What is express betting?

What is express betting?

Express betting is very popular among novice bettors. Express trains have won no less fame and love among those who bet for the sake of excitement and maximum winnings. Read about why the express bet is so popular, what advantages, disadvantages and limitations it has, as well as how to insure it - read this article.


Express betting: what is it and what is the essence?

Express is a simultaneous bet on several events (two or more). The winning on a multi bet is possible if each of the events of this multi is winning. The player also remains in the black if some of the bets in the accumulator are regarded by the bookmaker as a return, but at the same time at least one of them wins. In this situation, the multiplier and the winning amount will be reduced, since all bets for which the return will be calculated will be calculated with a selection odds of 1.0.

With a loss, the situation is different. If at least one event turns out to be a losing one, then the entire express bet becomes a losing one automatically.

By and large, express bets have become so popular due to their high odds - beginners and weak players see them as an opportunity to make quick and easy money. 

What is the difference between express and single?

Let's consider the difference between them from a mathematical point of view. Let's say we flip a coin and place a bet on which side it will fall. There are only two options for outcomes (heads or tails), so there are only two coefficients. Ideally, they should be 2.0, but due to the fact that the bookmaker puts a margin in each odds, in reality we have an odds of 1.9 for each outcome. 

Go ahead. Suppose you are betting that it will come up tails. If the probability of such an outcome is 0.5 (or 50%), for example, we remove the factor of randomness and tails appear 500 times on one thousand throws. This means that with a stake of $ 1, the return will be $ 950 (500 * 1.9 = $ 950). As a result, after you place your total bets for $ 1000, you will get back $ 950. The actual return in this case will be 95%.

What happens when betting on an express. Let's say you are betting on heads on two outcomes. In this case, the situation is 0.5 * 0.5 = 0.25 (or 25%), and the coefficient is 3.61 (1.9 * 1.9). If you place a thousand bets of $ 1 on this outcome, your winnings will be 250x and you will receive $ 902.5. This means that the bookmaker will return 90.25% to you. 

Based on these simple calculations, it becomes clear that in the long term, the bets on the accumulators are less winning than the bets on the single bets.

Another significant drawback of express bets is the huge variance, which makes such bets simply impractical. Of course, we are not talking about working for the long term and building a successful betting strategy.

Also note that in many popular bookmakers there are no express bets, since these are platforms for pro players, and they do not bet express bets due to their disadvantage.

What outcomes of the express can there be a refund?

As we wrote earlier, in theory, a multi bet wins if all bets in it are winning. And it loses if at least one of the bets turns out to be wrong. However, some bookmakers offer odds on the outcomes that can end up in a refund if the game is played. These are:

  • the victory of the team with an integer handicap (for example, the hosts win with a handicap of 0-2, etc.);
  • integer total (goals, sets, games, washers, etc.).

Express bet: advantages and disadvantages of the strategy

Unlike other types of bets, which have pros and cons, express bets have no advantages, but they have a whole list of disadvantages. 

Disadvantages of express trains :

  • Depends on a variety of events (even if 9 out of 10 events are played, the bet is still considered a loser).
  • You cannot take advantage of the lane.
  • Too high margin (the margin in the multiplier is multiplied, like the odds).
  • They take a lot of time to analyze due to the need to analyze several events at once.
  • Doesn't work for the long term.
  • Do not allow you to build a winning betting strategy.

According to an objective assessment, express bets (even with a large odds) seem to be an unprofitable and unreliable strategy.

What prohibitions and restrictions on express trains do bookmakers set and why?

There are only two general restrictions that all bookmakers make:

  1. Inability to use duplicate and linked selections when composing an express.
  2. The amount of the winnings on the express.

The first limitation applies even if the duplicate or linked selection was made by the bettor by mistake. The bet will be canceled. Also, the bookmakers will not miss the express bets for reaching the playoffs of those teams that are in the same group of the group tournament. Also, you cannot collect an express bet on the fact that the team will win the match and that it will advance to the next round of the tournament.

The limitation of the amount of winning on a parlay has different forms:

  • Bookmakers set payment limits;
  • Bookmakers set limits on the final coefficient;
  • Bookmakers set limits on the number of elections.

In addition to general restrictions, some bookmakers impose additional private restrictions and bans on express bets. Since these conditions are purely individual in nature, we recommend that you carefully familiarize yourself with them if you dare to place an express. 

Express betting: what strategies are there?

There are many strategies for express bets: some are more complex and complex, others are simpler. 

Double . Such a bet involves the inclusion of two events that have a clear chance of winning. This can be a victory of the favorite and a bet on the total.

Tee . Such a bet includes events with the highest chances of winning and low quotes. If they have average odds, then it is better to return to the "double".

Mono express . In this case, bettors place different bets on the same event.

"Safe" express . This bet usually contains 4-5 events with below average odds (usually 1.10-1.30). It is assumed that the choice of such odds sharply increases the probability of each of them winning. Tip: remember that force majeure can always occur in any sport, as a result of which, for example, last year's champion will merge this season.

Lots of events . Such an express bet involves bets on 8-10 outcomes, and is distinguished by high odds and low traffic. This strategy is usually chosen by players who bet for the sake of risk and excitement. 

Smart express (counter-way) . Such bets are made on the basis of a previously issued express. The peculiarity of this strategy is that when the situation is clearly losing and there is only one game left until the end, the bettor looks for a bet with a suitable odds and size. And then he bets on the opposite of the outcome indicated in the previous express to get to zero.

Express betting strategy: insurance

Many bettors ask themselves the question: how to insure an express bet and can it be done in principle? In fact, express trains can be insured. This is done as follows:

Step 1 . Wait for the first events on the express to pass.

Step 2 . Place a single bet that will be the opposite of the last event on your multi bet.

Step 3 . If the express is unsuccessful, you will be able to return the money by means of the made one.

How to make a winning multi: 4 rules

Despite the fact that in the long term, express trains do not allow you to be in the black on the distance, the chances of short-term success can still be increased. To do this, follow 4 rules:

  1. Do not select too many events - the more pairs, the higher the risk of losing the entire bet.
  2. Use as few low odds as possible - they practically do not affect the overall result of the bet.
  3. Choose odds from 1.5 to 1.8 - this is the optimal “corridor” for express bets.
  4. Use the bonuses that bookmakers give bettors to play on express trains.

Is it possible to earn money on express bets?

Theoretically, making money on express trains is possible. But this is only in theory. In practice, due to too large a margin, such a strategy does not justify itself at all. And if we add to this the increased risks, then the express bets seem to be a deliberately losing strategy.

The key to successful betting lies in a carefully thought-out strategy based on the analytics of sports events. And the best tool for this is betting software, statistics and ROI calculation.

Analysis of betting software, statistics for each match, player or team, allows the bettor to see the real distribution of power and make the most profitable bets. This approach is fundamentally different from express trains, as it works for the long term and helps to build a successful strategy for stable earnings. And express bets are the choice of gamblers who bet on the principle of "lucky or unlucky".

As for express bets, each bookmaker establishes special conditions for their compilation. Let's consider the example of the most popular offices.

Betfair - allows you to bet on a maximum of 8 selections in one express.

Betway - limits the number of selections to 15.

Betcity - limits the number of outcomes to 20, and the amount of winnings - to 5 million rubles.

Marathon - the number of outcomes is limited to 20, outcomes like the "correct score" in football and tennis - up to 1, the maximum odds - up to 1000.

Pari-Match - the maximum odds are limited to 2000.