What are single bets?

What are single bets?

What is a betting single and what is its essence?

The meaning of the word ordinary has many options, depending on the scope of the concept.

An ordinary in sports is a single bet, which implies a forecast for only one outcome of the game.

There are three possible outcomes here:

  • victory;
  • defeat;
  • refund (possible if the bettor has bet on a handicap or total with an integer).

How is the single calculated?

The rules for calculating an ordinary bet are quite simple and understandable even for beginners. The only and most important rule is that the winning amount is calculated according to the odds set by the bookmaker's office.
For example, if you bet $ 100 on Arsenal to beat Chelsea at 1.96 odds, you could win $ 196. 


If your bet plays and Arsenal really wins. If you decide to add one more bet to this one, you will have an express bet. Nevertheless, in some bookmakers it is possible to make a series of several single bets. In this case, you bet at several odds of different events, choose “single” in the “type” field, and you get the opportunity to indicate the amount of each bet and place them simultaneously. 

What types of ordinaries are there?

The ordinary has the following types of bets on football:

  • single bet - gives the bettor a choice between three outcomes of the event (win, loss, draw);
  • double chance - assumes the choice of 2 outcomes;
  • half-time / match - the bettor must guess the winner of the first half and the whole match (two positions are required);
  • handicap - used when playing a clear favorite with an outsider, when the outcome can be easily predicted. The bet on the outcome is characterized by low odds on the favorite, therefore, in order to interest bettors, the bookmaker artificially lowers the leader's chances and increases the probability of an outsider winning;
  • total - the bettor must predict what the result will be (more or less than the specified value).


Ordinary Sports Betting: Advantages and Disadvantages

Like any other type of bet, the single has its pros and cons. And if seasoned players have already been able to feel them on their own experience, then it will be useful for beginners to familiarize themselves with our list.

Benefits of single trainees

  • Low dispersion . Single bets allow you to win much more often than express bets and systems. Odds of winning a regular ordinary bet with equal odds of 50/50 (as in the case of a coin toss).
  • Less risk of losing the pot . To minimize the risk of losses in case of a bad streak and to ensure yourself a stable income with a good streak, it is better to bet no more than 3% on one forecast.
  • Simple statistics maintenance . Betting success is measured by ROI. In express trains and systems, it cannot be considered objective, since it gives too much error. But ROI is very effective for calculating the success of ordinary bets over a long distance.
  • The margin is paid once . The odds for each event in the bet include the margin, which in different bookmakers can range from 2% to 20%. And if in single bet you pay once, then in the express and in the system you will have to give the bookmaker a percentage of each event.

Disadvantages of ordinaries

  • Large investments . To win large sums, you need to place a lot of ordinary bets. At least 15 matches every day. Therefore, the phrase "rarely, but aptly" is not about single orders. After all, all bets work the same at a distance. By the way, the usual ROI for professionals is 5-7%.
  • It is extremely difficult to get big money quickly . To win quickly and a lot, you will have to bet either large sums of money or single bets at the highest possible odds. This means that the passability of the bet will be minimal, and the risk will be huge.

How do single bets differ from express bets?

In fact, the ordinary is the complete opposite of the express. In the long term, the single in the bets turns out to be more profitable than the express , since the return on it is higher as a result. 

Single bets: 4 important nuances

  • Play only in those bookmakers whose rules are absolutely clear to you . Bookmakers often set their own rules of the game, which differ from the standard ones. Make sure you have a good understanding of the specific market before placing an ordinary bet.
  • Bet the optimal amount . The size of the ordinary bet should not exceed 3% of the bank.
  • Find values . The secret to the success and high earnings of professional bettors is that they know how to find underestimated events and place their bets based on ROI. This knowledge can be learned by every bettor - just for this we constantly publish training materials on our website.
  • Study every match . To study each match and learn how to find rates with ROI, use the statistics tables on our website. We carefully monitor their updates, constantly updating them with the latest data so that you can make the best bets.