Why to use Sports Betting Spreadsheet

Why to use Sports Betting Spreadsheet

Successful betting requires an understanding of sports (football championships, tennis, hockey, e-sports, basketball, Formula 1, etc.), betting strategies, statistics of teams and players. It is important to study the terminology (totals, handicaps) and choose a reliable bookmaker. There is no easy money in betting. Sports betting programs will help you improve your performance and increase your chances of winning.


Sports betting programs solve many problems. The spreadsheet allows the bettor to automate some functions:

  • line analysis;
  • accounting of personal statistics;
  • team performance;
  • search for surebets and overpriced odds;
  • calculation of the size of the bet, taking into account the strategy.

The list goes on. Automatic calculations reduce the chance of error. The programs help to predict the exact score of teams, increasing the likelihood of winning the sweepstakes.

Some applications are tailored for football, while others analyze other types of competitions. You can view the program for sports betting 


Football and sports analyzers allow bettors to place win-win bets. The spreadsheet determines the odds of different bookmakers for the outcomes of the same sporting events. Fork calculation is automatic.

One of our best betting spreadsheet. The scanner differs from competitors in 2 parameters:

  • Use algorithms to analyze football matches

The app is shareware. Scan time in seconds. During this period, the companies can “clean up” errors and change the odds. The analysis takes place online on the developer's website. 

The resource also assists in the selection of coefficients. The site provides an easy-to-use arb calculator (for 2 outcomes or more).

In the reviews, newbies note their help in learning the surebet strategy of the game. The resource offers support in 3 categories:

  • help from developers;
  • forum;
  • AQ

The program for the analysis of sports bets works English. One time paymentSupport and updates.


Analyzing hundreds of outcomes and choosing the most attractive odds is difficult. Bookmakers and bettors strive to automate actions. The Excel betting spreadsheet application is the leader among such utilities. The system was created by German developers. The spreadsheet detects match-fixing by analyzing deviations during bets, unusual traffic growth. 

It is impossible to predict the outcome of a sporting event with 100% accuracy. However, it is realistic to understand the general dynamics of the game and predict the approximate score. Automated predictions use real profi too.

Betting on totals requires careful analysis and accurate calculation. The odds for these outcomes are high.

For the forecast, you will have to collect a lot of statistics and carry out detailed calculations. It is much easier to download a sports betting program, specify the required parameters and wait for the calculation results.

Excel betting spreadsheet analyzes matches taking into account previous team statistics. The Excel spreadsheet system takes into account various criteria and makes a fairly reliable forecast.  Users should be aware that the system only provides predictions for football matches.

What betting spreadsheet provides us

In our site you can find many spreadsheet that offer a variety of analysis functions according to your needs

  • app for predicting the outcome of soccer matches. 
  • calculation of total 1.5
  • under/over 2.5 and "both teams will score." forecast analysis.
  • exact analysis. spreadsheet calculates the probabilities of different outcomes of the match and provides the bettor with the final values. When calculating "spreadsheet" uses 10-15 or more independent algorithms.
  •  spreadsheet system for predicting sports events. The first and second generation utilities offered a calculation based on the previous matches of the teams. 
  • The system uses data from the last 5 matches of the teams. The best result is in min played games to be more than 10
  • utility is able to predict the outcome of the event, the probability of a goal in the first half and the total.
  • utility is suitable for calculating predicting the winner and total totals.
  • the program looks for statistics on its own
  • uses the defense and attack metrics of teams in its analyzes to create the most accurate prediction.
  • an analyzer of football matches. The statistics allow the spreadsheet to predict the outcome of meetings. The system predicts the totals and the winner.
  • The developers of excelbetting do the best to increase the number of analyzed parameters, including the motivation of the teams, the players' injuries, the tournament positions of the opponents. 
  • Check our spreadsheet - Football betting spreadsheet Predictz

Check out some of our Best Betting Spreadsheet  - Analysis football. They will provide you with detailed analysis of each match with high visibility of the results in each match.