Football Betting Tips for Today's Matches

Football Betting Tips for Today's Matches

Football Betting Tips & Predictions

Want to beef up your footy accas and singles, but don’t know how? Worry not, dear punter, is here to help. Our football betting tips come from computer analysis.

In today’s blog, you’ll find out how to use them. Whether it’s today, tomorrow, or a match in the future, these football predictions cover everything. Let’s start from the basics, shall we?

How to Bet on Football Using our Predictions?

Football is without any doubts the most popular sport around the globe, and it does have the unique power to gather people. They say that football in many countries is more than just a sport it is religion, and certainly, there is a reason for that.

Bookmakers are the institutions that know better than everyone how popular football is across the globe, and they do make their best to attract people betting on their sites. They use various techniques to grow their business such as offering customers great welcome bonuses, free bets, odds boost offers and all other sorts of promotions.

Thanks to the hard work of the bookmakers, many punters like to bet on football and are looking for different ways to make money out of that. However, let’s face it bookmakers are smart, they have their hands on the information first before the punters, they have comprehensive algorithms that make the pricing, and indeed is very difficult to make money of them if you like placing a bet every now and then on your favourite team.

In order to compete with the bookmakers and manage to profit from betting on football, you have to come up with some sort of a plan that will give you an edge over them. There are various options for that you can either develop your own statistical algorithm that identifies bookmaker errors and point your attention towards value betting, you can spend countless hours into becoming an expert into a few football leagues, or you can decide to start following football betting tips. You can follow whatever you have interest in - for instance if you are interested in tips for the English football games simply click on the England tab and you are good to go! Each choice does have its consequence, and we as bettors should be prepared to deal with it.

Nevertheless, we are not going to focus on how to build a statistical nor quant models. We will focus on the benefits of following football betting tips. We will try to cover what are the pros and cons of betting on football tips, and as you usual, we will be as objective as possible in our words.

Best Bookmakers to Bet on Football

There’s no better place to use football predictions in than the UK. With bookies like William Hill and Coral, there’s a lot of history on these sites. We’re talking about old-school, reputable brands that can handle any amount of traffic or find any event in any sport. That’s how good they are.

But don’t forget the younger crowd, such as Betway and Unibet. They’re proper forces in the business, offering regular bonuses, boosts, and special rewards. 888sport is a fine alternative if you’re on the market for a versatile bookie. There’s plenty to choose from - have fun!

How Can Our Football Betting Predictions Help You Make Profit

This is a vastly discussed topic, and there are various different opinions about the advantages of following football betting tips.

One group of people swear that you can never win consistently by using football predictions, while other punters are claiming that they have made a little fortune by doing so. If you are new to football betting, then we might need to clarify a little bit.

So, why do football predictions work so well? Well, it’s because they come from real pros. All of our tipsters have public profiles, where you can see all kinds of stats. You can follow their strategies, copy their football betting tips and see whether they work out.

In addition, we offer a plethora of different leagues and tiers. Since you’re getting football predictions from all over the world, there will never be a dry spell. That means footy year-round!

Think of it as a guide towards success. It’s possible to be the best, but only if you learn from the best. And in a transparent and welcoming environment like ours, you’ll get the latest football predictions and scoops.

All that fresh content might be confusing, but don’t worry. If we have to sum up why you should use football betting tips:

  1.  You are using someone else knowledge.
  2. You are saving plenty of time researching the facts.
  3. You don't have to know how to build statistical models.
  4. Usually, football tipsters are in touch with other tipsters, and they exchange knowledge and information that you would not be able to find yourself.
  5. By using football betting tips, you are increasing your chances of making money by betting.

How Often Can Get Football Betting Tips

Football betting tips are import by betting spreadsheet with one click every day. 

