Criteria for selecting the right betting platform

Criteria for selecting the right betting platform

Choosing the right betting company

The development of technological means and the evolution of the internet, has led our lives to a more digitized and online everyday life. From where we once had to fly to the neighborhood agency to place our bets, now everything is done with incredible ease and from anywhere. So in recent years, hundreds of online betting platforms have sprung up like mushrooms, as the majority of the market is now online.

Choosing the right betting company , however, is not a trivial process, especially if you consider that you will have to provide your personal information and physical money to bet.

For this reason, we will present below the 10 most important criteria that every player must consider before opening an account at a betting company.

???? 1. Reliability and Security of the betting platform

"Good accounts… make good players." It all starts with the part of security and reliability, as who would want to trust their money in an environment that is not trustworthy?

There is a huge amount of free information on the internet for every legitimate betting company, but also various ratings and opinions for most of them. From social media groups to online forums, you can find real reviews from other players' experiences.

2. The licensing of the Regulatory Authority

Of course you have to check if the platform is licensed in Greece, which means that it operates legally in the country. But the detail that you should emphasize is the Regulatory Authority from which it received the permit. At the top are the licenses made in Great Britain , such as UKGC which passed through the "sieve" Novibet , but also others such as Alderney and Isle of Man . The reason regulators in Britain are appreciated is because control and licensing are based on strict protocols and scrutiny. Therefore, the companies that pass the audit are quite reliable and are an option.

Then there are licenses from Malta and Gibraltar , which are also considered reliable.

ATTENTION ! Those companies operating under CIGA should not be compared to the above, as the Curacao lottery and gambling authority is more flexible in terms of controls. However, this does not mean that they do not have credibility, but it is good to have more control.

3. Betting Rules / Terms and Conditions

It is very important to know the rules that each company sets in betting, especially if you focus your game on alternatives or leagues, where there may be significant differences from company to company and ultimately do not fit the way you play. Also, the terms and conditions that have to do with the part of transactions and the provision of personal data, should be considered in order to avoid misunderstandings and mistakes.

4. Yields

Immediately after the legal part, follows one of the most important criteria for choosing the betting platform. The amount of odds has a significant impact on your future profits and you should choose companies that have a competitive odds package and as low a rake as possible. Ideally, you can also find options with 0% rake * as part of the promotions.

However, opening accounts on many legitimate betting platforms allows you to always buy the best odds or find options that may not exist in other companies.

* Terms and conditions apply

5. Customer service department

A ready-made service department can be quite useful and answer any questions you may have about your experience on the platform. Several ways of communication increase the immediate service. Now, in addition to the traditional methods of telephone, email or contact form, several companies serve with the favorite Live chat that in many operates 24 hours a day, while some even communicate with social media (facebook).

6. Live Betting

A lightning Live betting with fast information and without time-consuming option blocks, enhances your game and makes your experience enjoyable. Now live betting is a special and big part for the players. So look for fast betting platforms, several Live options available and live streaming on multiple matches to get the most out of your live betting experience.

7. Betting markets

It is important to know the content that each betting company has to offer you, in order to judge whether it suits your tastes and the way you play. For example, you may only want to play in the Third National, but this league is not available to all bookies. But it is available at Stoiximan . Some platforms do not offer Asian handicaps, while others have limited combination or special bets on basketball or tennis. All these are details that can lead you to the choice that suits you.

8. The betting limits

It is an important criterion that can have a huge impact on your betting strategy. Usually the problem is not focused on the minimum bet, but on the maximum which may be limited to some platforms and this creates a problem. If you plan to implement a strategy with big bets, then make sure that the majority of the options will accept your bet. You can look at the betting limit on an option by pressing the "max bet" button.

9. Trading methods

Numerous ways of trading can free your hands and give you the option of the choice you like. In addition to the known trading methods (Paysafe, bank and e-wallets) you should check the minimum and maximum deposit and withdrawal limits. Of course, the smaller the withdrawal limits, the better. In the evaluations of the companies that you will find on our site, you can find the above information.

10. Bonus

The great competition in the field of betting, led to the birth of many promotions in the context of attracting new members, but also to satisfy those already registered. From deposit bonuses, free bets, to cash back in case your choice fails, you will generally find rich rewards packages that vary from platform to platform. What you need to check is the betting limits, as well as the terms and conditions needed to qualify for the bonus.

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