Winning Football Betting: An Invention Of Bookmakers Or Reality Of Bettors?

Winning Football Betting: An Invention Of Bookmakers Or Reality Of Bettors?

Many players often ask the question: how to consistently win on bets and is it possible to win on bets in principle? We are convinced that this is more than real. Read this article and find out the main principles and secrets of how to start winning consistently on bets.


What to look for when choosing a bookmaker?

Success in betting is based on three pillars:

  • correct management of money capital;
  • the ability to correctly predict the likelihood of outcomes;
  • the right choice of a bookmaker for betting.

And if it takes bettors some time to implement the first two points from this list, then for the correct choice of bookmaker it is enough to know a few nuances.

Why is the choice of a bookmaker so important? Because unscrupulous offices can block player accounts, cut accounts with big winnings, or suddenly stop their work, which as a result will lead to the loss of a bankroll, in part or in full. This is the main problem of choosing the wrong office.

Criterion # 1: the safety of your capital

This is the primary question when choosing a bookmaker .

If you have a desire to become a professional gambler, you should choose such a bookmaker in which your maximums on rates (even if they are thousands of dollars) will remain the same.

Criterion # 2: bookmaker's margin

Each office puts a certain percentage of the margin in each coefficient in order to ensure a profit for itself in any outcome. And if the margin is huge, then even with successful prediction of matches, you will receive less money because of it. Therefore, we recommend choosing several bookmakers for bets at once in order to be able to choose the most profitable and high odds.

Criterion 3: a license

The main advantage of licensed bookmakers is that you can place a bet at any time and receive your winnings if the bet is successful.

Criterion # 4: Betting Line

The choice of a bookmaker according to the line of bets is a matter of individual preferences of each bettor. We recommend comparing the betting lines for a specific sport in several bookmakers and choosing the office with the best offer.

Criterion # 5: Reviews

Agree, the opinion of other players who have already made bets in the office you are interested in is of great importance. Therefore, before you start betting, read the bettors' reviews - you can get a lot of useful information from them.

What kind of sport to choose to make money on bets?

It is impossible to win on sports betting if you bet on all sports at once. Choose to start with one or two of the types that you know best and a few tournaments. In order not to be mistaken with the choice, it is important to consider the following nuances:

  • You must be interested in the sport you choose to bet on . Otherwise, the likelihood of a competent forecast will be minimal.
  • You cannot be a bettor and a fan at the same time . This is permissible only if you are going to make a couple of bets on your favorite team. But if you choose sports betting as your main activity, you need to be realistic about the likelihood of each team winning.
  • Choose unpopular championships with low highs . As a rule, the line for such championships is not drawn up optimally, and professional players do not pay attention to this because of the low limits. You can use this nuance to your advantage.

Winning by Betting: Which Strategy to Choose?

Stable winning on the Internet at bets is possible only if you use a gaming strategy. At the same time, the bettor can either develop his own strategy or choose one of the existing ones. All strategies can be roughly divided into two groups: gaming and financial.

Game strategies

The most popular gaming strategy among bettors is value betting, that is, bets on underestimated events.Such events occur due to the fact that the pool of players underestimates one of the teams, as a result of which the coefficient for it is overestimated and an ROI is formed. One of our software get best results of value betting analysis you can check it!

Forks are another popular strategy. And although many consider it a win-win, in fact it is a very risky and dubious win in betting. Forks are to bet on opposite outcomes of the same event in different bookmakers. And then, whatever the outcome, the player ensures himself a win. But in reality, everything is not so rosy. Firstly, there are practically no offices left where you can put forks. Secondly, bookmakers constantly monitor surebets and block their accounts and accounts. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you weigh the pros and cons before going for such tricks.

Corridors are a type of forks that bettors use for betting on totals and handicaps. The only difference from surebets is that the difference in odds and totals is not included in the winnings. And the consequences for the bettor are the same - account and account blocking.

We have listed the most popular gaming strategies among bettors, which are actually unreliable, risky and, to be honest, not too honest. Yes, there is a chance one day to win on these strategies, but from the point of view of the long term, they do not hold up to scrutiny.

Financial strategies

Among all financial strategies, the classic flat is more suitable for beginners . Its essence is to make the same bets over a long period, regardless of fluctuations in the amount of the game bank.

Martingale strategy . Its essence is that in case of a loss, the player doubles the size of his previous bet, and does this until the bet wins. But usually the player's bankroll ends much faster or the office limits are triggered. We strongly discourage using such a dubious approach to betting.

Your own strategy is perhaps the best choice for people who make money on bets. As you develop your strategy, you can take into account your own financial capabilities, experience, and analytical skills. And you shape the approach that will provide you with the maximum benefit. Especially if you include such effective tools as betting software and ROI indicators.

Learn more about the mathematics of financial strategies and how to develop your smart approach in our Blog. Be sure to watch it if your goal is to multiply your capital in bets tenfold.

How to bet and win: the main principles of winning bets

Winning online betting is real with a competent approach. The main condition is to immediately abandon the use of "lottery" strategies (like fixed matches, surebets, Martingale method, etc.) and play according to your own system.

There are 2 most important principles that allow you to bet on sports without losing:

  1. Use ROI in bids

    ROI is a reliable way to measure the success of a capper. When you learn to use this profitability criterion, you will be able to accurately assess how profitable the investment in bets was and how profitable and expedient your betting strategy in general is. If you still do not know what ROI in bets is, how to calculate it and why to use it.

  2. Use betting software to predict probabilities

    betting software statistics is an effective tool that allows you to predict the probabilities of the outcomes of events, regardless of the final result of the game. The betting software analysis of football allows you to see which team is putting in more effort to win, creating more chances to score, and therefore more likely to win. This will allow you to see and select the potentially winning bets with the highest ROI.

TOP-5 life hacks for a stable win on bets

Of course, building a successful career in betting is a task that requires strength, knowledge and the right approach. It is impossible to make a stable profit in bookmakers by placing bets at random or in favor of your favorite team. Because, first of all, sports betting is an occupation for smart people who put in the first place not excitement and luck, but mathematical calculation and sports analytics. Also, see the secret in the winnings of professional bettors.

If desired, almost every player can learn how to consistently win on bets. Especially if he uses a professional approach to betting:

  1. Choose one sport and study it thoroughly.
  2. Learn to analyze sports events using betting software and ROI.
  3. Choose or develop a strategy that will be 100% consistent with the bettor's abilities and capabilities.
  4. Work out the psychology: get rid of favorite teams and fear of losing.
  5. Choose one or two offices with optimal betting conditions and take the first step.

To learn how to win on bets using betting software and ROI, as well as learn from the many years of experience of the professionals, sign up for a training course at our Triumfator betting school. Do you want to improve the efficiency and profitability of your bets? Then use the tools that we have specially prepared for you in the "Toolkit" package. You get it for free immediately after you fill out the order form on the website.