What Countries do Betting Spreadsheet Provide Football Analysis For

Common Mistakes Made Betting on Football

As with everything using football tips to bet does not guarantee any profits. There are few widespread mistakes made by not only newbies but people that have been around betting for a while. Here are a few pieces of advice that we recommend you follow:

  1. Never bet with money that you can’t afford to lose. Regardless of how good the tipsters are and what are their football tips history, there is always a chance of losing. Start small and build your bankroll, make informed instead of emotional decisions.
  2. Do not bet emotionally on football betting tips. If you find someone who is on a hot streak that does not mean that they will win all their bets from that point onwards. Everyone makes mistakes.
  3. Do not bet on “fixed matches”. Not only is this illegal, but it’s also most likely a scam. Think about it. If someone had a cheat code to win thousands of pounds, why would they share it and risk getting caught by the bookies?
  4. Do not chase your losses when using football tips. That does sound very logical, and I doubt you would not agree with me. However, it requires discipline to control your betting behaviour. Set a limit and don’t go over it.
  5. Not tracking your historical results. staking plan strategy. Furthermore, you will have a clear overview of whether you are making money from the football tips you received or not.
  6. Not using multiple bookmaker accounts to place the advised football tips. The more bookies you have, the more chances to use our football predictions. And don’t even get us started about the bonuses!

Are you interested to see what markets you can find tips for? Here’s a dozen or so of our favourites. We’re sure you’ll love them:

  • Match winner AKA1x2 football tips
  • Total Goals AKA over/under
  • Both teams to score football tips AKA BTTS
  • Result and BTTS
  • Double Chance
  • Draw No Bet
  • Asian Handicap
  • Goal Line
  • Correct Score
  • First Goalscorer
  • Half Time/Full Time
  • Half Time Result
  • Clean Sheet
  • Win to Nil
  • Score in both halves
  • Half with most goals

You will also be able to find football tips for other less popular markets, and in fact, that may be a good strategy for you. Tipsters who provide football betting tips for less popular markets are usually really niche specialists and know the game extremely well.

Live Football Betting Tips - Pros and Cons

Live football betting is a hot topic amongst punters, with some supporting it and others being staunch opponents. So, which one is it? Well, using football betting tips has advantages and downsides, just like any other punting-related activity.

Perhaps the biggest “yay” related to in-play bets is the efficiency. If Manchester United are down 1-0 to city, and you find high odds for a draw, a last-minute goal will result in your slip being a winning one. And in case of an unlikely comeback, this can mean very large winnings in just a few minutes.

When using live football predictions, it’s also crucial to recognize the volatility involved. In pre-match betting, you always have 90 minutes for things to change. In-play bets are trickier because there’s always a limited window of opportunity. Whether you win or not depends on a lot of things.

The bottom line is - live football betting tips aren’t really meant for rookies. Odds can move too fast, and there are just too many variables to consider. Our tipsters regularly follow ongoing fixtures and post their live football predictions with blazing speed. Subscribe, copy, and see the results!

Free Football Accumulator Tips

Of course, there are football accumulator tips on site. There are hundreds of tipsters that will post-football accumulator betting tips on a daily basis. Further, you can always use a couple of single football tips and create yourself an acca.

By using football accumulator tips, you will bet with very high odds and often the returns will be worth the risk. If you are a risky player and want only to follow football accumulator tips, you can use our filters and select football as a sport, and then click on accumulators. By doing that you will only see football accumulator tips on your screen.

Compare Football Betting Odds

Don’t worry, it’s easy to learn how to compare football betting odds. You can just use the tools at Go to the Odds tab, and pick any country, league, or event. Once you click/tap the event, you’ll see a table of odds offered by different bookmakers. Obviously, the higher the odds the higher the chances of your football predictions being fruitful.

But why exactly? A few pounds here and there doesn’t seem like much, but it builds up over time. Why should you show mercy to the bookies? Take the best deals possible, and you’ll see how fun football betting tips can really be. Expert Tipsters to Follow

After you find the best football betting odds, then you can apply stake advice from our expert tipsters. cares about transparency. As a result, you can always see the hit rate and monthly profits of our members. Once you see someone you know can help, just click Follow/Buy. We hope our football predictions serve you well. Good luck and have fun! You can subscribe to our Patreon page to get Tips directly from us VISIT PATREON