even higher.

Bookmakers are offering welcome bonuses and free bets to keep you active.

If you are placing a bet at the bookmaker with the bonus and you cover the other outcome, no matter who wins you will complete the requirements for the bonus.

This betting technique is called matched betting and it is the most basic way to win in football betting.

How to bet without losing?

In my experience, the best ways of betting without losing any money are matched betting and arbitrage betting. With these techniques, you will win your bets every time because they are the safest ways and strategies for betting on football or any other sport.

1. Follow a betting strategy based on mathematics

You can find a lot of techniques and strategies that are generating a guaranteed profit.

The most basic and common ones are the ones I already mentioned: arbitrage, matched, and value betting.

You can find several articles about these on this blog. 

2. Follow a good staking strategy

Even the most basic strategy (flat stakes – the same stake on every bet) is better than not following a system.

hand pointing arbitrage betting

In the following article about value bettingyou can read about the profitability of different money management strategies in value betting. 

3. Become experienced in one sport

I followed tennis and basketball matches for years. I started betting on them with arbitrage betting. 

Check my article about tennis betting strategies

By watching the streams, I figured out some new ways and opportunities.

If you have enough experience and knowledge you will see wrong odds and overpriced markets before other bookmakers could.

This way you can find loopholes for almost guaranteed money. This betting is very similar to value betting.

4. Stop following tipsters without a long history

The biggest reason for losing in sports betting is following bad tipsters. It is hard to figure out how to find a good one.

5. Stop betting after a big loss

Matched betting and arbitrage betting are guaranteed techniques for betting without losing.

But if you choose to take some risks and way higher profits (with value betting) sometimes you can face longer losing streaks.

Even for me (with 8+ years of experience) it is inevitable to lose 10 – 12 bets in a row.

In these moments taking a short (even one or two days) break is a good solution.  

6. Forget placing parlay bets

After placing bets on bad odds, they are the biggest reason why most players are losing in the long run. 

Accumulator bets were created to decrease your chance of becoming profitable in the long run.

Based on mathematics you will lose all of your money if you place enough bets.

7. Use a database of statistics 

By following the proper statistics you can make better decisions and with a good strategy, you can beat the bookmakers even in the long run.

I have used and tested a football statistics and prediction site (cheap one) that is offering an insanely profitable long-term betting strategy too.

These statistics are displayed in percentages and based on tens of thousands of matches from the past years. Keep reading and you can find out which statistical tool I’m speaking about!

What is the safest way to bet on sports without losing?

Generally speaking, the safest way of betting without losing needs to be based on a mathematically proven strategy to be profitable at least in the long run.

A lot of the betting techniques are offering an edge over bookmakers. Some of these strategies are not offering a 100% guarantee that you won’t lose any of your bets.

For example, value betting is one of the most profitable strategies, but it will generate profits most of the time only in the long run.